‘Help is on the way:’ Biden speaks after Senate passes COVID bill

President Joe Biden delivered remarks after the Senate passed a COVID-19 rescue plan, calling it a “giant step forward” in helping Americans.
9:17 | 03/06/21

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Transcript for ‘Help is on the way:’ Biden speaks after Senate passes COVID bill
I want to thank start off by thanking the vice president and thank all of the senators. Who worked so hard to reach compromise through the right thing for the American people during this crisis and voted to pass the American rescue plan. It obviously was an easy. Wasn't always pretty. But it was so desperately need. Urgently need. Also I also need to say a few words about the majority leader Chuck Schumer I spoke with many times in this and again this morning. I served in the senate as you all know for many years. I've never seen anyone. Work as skillfully. As a bully as patiently. With determination. To deliver such a consequential piece of legislation. That was sort urgently needed as the American rescue plan. Chuck Schumer senator Chuck Schumer. When the country need you most he led jock and you deliver. Neither are their country will ever forget that. And it's not a moment too soon. I've been talking about the urgency in this need. For married for over a year the American people were told there are on the wrong. There are seeing now we've seen how hard that is ban on so many Americans. As of last night. 5191064. Lives. Lost of the buyers. That many empty chairs this morning. The breakfast table. Not. For the 400 small businesses closed unnecessarily. Millions of people out of work through no fault don't emphasize that through no fault of their own. Food bank lines stretching for morrow the united ever think you'd see that and America. In cities all across this country. Families facing a threat of eviction. This nation that suffers too much for much too long. And everything in this package designed to relieve the suffering. And to beat immersed most urgent needs of the nation. And put us in a better position to prevail. Starting with beating his virus in vaccinated in the country. Three sources as plant will be used to expand its speed up. Manufacturing to distribution of vaccines. So reading get every single American vaccinated sooner than later I believe by. We'll have enough by the end of by the mid LeMay. And maximize the take longer to get an wrong that's how much vaccine that. Because of all the funny will be able hire more accelerators. Set up war vaccination sites to get the country in a place to get back to normal. This plan will get checks out the door starting this month. To the American people so desperately need to help. Many were lie in bed at night. Starent to silly wondered well I lose my job I have an already well I lose my insurance well I lose my home. Over 85% American households will get direct payments of 1400. Dollars per person. For typical middle class family of four husband wife working making a 100000 dollars here total. With three kids. Now get 5600 armed with two kids gets 5600 dollars. And will be on the way assume that means the mortgage can get paid that means a child can state community college that means maintaining health insurance you have. It's going to make a big difference in so many lives in this country. Unemployment benefits will be extended for eleven million Americans who've lost their jobs who last night. Again we're lighted bags that you might lord admiral of those modern more insurance in a week or so was about to expire. Schools are gonna have the resources need to open safely. States and local governments that have lost tens of thousands of essential workers. Will they have the resources they need available through that. For those laid off police officers firefighters teachers and nurses they can be high. There are days are essential personnel. Look the American rescue plan lowers health care. Premiums. Food nutrition assistance. It's hard to believe that 24. Million adults. And eleven million children as I speak. In the United States suffer from food insecurity. And be simply don't have enough food to eat. Did you ever imagined. In the United States America. Huge sea lions literally miles long. Kids folks in their automobiles waiting for a box of food to be put their truck. I stood in line handing out. Food. The people coming up. Never ever ever thought they'd be in that position. The cell Chambliss who behind in the rent or mortgage payments or they aren't thrown out of their homes. Look the bottom line justice. This plan puts us on a path to beating the virus. This plan gives those families who are struggling the most help in the breathing room they need to get through this moment. This plan gives small business in this country a fighting chance to survive. And one more thing this time it's a story. Taken altogether. This plan's going to make it possible to cut child poverty in half. Me say again. It's significant historic will cut child poverty in. Much more to this bill. But for now let me make one final point. When I was elected. I said gonna get the government out of the business. Of battling on Twitter. And back in the business of delivering. For the American people. Making a difference in the lives. Giving everyone a chain it's a fighting chance. Showing the American people know their government can work for them. Passing the American rescue plan will do that. You know it may sound strange but a lot of senators and congressmen want to thank. But I really wanna thank the American people for make an all this possible. So how do they make it possible. Quite frankly without the overwhelming bipartisan. Support. Of the American people this would not of happened. Are elected officials heard you. Overwhelming public support every public opinion poll shows overwhelming support for this plan if the last weeks it's shown. Every public opinion poll shows the people want this. They believe is needed. And they believe it's urge. Now this bill returns a House of Representatives which has done a great job from the beginning. Our hope you'll find quick passage. So can be sent to my best to be signed in the law. I passed the American rescue plan. We'll have heated the voice of the American people not ignored divorces. I pass this plan would have delivered real tangible results. For the American people and their families. They'll be able to see and know. And feel. To change in their own lives. By passing this plant and approved this government this democracy. Can still work. What has to be done. It'll improve people's lives. One more thing. The vast majority of economists left right center from Wall Street and a TV. Private private. Economic. Polian and issues. The economist as I said left right center. Say. In addition to the needs that people had we need this to grow the economy. That if we haven't spent this money and recreated. Kind of incentive for people the emblem make a good living. That we be real trouble. This will create millions of new jobs estimated over six million due job myself. Increase that gross domestic product. By trillion dollars. Put our nation a position to out compete the rest of the world. It's Everest the world's movie particularly China. In the know as tough and this moment is. There brighter days ahead there really are. As I said before. It's never good bet to bet against America. It's never been a good bet to bet against the American people. We are America. We're gonna get there really remain the leading economy in the world. And going to be the most successful economy. Because he you the American people thank you god bless you gotta protect nurture thank.

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{"duration":"9:17","description":"President Joe Biden delivered remarks after the Senate passed a COVID-19 rescue plan, calling it a “giant step forward” in helping Americans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76298977","title":"‘Help is on the way:’ Biden speaks after Senate passes COVID bill","url":"/Politics/video/biden-speaks-senate-passes-covid-bill-76298977"}