George H.W. Bush leaves D.C. for last time

After the 41st president's funeral at the National Cathedral, his casket and family boarded Air Force One for Texas.
46:54 | 12/05/18

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Transcript for George H.W. Bush leaves D.C. for last time
Can we continue our live coverage now here and ABC news live of the passing of former president George Herbert Walker Bush thank you so much for watching our coverage today your seeing my picture there's George said of Air Force One. Also known as special air mission 41 ready to carry the 41 president. Back home to Texas for the final time interest in fact about that plane right there. Former president George H. W. Bush is the one who inaugurated that plane it launched into service hot in 1990 was the first president. To fly on that 747. As president replacing the 707. That Ronald Reagan used before him we see crowds now of family friends onlookers gathered there at joint base Andrews to did the president. Hot and his family fare well for one more day. Ceremonies in service is down in Texas will be going in there shortly for a live report here and ABC news live but as you can see now. Things just wrapping up at the capitol. The national cathedral rather after the president's. Casket is now being carried for final time to Washington. Overtake Jordan based Sanders Paul unity about a 2530 minute drive. Out there for the final time in there again as the plane on the tarmac great to have you with us. Today on Devin Dwyer and ABC news headquarters in Washington for continuing coverage here on ABC news live. I want to bring in now our pentagon correspondent also an army reservists Stephanie Ramos she's joining us from new York and has been following. The proceedings today in Washington Stephanie great to have you here. You know one of the things I've been struck by it as we button up the coverage of the past several hours has been the absolute. Precision. And white glove touch that the united states military has put on these things they spend months preparing. Four big state funerals like this one and today they did not miss a beat. Debit your absolutely right it has been impressive. It's been emotional and moving on we've wants those honor guards stand by president George H. W. Bush is casket. For the last two days guarding that casket and as you mentioned just absolute. Precision. A president George H. W. Bush has received. Full military honors throughout all of this every step of the way from his sendoff. In Houston in neck to his welcoming in Washington and now what we'll see what we've seen that today's so far and normalcy. Tomorrow will tomorrow will be are expected to. Who wants the largest. Ever 21 aircraft missing man formation that doesn't happen every day and that is clearly a reflection that this is. Legacy as not just presidents but as a naval aviator and his time. In service to this country which began when was just eighteen result. Incredible service remembered quite well today by his biographer John Meachem and of course are capped off by his son. Our George W. Bush 43 president they're remembering his father service. I wanna go now back to the national cathedral were two of our own ABC's Jonathan Karl our chief White House correspondent and our esteemed former colleague in Compton long time White House correspondent as well she covered. Both bush administrations both of view thanks for joining us you were and just inside this ceremony give us your first impressions. From what it was like in there. And murdering her five point 32 tiered data were lions five to seven Dwyer. DeVon door just asking. What it was like to be in their view you're excited customers so many of these we view with DeVon. And two you sit there as a guest it gives you an entirely different. A far more personal view but what really shone through was the idea that the four years that George Herbert Walker Bush was president of it was a transformative. Time and what's remembered about him he isn't the fall of the Berlin Wall it isn't a crisis for the economy. There was something about character and it resonated with everything everyone in their. Was talking about and when president George W. Bush. Got to the end of his remarks. And he caught himself. Caught himself the whole. Cathedrals. Caught their breath and just spontaneously. Applauded as he left and if it is very personal moment. You know it it struck me that you hadn't seen that some in the major political figures of our lifetimes. Also more than one place. Bitter rivals. And allies. All altogether and service was. Largely a political. Incredibly. Apolitical I could even because it's social they had television sets everywhere so you could watch. I'll what was happening outside what was happening inside and how the cameras trained on the family's. And even very few political people even Alan Simpson or senator is close to your personal friend of George Bush's. And to have granddaughters. Only granddaughters one from each of their sons' families. I'll be the ones to do their ratings it also the message with the exception actually of them the reverend from Houston who is saying you know go out and be nice into each other. There was a sense that in this country. Partisan may not stop but those. Water's edge but it does stop ads. And