Bill Maher says Democrats made white people 'feel like a minority' in 2016 election

"The View" co-hosts discuss what factors swayed the election.
6:57 | 05/03/17

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Transcript for Bill Maher says Democrats made white people 'feel like a minority' in 2016 election
Now my has his own thoughts on why Democrats came up short and how Republicans tapped into what Botha's really wanted to hear. Well. Ease up on the identity politics. They pulled off quite an eight tricked into running sixth in May they made white people who are still. That the majority in this country. Feel like a minority or at least enough of them to swing the election. So I think I think that's important to make make sure you. You look like you represent everybody including the majority. He blames identity politics. So the fact that the god who got elected. Then he started out with identity politics he'd started his campaign off with identity politics. May be people felt like they were getting rained on maybe I'm craze it. But. I guess these same Democrats spent too much time on movements like black lives Madeleine transgender rights and not enough time talking to the white majority. Well I guess white people must have doubts. Like oh now I know what they've been doing to black people is ears. You know what they've. Cut things will be a lot of it and they didn't acknowledge that now but that's how. That's what we're going not after you paint on it now it's like Gloria Steinem once it Isaak when Tom why I'm so afraid of message that is they're afraid we get into power we're gonna do to them but they did jobs. I don't think this clip it's them. I know that but that's starting conversations he's once before we where he had a really powerful clip where he. Started to talk about while Democrats and liberals were busy policing Lang wage. And what pronoun to use Republicans were taking over grasp it grassroots level government. And I thought there was a plea to be had here which as I think right now in this teenage when he when you think of identity politics you're talking about gender you're talking about. Sexual identity you're talking about race I'm not all of east hats and I think that being used when you. Answer or dissent against one of these look like a conversation about when and leisure immediately dismissed as. Privileged or in its took whatever it when you do watt when you dissent when you are you when you bring up a point that might be counter to the point being brought up. In the discussion yeah you're instantly dismissed as privileged and or in its whenever isn't. Sex circus race and the old you know maybe you get that label making the problem there. Is there are people that would be allies to these causes if there was inclusion what we do is when there's dissent you dismiss people so they can't be in the conversation. I think the second thing is it goes against his counterproductive to those movements which have forever been about. And indeed EGB individualism within those groups and I think they work against their own cause went all they do we are put my brother says to me on a gay man but it much more than that every time. I call and say that come back. That they were busy worrying about whether we call them the Redskins or not. The Republicans weren't doing grassroots politicking in all of these states I think that those two things a separate. Fact that. That we would doing that saying the Redskins as racist. As has nothing to do with the fact that they were not doing that grassroots business yet so that you can continue today you know a sensitivity to minorities hack into gas do your grass hopes business the Coke Brothers moved to right in there and took over a lot but a lot of money into it. And that Republicans were busy but they called gerrymandering. Which basically steal so that seat which is gonna happen again in twenty AT stay away. I think I think what is your point the insured with Donald Trump has not the best paralleled those because he too might big engage in identity policy act and a friend and I all not not which is why people. When you've just come out the gate with. There's something wrong with the U right. That group goes wait a minute wait a minute. I need to protect myself because you all don't get so I. I don't know. I thought much about what bill is talking about because what I recognizes. That you know. I listened to how people treated the last president who wasn't close up and included lots of wiping it. Yeah included everybody he's. And so. We got reintroduced to the Klan and everybody else and Saddam popped out and I'm sorry why do you love always run the country. And when you say let's send. This isn't working here here that's not setting you up to call you and asked what gets people called fists. Is there response to things if you're saying you know I don't like you because you're in this thing like black lives matter. As opposed to what exactly is it sock and I understand it and how come all these white people and Latino people in glee people all these people are plotted black lives Matt Bryant this is an inclusion that people don't say yeah. A lot of people march and for this we should pay attention as opposed to you know all it say. It's I don't want China crescent what I I think he's trying to do actually is reform the Democratic Party. Over I did what he's saying is not oftentimes I feel this as a they talk about things related to my ovaries islands come back and I say John FAA is now out but they did what but jobs and health care also of women's issues to. And I think that's what we'll. You think they're offering is not that's part of that he saw that windows I think in this campaign in particular because it was a woman president you heard a lot of Rick the glass ceiling vote for her because she's a Alan I. Hate what you are what you have a candidate woman may you not know that we want to send things. When what does that say I didn't and I something but I'm and when we didn't we reduce. I'm saying if I understand why there are politics and identifiable group that would put all women's college it's because we couldn't go to other schools. At the time when they read about I'd get action people should kill each other up Indian east hurtful when it's the only flag in fly. You're missing the uniting factor except that when it's the only flag that's flown against you like at what I was gonna say to you about identity politics enough people would walk up to people say. You just voted for our Brock Obama cause your black. At cousin was the best candidate because. You don't people don't assume that we are Smart enough to recognize the better candidate. People get uneasy about Hillary. Thank you wouldn't have voted for Ben Carson no I well frankly cannot be and let's get. But it isn't old it's insulting to speak to millions of principles to support the woman nobody clash and want to place. Send all time you may have heard that from people my heart I might treat my gender or no did I stop my prensa well let's quit. The and we call Obama because using one hand I disagree with.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss what factors swayed the election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"47183295","title":" Bill Maher says Democrats made white people 'feel like a minority' in 2016 election","url":"/Politics/video/bill-maher-democrats-made-white-people-feel-minority-47183295"}