Gabby Giffords: 'I Want to Say Madam President'

Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords take the stage at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
6:58 | 07/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gabby Giffords: 'I Want to Say Madam President'
Thank you. Thank your every line. It is so great to be here. In the great city of Philadelphia. And I speak to you tonight as a proud son. Of two New Jersey police officers. As of batter add. Up 39 combat missions storing Operation Desert Storm. And up 25 years that the United States navy. As a former. NASA astronaut. Who flew more missions into space. You know my decades at the pilot military officer. And asked her not gave me a unique. Perspective. On our world. I saw our country at its best. I also saw. Humanity. At its worst. From the cockpit. Of my A sticks interred are. I saw America lead the international. Coalition that defeated Saddam Hussein. I also saw the devastating. Affects of war itself. From orbit. I saw our planet. Adds a perfect blue marble. Just floating there on the blackness of space. But I also saw a receding glaciers. And shrinking rain forests. At war. At in space I saw the off some extent of American power and capability. Bought it was so frustrating to return home. And see how we struggle. To address some of our greatest challenges. Just as Hillary. Is prepared to defeat ice says. Advance our values. And protect our freedoms. Hillary is ready to take god one of our country's. Great guest of moral failures here at home. And that AA has. The gun violence that is caring so many of our communities apart. We have to do better. And Hillary knows we can. Hillary knows that we can save lives by doing mole or to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Had we know that as president. She will do what is right for our nation. Not life is politically. Expedient. Shall stand up to the watching big gun lobby. That works to protect their shameful status quo. So we want to leave our kids and grandkids a country. With less gun violence. Not more. Then we need to make sure that Hillary Clayton is our next president. I. Now. I want to introduce do to it somebody who is war game to do just that. Someone who has taught me. Each and every a single day. To deny the acceptance of value Eric somebody who does it give op and someone who believes. Like Hillary does. That way are all stronger error. To gather. My life. My alive. The on some of congress lobbying Gabby give birds. A little. I. Why did more. I am honored to be here today. We have important work ahead of us or that will determine. The future mark country. Are you ready. Are you. You ready. Randy. I. Congress. I learned that power and lessen. Its you're wrong women. Get it need not. Yeah. Hillary is pop. Hill or is curry yes. She won't bite to make our payments they are. In the White House. She will stand up to the gun lobby that's why and though dean frail Larry. I the it. Speak he is civil Fermi. But come January. I want since they east Hugh Laurie. Madam. Perez at. BP hearing.

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords take the stage at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40942991","title":"Gabby Giffords: 'I Want to Say Madam President'","url":"/Politics/video/gabby-giffords-madam-president-40942991"}