head remembering what the institution of the presidency means and George Bush would've hoped that this. Thank you CE saw those formal president's all seated next to our our current president and there is something about these times that it it chose. Peaceful transition of power which is the hallmark of American democracy. And you sometimes feels very tested in these times. Think George Herbert Walker Bush did make a big deal out of it but he could not bring himself to vote. For Donald Trump. And he'd. But don't be no need for him to cross party lines just think about that the former 102. Do the same thing. Says honey I've never voted for a Democrat before. But to see him sitting there and I think of the kind of we've never had a president like George Herbert. Walker bush. Who arrived in office with so much foreign policy extra expect the CIA the United Nations China and of course is years as vice president. And put the world looks like looks at the United States for there are so many places where dictators. Where there are those who will not relinquish power. But you look at the United States and people who just like each other. And politically we were opposites. Could sit shoulder by shoulder and salute one of their predecessors. I think is pretty remarkable. And in honor of it. I'm wearing the scarf that I bought when I was a young ABC news White House correspondent Wear to the inauguration. Of George Herbert Walker Bush. My goodness well. And Compton is great great to see you here you've covered. You covered balls pushes you knew them very alone very well and by the way amazing eulogy by 43 all. I think that feat touches of humor the honesty of the honest realizations that there were some flaws in this character. But it was also I think spoken as a son John Meachem is say. And historian he as the biographer of George Herbert Walker Bush and I've heard him speak before man and this was much more clinical much more history. But it also got him that one love honing element that George Bush loved and that was. Humor even when he couldn't he that the punch and I have so did so good. Seven and and I II gotta say the they did this surprise. You'll you'll times Alan Simpson I mean I was just. Absolutely. Absolutely brilliant absolutely brilliant head and it chose to that and that generation. Pat and George Herbert Walker Bush was the last president I covered from my dad's generation. And then Bill Clinton and George W we're all about the same about the same age. And it shows that there is a home. Hello I'm genuineness. And have respect for the bigger institutions and like it don't. Doesn't this is a time when so many Americans. I haven't got much faith PM big government big media big business. It's a time at this a lack of confidence and lack of trust I don't know that occasions like this turn that around. Five eight occasions like this do. Can remind us all that there is something that glues us together probably more than divides us and. Well said Ann Compton Jon Karl thank you very much thank you both great to see you. I'm joined here now like Terry Moran who is of course recovering from the White House is well and follow the proceedings interview George Bush. The sun 43 a couple of times Cokie Roberts of course a student of all this history in what to get your first impressions of the moment picking up where am left off their on this. In a moment of unity Terry. Shortly stroke me is perhaps one of the biggest moments of political unity we've seen in years even more so than the inauguration where we some members of congress boycotting today. No mentions no fleeting mentions even to my ear of partisanship no jabs and a subtle jabs at all. Not at all and it's worth saying that Donald Trump is acquitted himself as any president would and should. And that is not something we're cutting it very different kind of president he's got a very different kind of politics. But in this instance from from the moment that word came that George Herbert Walker Bush had died he has been note perfect. And representing the country as president in remembering. His predecessor it's really it's actually remarkable. It is it's exactly what we want to see. Conservatives should RIT Zachary exhale just a little bit that I wasn't water who want to see. I'm Priscilla Rwanda Haiti news secondly. The country coming together in honoring together. This meeting at any IMAP port how about the role that George W. Bush seemed to play I was struck by. Him sort of picking up the mantle of his father today and actually be neck protection these past few days between the trumps. His family which to read much discussed mentions he was sort of papering over that himself and even in the service he was the one who went down the line shook everybody's hand. Joked with Michelle Obama a little bit there and and acknowledge all of them as one group. In his eulogy at that was it was quite notable. He's the picture that's that's what happens when your dad das had him on the same year and you're the only losers on oldest son you become it's very very. Striking. To suddenly realized in this insist funny words used in your UCC's been an orphaned. He's an orphan now and and instantaneous into the next generation you're the top generation his uncle Jonathan is under her vision of the top generation. And