George H.W. Bush's body headed to lie in state at US Capitol

A motorcade carries the former president's body to an Air Force base.
2:37 | 12/03/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George H.W. Bush's body headed to lie in state at US Capitol
The body of former president George H. W. Bush who passed away at home at the age of 94 in Houston on Friday. Is about to head now to Washington DC for the final time so that the nation can bid farewell to. Our 41 president taking a live look now to motorcade now taking his body to Ellington air force base. That's where Natalie renowned joins us live Natalie. In morning Lindsay added casket is supposed to our right here in about fifteen minutes Ellington field is about thirty minutes. I south east of Houston and it is making its way here now clear skies are forecast for what's being dubbed as special mission 41. Air Force One arrived here yesterday afternoon and preparations have been under way. First special departure ceremony that's gonna take place at about 10:30 AM local time we've seen a lot of Secret Service. And police rolling in in the past couple of minutes. And also several members of the public who are coming out hoping to catch a glimpse. Of the plane as it takes off here and about 45 minutes. And we know that Houston has been a very special place for the bush family several of his family members will be here with him to take this final flight. She Washington DC he's gonna depart from Houston and land in joint base at Andrews and then from there he will go to the capitol rotunda where the public will be able to pay their respects Lindsay. An Alley just give us a sense of the move there and then also he's expected to return. Is it Thursday in order to meet. Laid to rest in Houston. Yet that's right we'll ask for the mid people I just really hoping to catch a glimpse of Air Force One. And actually we're hoping to be able to see it but because of all the hangers in the very tight security it's it's much further back so we enforce selling can't see the plane a lot of people are just and driving around. Hoping to get a glimpse of it and we also note that he will be returning on Wednesday there's going to be. And another and its series a memorial events held here in Houston at his church saint Martin's episcopal there's going to be a funeral service there. And afterwards on Thursday he's going to be taken on a train that's painted to look like Air Force One. To College Station where he will be buried alongside his beloved wife Barbara. And their late daughter rob and Anne and just another thing that I recently learned we're standing next you have an aviation museums here and Ellington field and I was told. That President Bush was actually in the hall of fame here they aviation hall of fame and there's a plane inside the museum. That is a mod driver of replica of the same plane that he added Wayne Downing it during world war two and so that plane will be right here just. Few feet from where he takes off this morning. All right Natalie thank you so much for that report.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"A motorcade carries the former president's body to an Air Force base.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59579985","title":"George H.W. Bush's body headed to lie in state at US Capitol ","url":"/Politics/video/george-hw-bushs-body-headed-lie-state-us-59579985"}