Group of 18 Republican-led states ask court to invalidate Obamacare

Backed by the Trump administration, a group of 18 Republican-led states are heading to court to invalidate Obamacare, putting millions of Americans at risk.
4:20 | 07/09/19

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Transcript for Group of 18 Republican-led states ask court to invalidate Obamacare
Lumping to stick around because. We're staying in Washington where a federal appeals court is deciding the fate of Obama care. A group of eighteen Republican led states backed by the trump administration. Is asking the court to invalidate the law this is a decision that will no doubt impact. Health care for millions of America asked of Americans so. I want to bring in our Devin Dwyer NRDC bureau. DeVon good to see you no ruling today but this is huge. If this happened that this judge strikes this down how will miss impact people. Yet this is. Absolutely. In enormous case Kimberly one that everyone should pay attention to. Even if you get your health insurance from your employer which mouth and most Americans do this case. Has huge implications for the health care system as he said millions of Americans get their coverage through obamacare. Seven months ago a federal judge down in Texas struck down the entire law wiped it is that it should be wiped entirely off the books today. They're appealing that case in these judges are gonna really consider. Whether or not he can stand all the things that are on the table are the most popular provisions of obamacare. We talk a lot about those protections for people with preexisting conditions 52 million Americans. Have those protections. If that gets wiped off the books insurance companies can charge more you're sick they can deny you coverage if you're sick. We talk about mandatory preventive care services all of us that have insurance plans even two or importer are now you get that free. Annual check up included that was mandated mandated by obamacare. Are you also had the Medicare. And Medicaid expansion role in health care benefits out. To a lot of low income Americans twenty million Americans get their benefits they're still a lot of things. On the line here if this is struck down it upheld. This was really part of the fabric cover country even though it has been so unpopular over the years can. And Karen up you know obviously if there's a replacement. Meant to Obama care then you have to see if you repeal obamacare than you have to have a replacement so wondering if the Republicans. Have a plan. No they certainly do not then we saw the first few years of the trump presidency the Republicans on Capitol Hill Tryon. Failed to do what they had been promising for many years to repeal and replace obamacare the prime. Residents however one to continue pushing on it he says he has a plan that's coming out in a couple of months but Kimberly White House officials say. There's no plan that is in the works instead we're still expecting from the White House. As set of principles of what the president would like to see and health care plan but nothing new we've president's pretty clear about what he'd like to be done. So it is striking that the case that DeVon mentioned in taxes where at that judge a federal judge struck down the entire thing. The White House signed on and said that they supported that but at the same time the president that he doesn't want to get rid of pre existing condition. He wants to keep the popular provisions of obamacare. And there's no plan to replace at. I think it's also important to note that Republicans on Capitol Hill leaders like senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Had told the president we are not dealing with health care in the next year and a half. They are not willing to take this out because it is very complicated and controversial and they don't feel it's a winning argument for them hiding into an election year. President river and say many times thinks it would be a good issue for Republicans. Except nobody is standing behind him and ready to take up that fight Kimberly. Right let DeVon the timing of this means it will be a conversation in the 20/20 race right. Oh definitely can really actually already is and in fact many Republicans they care was talking about secretly hope. That the courts will uphold the law is simply take all of this off the table you remember from the mid term campaign that health care with the top issue. I'm voters' minds at the top the list again headed into the presidential election season. I Democrats won that one at the polls and when he eighteen health care was something that helped them sweep into more seats. And the House of Representatives. As Karen said because the president Republicans don't have a plan this really puts them in a tough spot. If in fact this is still in the bloodstream headed into the November point one elections. Iran wanted to thank Karen Travers and I want to thank Devin Dwyer you'll see him later on the briefing room at 330 thank you both for joining us today.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Backed by the Trump administration, a group of 18 Republican-led states are heading to court to invalidate Obamacare, putting millions of Americans at risk.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64219210","title":"Group of 18 Republican-led states ask court to invalidate Obamacare","url":"/Politics/video/group-18-republican-led-states-court-invalidate-obamacare-64219210"}