that really does have an affect. And I think they've had the combination of that and of course affect keeps present United States. Does and put him in position where he understands his responsibility. And let's take a little listen back to some of the highlights from the eulogies that we heard remarkable human regimes George W. Bush. Remarking on his last conversation with his father take a listen and. Last Friday when I was told he had minister lives. I called it. The guy answered the phone city. I think he can hear you but he hadn't said anything for most of the day. I said dad I love being you've been a wonderful father. And the last words he would never say on her were. I love you too. Terry has we see Air Force One they are waiting on the tarmac I was struck by how much. The 41 president has taught all of us about how to die with grace and how families can have conversations. And be together at a time like this is really struck. His life was an example in those ways and this last moment that and President. Bush number 43 has just told us about it. To be able to summon the strength and it. And and the character to acknowledge to love and give it back and your last words. That's the that is the product of being that guy island for 94 year. Ice time at the end of August and it was very difficult for him to talk. He didn't he did get words out that it was not easy. And so that was quite remarkable I do have to say though they judged every bishop had a similar conversation with his mother as she was stuck in. And he's known I love you mom and she said. I love you to your my favorite son who's on the phone right. I will ask for a little rough man yeah. I'm not up about fifteen. There are pure spores dined remarkably just eight months ago united talked back when we were covering. Opera funerals that did he seemed so every conceivable that did the actor George Bush should be that far behind they were so close inseparable really for seventy plus and. And enjoyed semi lucid said Jack colleague Charlie Gibson at one point he said I just can't imagine. My dad surviving in after my. My mom goes. But the truth is he wanted to survive for a while he wanted to get to Kennebunkport he was very clear about that. He said Jane you know he was in the hospital soon after she died in me so I'm not gone. And that's right yet that health scare and then bounced back and he went to Kennebunkport I think had a very good summer. His daughter Dora was really them. Pretty much all summer and she said and my Brothers have been good or bad showing up more often and they usually do have to tackle Chad at the end. In this listen to a little bit more bush forty three's eulogy a moment at the end. Obviously hit everybody in the got. Near president editor George W. Bush of course famously. I wears his emotions on his sleeve the whole family really does but he he fought through that eulogy to the very end when he started to break down. Talking about what his dad means to him tickle us. Your decency sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. So through our tears let us know the blessings. Knowing and loving you. Are great and noble man. The mass father assumed her daughter can hand. In her grief. But his smile knowing that dad is talking rob. And holding mom's hand again. Sister hacks for. Okay leukemia after battling came you know. When she was sick. Since she was in the hospital in New York a lot of the time of Barbara Bush had declared there's no crying in this hospital. And as an interest tough situation from bush but she she is one in the child to not be surrounded by people crying. And then lend Robin guy as a barber had been the tough ones throughout the illness and then when Robin she fell apart and she says she couldn't have gotten. Through without the strength of Jewish. Such as tight bond there and they didn't tell. George W. Bush who was six years old that the time that this is too is going to die they decided to let the boy. Be a boy and we'll let him know and when she doesn't come home it was it's an unimaginable grief of course. And that thing that Barbara Bush order memoirs is that they learned something they learned they loved each other. That that experience can break. Couples are a society they learned of how deeply they both believe in god and the Providence. God. And they learned that they could go but. I can't imagine that that cartoon that everybody's been talking about it we're loving couple Robin and and Barbara waiting for George and haven't I think that's. She's an amazing for me. Only sustained. By their faith through these difficult times both around the death of Robin but certainly. Farmer in the past few months and today as well. Very faithful family a family also dedicated to military service. And very proud of that something that's kept them together. And and we're seeing my picture here of Air Force One preparing to receive George Bush the last time. And Andrews Air Force Base and I was struck today want to bring Stephanie Ramos back into this she's up in New York following this. And covers the military for us Stephanie and this is also sort of bend the end of an air he. Here's another passing of a president who served immoral war two. Fox Diane Lane there are very few presidents candidates looking ahead half that military