Donald Trump leaves White House for final time as president

President Donald Trump boarded Marine One with first lady Melania Trump.
3:08 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for Donald Trump leaves White House for final time as president
He's coming Ellen Lonnie attorney right now the First Lady. Walking out of that small crowd greeting him there before he heads on the Marine One. Last time he will make this walk is present United States we are they used to over the last four years watching the president as he would walk towards Marine One. Give many impromptu press conference is talk for. What was supposed to be a couple minutes would often turn into Jon Karl could often turn into 102030 minutes maybe even longer. You know it's something presidents before him really didn't do except in very unusual circumstances I remember one of the very first times. Did he wait to Marine One in took that detour over to talk to those of us in the press corps. Looking across over to the Rose Garden. And seeing his Press Secretary at that time Sarah Huckabee Sanders. A running across because she had no idea that are boss was about to hold a press conference that and and of course felt she needed to be there to find out what he was gonna say. But this is this is something he started to do and and did I mean be. We've with a great regularity I can't say how many times I was over there. And and and the president just taking questions and insulting reporters at times it sometimes. Making fun of reporters it was it was combat for him as much as it. Was a press conference no question about that thank you John Chris Christie as we see the president get in a Marine One. Right there for his final ride. In Marine One he you know the president well he was a man who loved so many of the trappings of the. Yes to the Georgian and had great pride whenever you would go to the White House no matter. How many times. Might be in their over the last four years. In showing you different new things he was doing he had gotten tour of the oval yeah I was giving away or. You know everything from the from the Oval Office to the bath from off the Oval Office and talked how he made that better to our means so. Here he loved the trappings of the office and I think in many ways. Look the trappings of the office more most days and it up. Job itself we're seeing Marine One now fly away from the White House for the last time caring Donald Trump. As president of the United States want to bring in presidential destroying mark after growth as we see that iconic video now of Marine One pulling away around the Washington monument. I can't help that even though Donald Trump has not resigned here is leaving office after being defeated. The image in my head is Richard Nixon in 1974. We are questioned jurors it's exactly what comes to mind can be as well. Richard Nixon left the white house on August 9 1974 after having resigned. From the presidency you first president in history to resign very sad and somber day and I've Gerald Ford was left to take the oath of office on his own without his predecessor looking on as it is the custom. In our country and that's exactly what's happening here like Richard Nixon. Donald Trump is going home. To face a very uncertain future including. His legal fate which will be determined in the senate later this month and to threaten.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"President Donald Trump boarded Marine One with first lady Melania Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75367604","title":"Donald Trump leaves White House for final time as president","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trump-leaves-white-house-final-time-president-75367604"}