Doug Jones gives victory speech after projected win in Alabama Senate race

Projected Alabama Senate race winner Doug Jones speaks to his supporters.
11:38 | 12/13/17

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Transcript for Doug Jones gives victory speech after projected win in Alabama Senate race
I just don't know. Just a moment. That's just gets more. First look vote. And up let me let me first make a couple of kind of brief comments you know. I have said. Throughout this camp. And I thought that December 12. Was going to be a historic day. And you know we're. December well. The historic day. And. Just when it definitely. Just let out her. The love support encouragement. Earlier in the evening when she gets got a kidney agrarian when I was down. So this man a wonderful. Night. I am I have got my wonderful songs arson Christopher. And daughter born and always friends back here US attorney body. I can't but. Don't let us in spirit. There's two yeah. Unfortunately mop my sister Terri and her husband Scott Terry savage and Scott savage hey girl. Should not make any. A. I am truly. Truly hope. But you know. And you got off work say it is at one point or another this can't. I have always believed. That the people of more in common. The divide us. Not just around the state of Alabama but we have Cheryl in the country go away. Ours I have got so many people that I can thank but I will tell you just very quickly. There are great people outlook acknowledged. Because if it wasn't for the M we would not be here. Both sat me down in early may and said Doug you can did it showed the way. I want to make sure that everybody has arguably have any credible staff. It started with a small group of votes. To pass that way and Frey. Back. I have of the greatest political consultant in the world and Joseph Trippi. I have to artists in my dad but they were all Joe's orchid each age old legal way. Duct murder. And France are so. The one that I call that yoga the campaign. Giles Perkins. Tells us. And it sounds as head is a little. Over the summer but yes can't. And what he has done is it wouldn't ever in the history is written about. Politics remember those names Giles Perkins ducked turned and Joseph trip. There are so many are too many people are I wanted to say this. Folks we have come so far. We have come so far and the people. I guess I have spoken. They have said. Yes yes I have said from the very beginning this campaign has never been about me. It's never been about Roy Moore it has been about every one of you. Everyone. Sons and daughters it's it's all of those volunteers. That knocked on 300000. Doors. It's. The years who made one point two. Yeah it was every community you know I keep hearing about the airport. Communities in this state. They African American community but yeah. Well yes everywhere we have the long we have had that same energy we've had. Same excite. Yes doesn't tar race has been. Dignity. And race back. This gas can't. This campaign. As better. Local law this can't. As band about common courtesy decency and making sure every want in this. Regardless of which zip code. Yes as. All of those are what my future. Late in Washington. Our series. There are important issues facing this country they're important issues of health care jobs and yet now. As everybody in this in the entire probably. Rate world knows right now. Wade tried to make sure that this campaign was about on. Common ground and reaching a brawls and actually getting. So. This challenge to my future colleagues in Washington. Don't. Take their selection from the great state of Alabama. Max take this election where the people of I am certainly want to get something probably won't you know current common ground we want to talk take this opportunity. At this election. And as duet but they'll. And here in Birmingham Alabama. I'm gonna talk too much longer it's been a long night it's been a long can. Just safe and I don't know I forgotten. So much. I got so much to so many. It is and how weak they. This vote this boat I've said it before. Alabama has been at a parole shrine rooms we have been at a crossroads in the past. And unfortunately we have usually taken. The wrong or. And a very personal level. Let me tell you. Said this at the top and it seems out want to thank you for help and he filled with bill a life prolonged me. Of serving in the United States and started out. Howell Heflin and ever since. As we approach that's history. As we approach this crossroads. We. Work to date we don't work to do this it took to build those bridges quit in this state to reach across with the but Ross to try to find common ground. Bet tonight. As a night for rejoicing. Because as doctor Keyes said. As doctor Jeanne like to quote. The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice. Okay. Tonight in this time. And this place. You help that ball out art. Closer today. Did it that. While art not only wasn't meant war not. True or let you send it right in the heart of the great state.

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{"id":51756485,"title":"Doug Jones gives victory speech after projected win in Alabama Senate race","duration":"11:38","description":"Projected Alabama Senate race winner Doug Jones speaks to his supporters.","url":"/Politics/video/doug-jones-victory-speech-51756485","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}