service under their belts. Yeah how how significant was George Bush and members of the military were they looking at him ask today as they watch on the central. He was a big part. The military family in the military played a significant hole in his life. And we're seeing how the military is honoring the late president and we've seen them today in the last couple of days it is in honor that's given to. That trend or other prominent military figures are heads of state you can see those servicemen and women there. From a different branches of the military. Standing there waiting for that casket to arrive an as you mentioned earlier Deb and the precision that we've seen. From. These soldiers airmen Marines. Marching there on Capitol Hill. And the last couple of days standing guard near the casket has just been incredible. To watch there was a 21 gun salute in Houston that's another honor that's given to president a former president. And heads of state than something else that Global Witness tomorrow as well as that 21 at. Aircraft missing information that I mentioned earlier so all of these different honors. Two. Honor the 41 president of the United States that many people say was a better president because of his time in the military and. You know and Stephanie as you know well that moment in World War II when he and Terry we were talking about this yesterday where he. Fell into the Pacific he was she was shot out of the sky. Fiery crash it was one of those moments that defined him tested him throughout his life he continued to ask Cokie was that. One of the questions John Meachem talking tonight about it why me why did I survive. When so many of my fellow airmen did not make it back Tom and there was an interest in question. Private John Meachem posed an answer to its talk about it listen to John Meachem on that moment that defined George Bush's military service. Why him. Why was he spared. The workings of Providence or mysterious but this much is clear. The George Herbert Walker Bush. Who survive that fiery fall into the waters of the Pacific three quarters of a century ago. Made a our lives. And the lives of nations. Freer. Better. Warmer. And nobler. That was his mission. That was his heartbeat. And if we listened closely enough. We can hear that part be even now. For its the heartbeat. Of a lion. A lion. Who not only led us. But who loved us. That's. Why him. That's why he. Was spared. Cokie he's humility to the very end questions number some of them really Asians as strengthening over the list several days. As I read through all of the in communes coming man. Asked how specific they are everywhere arms talks something he did for them. Whether it's the NIH saying he does it do what he did from the genome project at the Mayo Clinic saying that he gave the house of Walker's point to educate me. During the invasion or in the. I this room was nearly made the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Saying he's sold just as an institution. One after another of institutions and that and then the personal letters and are just incredible. His campaign team can he visit my son was cancer he waited. And didn't go into the convention speech until he asked about my children he did you know he he got my son to school he then I mean it's just he gave his. Life to try to make the lives of other people and other institutions. Nobler. Because as John nation to. As if that's walking the walk or I heard one yesterday I was in line to go to the rotunda and there was guy for marine knew he had been in Iraq. And he's from Texas and one of the grand daughters. President Bush had bumped into his cousin or some such thing and gone good knew the word that he was in Iraq. And President Bush called a family. We'll register tonight on the set mark up to grow who has written a biography of bush 41 and 43 together. I was applying for a job. That he had ties to President Bush about and without him knowing about it. The press former president of the United States. Sounds it's the name of the chairman of the board of the institution markers and she's sedan wrote similar recommendation. And you know at that point giant. And they they talk you're talking about the personal stories and personal impact that have been coming out we're joined now by Paul Smith. Salt Lake City, Utah joining us by phone while Paul Smith. Flew on the red eyes from Utah to Washington to pay his respects. We specifically with thanks for George Bush. For what he did or for Americans living with disabilities pop paltry to have you with us. I understand you have meant someone who has grappled with disabilities for a couple of decades. And you had such an appreciation for George Bush that you made the trip out here just to say goodbye. Yeah it sure didn't think that area. Do you put everything aside and kind of stuck go to some have been. Yeah truck from Hawaii tomorrow. Yes she wasn't really were told there was still left foot that you couldn't what the about it. Tell us a one event about the impact that the Americans with disabilities act signature piece of legislation. Signed into law by President Bush what that's meant in your life. Well it it's given me the year the ability to do things like that would normally do board. People with disabilities Somerville have would spend most retirement home