Bill Clinton fires FBI Director William Sessions in 1993

Sessions was fired on the recommendation of Attorney General Janet Reno.
1:55 | 05/10/17

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Transcript for Bill Clinton fires FBI Director William Sessions in 1993
The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation William Sessions would not resign so mr. Clinton fired him. Sessions at served only about half of his ten year term but his departure was anything but a surprise here's ABC's Tim O'Brien. As he left this morning for the office FBI director William Sessions again insisted he would not resign. And I will not give up on the bureau. But late this afternoon the White House gave up on him I called director sessions a few moments ago. And informed him that I. Was dismissing him effective immediately. The president said he fired sessions on the recommendation of its attorney general I have concluded that the director has exhibited. A serious deficiency in judgment involving matters contained in the report. And that he does not command respect and confidence. Needed to lead the bureau. And the law enforcement community the Justice Department report did not accuse sessions of anything illegal but said he had acted improperly using bureau cars and planes for his own personal use. And had committed other improprieties. Session says he was a victim of internal politics. I have not resigned. Because I felt that I had an absolute obligation under my oath. To be true to the bureau and my belief that it must not be. Politicize from a better without. Session 63 and a federal judge before joining the FBI is still entitled to a modest government pension. Tomorrow the president is expected to nominate 43 year old Louis freeh to sixteen sessions. Free as a former FBI agent prosecutor and now a federal judge in New York. The FBI director serves a maximum term of ten years but may be removed at any time and for any reason by the president. Even so President Clinton is expected to find it much easier to get judged free and of the FBI. That it wants to get judge sessions out. Tim O'Brien ABC news that FBI headquarters in Washington.

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{"id":47321023,"title":"Bill Clinton fires FBI Director William Sessions in 1993","duration":"1:55","description":"Sessions was fired on the recommendation of Attorney General Janet Reno.","url":"/Politics/video/bill-clinton-fires-fbi-director-william-sessions-1993-47321023","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}