Re-examining accusations against Bill Clinton

In light of many prominent men facing career-ending sexual misconduct allegations, "The View" co-hosts discuss allegations leveled against Clinton during his presidency.
4:23 | 11/14/17

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Transcript for Re-examining accusations against Bill Clinton
So welcome back. Msnbs's Chris Hayes went viral when he said Democrats need to look at themselves as well. What do you think? Well, he was impeached. We know that. A lot of those women never believed at that time either. There was an issue there too. Honestly, you know -- Just one more point. He's not running for president right now. I mean, the president that we have now in the white house has been accused by, what -- 16 different women. 16 different women. And we should be dealing with the present tense even more but it's not a bad idea to bring it up. I don't understand why sexual harassment, sexual assault is a partisan issue. It's wrong across the board. If you're on the left, if you're on the right, everybody agrees. And it seems to me that for a long time -- and Meghan, we were talking about this before. Politicians seemingly have gotten a pass on it. Bill Clinton, you know, was known for having these allegations against him. Donald Trump, 16 women have come forward publicly and the white house statement in response is all the women are lying. I don't think politicians -- That's a problem. I don't think they're the only ones getting away with it though because when you hear about Weinstein, Toback, Kevin spacey, these were well known rumors in the industry and people continued to work and they continued -- I think the problem is whether you're in politics or you're in media, the thing they all have in common is they're all in positions of power. That's true. I think the thing with -- and I completely agree that no one should think that sexual assault is an innately American issue that it shouldn't be political but there's a feeling that bill Clinton has gotten a pass. There's story after story. Juanita Brock Rick I think has accused him of rape. I think we need to look the everything honestly and through the lens -- I'm sorry, there's a phone going off and it distracted me. I think when you're talking about sexual assault it can't be political. What's interesting I will say about trump, I would be curious to know if Roy Moore would have stepped down had trump not won because after the grabber and the tape with Billy bush it showed that you can get away with these things, have these things that are public and get away with it. I think it's worth gambling on that. If the Weinstein accusations had come out before trump I wonder if that would have impacted trump. I don't think so. There's a study done by the public religion research institute. 61% a moral personal behavior does not preclude public officials from carrying their public or professional duties with honesty and integrity. 70% of Republicans and 60% of Democrats say public officials can behavior ethically in their professional roles even this they behave this way personally. I think they're talking about adultery here. I don't know if they're talking about -- you know, I don't think very many people actually get a pass. I mean, as we know, you know, Bill Clinton was impeached. Yes. And his -- the stain of that has followed -- Hillary Clinton. The wife. 100% impacted him. Yes. So I don't think that he got a pass. Part of the problem with Juanita Broadrick is at one point when I think Paula Jones' lawyers came to her, she changed her story and I think that is what's been difficult. Juanita Broadrick? Yes. What did she change it from? She said it never happened. First she said it did happen and then when the -- and correct me in somebody's ear in I'm wrong but then she said no, it didn't happen and signed an affidavit. I think what makes it hard for folks, particularly with this situation and it's not to say that we shouldn't look into it but you have to -- you have to -- you have to stand your ground. You got to stand your ground. Trump's -- there was a scandal with her saying that SHAWN had raped her and she came out vehemently denying it. So you never know. We have to be equal opportunity. He had the dress. Once they had that evidence. He's always denied it as well. The thing that we can't deny is that we have to take a break

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"In light of many prominent men facing career-ending sexual misconduct allegations, \"The View\" co-hosts discuss allegations leveled against Clinton during his presidency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51143903","title":"Re-examining accusations against Bill Clinton","url":"/Politics/video/examining-accusations-bill-clinton-51143903"}