because very deliberately of the house. Couldn't walk on the sidewalk because there was big steps to get down on cross street battles all of our streets have. Accommodations for people in wheelchairs and crutches to walk across with have a bit picked Dick steps some. Everyone that brought attention more than anything else the issue people recognize it now let them think of ways that they can help but just goes a little bitty steps. Do thing. Elevators and places related news to have elevators and there's I and a rarely ever have to look at not know it was an elevator could be there. Help me get up and down. Please let me be yesterday in Washington I was amazed. I thought the whole come and visit the capitals. Served thirty years old currently shipping him to walk all those that are look all those particular. And I didn't because it's been completely remodeled holders that are under it took two elevators and I walked right into there on the percent of book book tickers. I. One to admit it. As best politic it made a tremendous difference in people's eyes but in in everyone's life magazine America unlocked all the potential and although richness of all Americans. Capabilities and capacities changed changed the whole country I live five years in London. Britain has nothing like this and it isn't different landscape. And it's a very different place to live. And there are there are frankly fewer Britons. And who you see who are literally disabilities who are out and about in the workplace and in the streets and restaurants and and museums and things like this is harder to do. But he did that bill. Rules the Republican later in the senate Bob Dylan's time dole of course has his own disability is a war injury can't amused when his hands. And nabbed Tom Harkin who's a democratic. Manned manager of the bill and Harkin and brother who is I didn't come here. And then and everybody was so interesting covering that because. And everybody came before the senate has somebody in the family there was some stories you tell. But President Bush understood that if he if he got dole and Harken together he can get that feel threatened and wall and it was in really. Very high. Partisan effort. You gonna do this today and Paul before we let you go if you're still with us and thank you so much for joining us. How what was your message being debts and the bush family today if you had a chance too good to greet them and offer condolences. We just. You know couldn't just express Booth below that the nation still screwed over bother him. Well thank. 06. That being thankful that they allowed us to have time with him spent time with them and take away from a certainly could Speed Racer is greatest accomplishment was also good news kids come to seem I mean who couldn't really want that their life that's the greatest story is an expert. Current you don't guts alienation and he's doing good he would do that way. I appreciate someone's. Very well said Paul Smith thank you so much. Resident of you talk flew out to Washington to pay final respects and show appreciation. Tim little trailer for the ATA Paul thank you so much. Bob if you're just joining us here on ABC news live you're seeing live picture right now from Andrews Air Force Base as family dignitaries. Friends of the bushes are gathering meant to pay their final farewell here in Washington. To the 41 president you see the plane there. Job to special air mission. 41 and for the 41 president that's a plane that George Bush inaugurated 1990. He was the first one to fly and that Air Force One as a transition back to build 707 from the Reagan era which is in the Reagan martyrs is in the Reagan library in run you can roam around itself okay first one to find out playing now he won't say his firm on that plan as well and have we see some of the new members of the military editors on the motorcade making its way out to Anderson on thirty minute drive so. We're getting close to that. But I want to continue the conversation here wanted to back to something that John Meachem said this or struck a lot of years but the cutaway shot to president from there were no mention is a trump not really immunity so he mentions that there wasn't mentioned. Should the die divisions at the moment. I'm particularly when it comes to matters of truth here's what John Meachem had to say about the president President Bush's. Adherence to truth does. Sun may have run ma get moments. But his heart grew a steadfast. His life. As he's. Was telling the truth don't. Blame people. Be strong. Do your mess. Try car. Forgive. Stay. The course. And that was and is the most American. Have Cree news. His life congress to tell the truth don't plain people be strong Terry. I was just so when things are struck about today needs they talked about some shortcomings including that. That. Promised to not rate to raise taxes read my lips I will not raise taxes was brought up at the funeral in the eulogies and of course he did was. Something that he lamented but he told the truth he said I did it. I'm gonna own it and and there it is. He regretted saying read my lips and under Texas. That Reagan was somewhat smarter rating would sign tax increases that I'm against tax increases and that we got this 13 militant attacks is just boxes in a way that he couldn't. Believe they