Cultural impact of Cuba travel restrictions

The Jazz at Lincoln Center tour director says bans could affect musicians who want to exchange ideas with Cubans.
2:56 | 06/04/19

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Transcript for Cultural impact of Cuba travel restrictions
However it now a different perspective on this Jason no lane his tour director flew out with Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York he has led. Cultural exchanges between the Cuban people and that the United States as recently as Torre ten Jason thanks for coming in so what did you just get your reaction. To the announcement today and your thoughts on the importance of maintaining at least some level people to people ties between Cuban United States. Right well thanks for having a Sauna dead end I actually wasn't part of the tour that went out in 2010. But that Jazz at Lincoln Center was invited by the institute of music in Cuba. Participated in a weeklong. Concerts and educational activities that was the jazz Lincoln Center orchestra with Wynton Marsalis who is our. Managing an artistic director. Along with our fifteen piece big bands. And some members of our board of directors came at some staff in a was such a fulfilling cultural exchange of ideas. That is really in line with our mission which is to grow a global community for jester performance and education. And advocacy. So we've been around for about 32 years and we've seen. Does that impact that our orchestra and musicians traveling to foreign countries. Have in terms of reaching people were kind of global ambassadors of sorts that through our music that we can kind of help how to raise. The good the kind of conversation I can take place between countries that's not necessarily speak the same language. But we speak the same cultural language and that sat through music. And I know that that did the announce changes at today Jason urge are just coming into effect do you have any sense. Yet whether or from the State Department or are your team that Lincoln Center whether this'll affect future travel any future plans. You know we don't know yet how that's going to affect us as an orchestra and if you're invited by the right institution down there it looks as if you can still travel but it's going to affect. People that are interest in the learning about the culture. Perhaps musicians who wanna go in exchange ideas with. Artists that are down there we similar some really important can Cuban musicians are making a name for themselves here in the states that we've collaborated with. That people might not get a chance to get turned on to and lets you can travel freely between the border so for instance you'll spotted Terry a fantastic. I out the sex honest and composer. And we collaborated with many times he's now professor Harvard University staff mystery at so a fantastic drummer from Cuba won a Latin Grammy this year. A lot of these artists wouldn't necessarily be discovered percent if we start to limit. The exchange of ideas in the exchange of travel so you know an embargo likenesses isn't good for raising our cultural IQ. And some of those ties are still in place we should know open obviously a lot tougher. Since starting today to travel to Cuba under these new rules Jason Alain de tour director for Jazz at Lincoln Center thank you so much Jason for coming on sharing have you.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"The Jazz at Lincoln Center tour director says bans could affect musicians who want to exchange ideas with Cubans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63488461","title":"Cultural impact of Cuba travel restrictions","url":"/Politics/video/cultural-impact-cuba-travel-restrictions-63488461"}