sentenced him losing campaign governing. And he knew whom to govern he had to do the right thing. I'm losing their bodies don't. My chances look good for me or not having witnessed things you know shortly and and DeVon England as in the news and. And we will talk you out of place here thank you so much pain great to have service is back to Stephanie Ramos in New York who is sidetracked came. The development Scott coming up and coming up shortly here at Andrews Air Force Base and then there are continuing on down in Texas Stephanie. Give us a sense of what we can expect to hear this next. At this next juncture in the ceremonies today. I see the cannons. Yes you see the cannons we can expect a 21 gun salute you conceive the police motorcade there. I'll ride being there at joint base Andrews. For this a good vibe from Washington instapundit late residents. Last goodbye and from a Washington you can see the hers they are absolutely committed to making its way. There and saddened. It just. You can see those that the going back to. The military that is there taking part in it in this ceremony he can see they're there. The standing there at attention awaiting the 41 president you can see the Ers are approaching just so much respect. Before this president. From an not just of the military that obviously played such a huge role in his life that from Americans. Who so many of them more than 40000 of them paying their respects on Capitol Hill. Stopping by the rotunda to say their final goodbye and it now there at joint base Andrews you can see the hearse there. A pro change it Air Force One dubbed special mission 41. Now we understand that the web pot or up the arrival but this primary motorcade the bush family will be escorted. To their positions. The come manager of the troops will then bring the ceremonial elements to attention. The group they are that the military service men and women will stand at attention and the body bearers will then removed the casket from the hearse. It's sad that will happen there momentarily. And as we do that. Terry Moran at the trumps this sort of completes. The Trump's involvement in this ceremonial good buying. Hoffa the former president they were forced at the cathedral they paid their respects. To the family of Blair house they were attended the viewing unity at the capitol rotunda but they've done their duty this is it. And sort of that this ceremony listen Washington is now. Passing on I think he gets good marks he certainly. Checked all the boxes for want one would expect a sitting president to do to a deadlock absolutely and wind warnings looking at that. At that tableau. While our history there right that presidents dating back forty years and more with Jimmy Carter. Presidents are put there by the people by the constitution. For reasons. People are sending a message right they want the government changed president trumps presidency is. Different it is in fact a repudiation. Much of what George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush stood for because the people who voted who wanted that repudiation. So he is part of that down that line of president's. Part of the will of the people asserting itself. And and I think that for all of the different kind of president that he is certainly different kind of character different kind of politician. Certainly than George Herbert Walker Bush he shares with all the others up there. That that he is an expression of the world American people so. Victor there's there's a there's continuity and this continuity. But it's all because of the decisions voters made him perhaps a recognition in terms of his involvement in the proceedings and by president trump. That he some day. Good will be getting name is similar treatment when it when he passes as a former president of the United States different time and then perhaps it's gonna first he's gonna choreograph its maybe more trumpets and that he was taking anything he says he would do it bigger question is how long would imagine being it'd be the best presidential funeral but after no man will ever have seen anything like that. And here we see now the 43 president George W. Bush arriving with our former First Lady Laura Bush there in the bush family Neil Bush. And and clan moving up now to to see the casket be loaded onto the plane. I should say you hear hail to the chief yet again of course there. The military forested. That signals when the president of the United States is in the room they have been playing it every stop. Along the way for these ceremonies these past few days for George Bush and we're told that a him will be played by a military band going home. Composed by and turn no divorce Jack will be played. Another fitting song as a president for bids farewell here. You have Terry as we reflect on history you're there for the student on it. You know I really I really I am struck by the fact that he can't think of a precedent. Who had his comprehensive a resonate as this one did really unrivaled when it comes to all the jobs that he had. It's almost hard to wrap your mind around it from a member of congress CIA UN ambassador president vice president. That's a really comprehensive war hero steps. I can't think of anybody. It is the most distinguished indeed resume that did did you can imagine I mean you Daryn. Presidents who had some foreign policy experience lot of foreign policy judgment you just put it together in a way and that made him. Supremely prepared for the office and we were lucky because all that preparation came in handy he was president at this critical moment. It's celebrated right now. Let's listen in as the ceremonies Jordan Sanders. Yeah. Are. And as the bush family have boards the plane there we are back with Terry Moran here Stephanie Ramos and New York watching this ceremony unfold now in the final minutes. I'm for the plain hats off to Texas. Were fascinating scene here on Foley not only. Are the old guard in the honor guards there but the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff general ledger done sort of forced the chairman of the joint chiefs is there. It's our farewell to the president pretty impressive list of military. Class of course and honor are worthy. George Bush giving his service coverage you see. The 43 president pouring down mind and turn first your thoughts as he leaves Washington. The last time. George Bush George Bush president. 41 president. And the military honors that you mentioned it's so important in this. Moment in the service to recognize. What George Herbert Walker Bush gave he was right Adam Phillips Andover prep school any Saddam sign two to fight for my country. We live in the time where as you saw the next several presidents have no military experience and may be awhile as you point out before you know and that is important. Because American solidarity and one of the ways we draw from and our eyes is that kind of public service whether it's in the military or. For all kinds of other ways of serving the public. And it matters it doesn't break down some of the divide us the the greatest generation had that and George Herbert Walker Bush himself. At first on one of the crucial issues of of the day when he was in congress voted against the Civil Rights Act in his first and and then voted for that a civil rights activist and said the difference was he went to Vietnam. And he saw the most of the guys on the front lines of black soldiers. And because although a lot of the white kids had gotten out of service with a kiss on. It's it to some degree. Woods later in the National Guard exactly never served in active duty and he's and he felt they felt the whole of the the need to terror. Live out our creed of a quality. Partly because as a veteran himself he saw what was happening since this thing right. And best is one example of what military service in the kind of service to Georgia war the bush gave to his country in the military. And never forgot. Can do politically. Can do as a practical matter to bring us together as a country. Certainly the end of an air the bush dynasty but the military service as we say in the last president. From who served in World War II PC. The Stanley continuing to to support. I'm afraid to worked to admit his flaws and shortcomings we heard that time and again today in the eulogies. And the importance of family family and friendships personal relationships to bridge. That political divide I think is one of the takeaways. Are from today's ceremonies as they continue to wrap up here and board the plane at Andrews Air Force Base they were. We'll continue on down to Texas will pick up our coverage later today here on ABC news live of course one more full day of family and friends ceremonies in Texas. In and of course the burial service at Texas CNN. Meanwhile termer and iron sign off we will you leave you with this look back. Hot some of the highlights of this historic day. George Herbert Walker Bush. Well as America's. Last great sold true statesman. 820 century. Founding father. He believed. That didn't much is given. Much is expected. And loyal to you to a country. The world loyalty to his sham land. Loyalty to his friend. Norwalk you can do video. It was more courageous and more principled and more vulnerable. George Herbert walker. I. We're ready for this day. He stood in the breach in Washington against Hun thinking Morris show. He stood in the breach against tyranny or discrimination a role in on. His watch. A wall fell in Berlin. So dictators aggression. Did not stand. And doors across America. Open to people with disabilities. And in perfect man. He left us a more perfect. Union. He was a class act. Burris today. Most decent arm over an ever meant what my friend George Bush. One of nature's noble man. There are wooden ships people. There are sailing ships. Leadership's stand listening. For this yeah. Friendships. Maybe they always me. Last Friday. When I was told he had minister lives. I. Try calling. I answered the phone city. I think he can hear you but he hadn't said a thing for most of the day. I said dad I'm lucky you've been a wonderful father. In the last words he would never say on earth were. I love you too. Darcy was close to perfect. May history books are written. They will say that George H. W. Bush. Those are great president of the United States. And so sewer cheers let us know the blessings. But knowing and loving you. A great and noble man. The best father or son or daughter can hang. And generally. I just smile knowing that there disheartening problem. And holding mom's hand again. Okay.

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