Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders Debate Corporate America

The three Democratic presidential candidates discuss how big corporations affect the U.S. economy.
9:09 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders Debate Corporate America
Last time you ran for president fortune magazine put you on its cover with a headline business loves Hillary. Pointing out your support from many CEOs in corporate America I'm curious eight years later should corporate America love Hillary Clinton everybody should. Okay. I. Have set out. I want to be the president for those struggling to striving and the successful. I want to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share which they have dot been doing. I want that Buffett rule to be in effect where millionaires have to pay 30%. Tax rates instead of 10% to nothing in some cases. I want to make sure we rainy and the excessive use. Political power to feather the nests and support. These super wealthy. But I also want to create jobs and I want to be a partner with the private sector I particularly keen on creating. Jobs in small business my dad was a small business man a really small business. I want to do more to help in Santa buys and create more small businesses so it. If people who are in the private sector know what I stand for it's what I fought for as a senator it's what I will do as president. And they want to be part of once again building our economy so it works for everybody. More power to them because. They are the kind of business leaders who understand that if we don't get the American economy moving and growing. We're not gonna recognize our country and we're not gonna give our kids the same opportunities that we had set. For Terry thank you senator Sanders I wanna stay on this and ask you how big a role. Does corporate America played a healthy economy and we'll corporate America love the president Sanders no I think they won't. Have a different. Same goes so watch multinationals made like Hillary. Think it'll likely be at Wall Street is gonna like to be even less. I. Feel with the elephant in the room which is the greed recklessness and illegal behavior ought Wall Street. When you have six financial institutions. In this country. That issue two thirds of the credit costs and 13 of the mortgages. When three out of four that all larger today about we bail them out because they ought to victim fell. We've got to reestablish Glass-Steagall we have got to break the lock financial institutions. Now. So I don't. I don't think W had to go a whole lot of campaign contributions from Wall Street. I don't have a super pac I don't want campaign contributions from corporate America and let me be clear. What are some great corporations created draw and trying to do the right thing in my view. And I say this very seriously. The greed of the billionaire class. The greed of Wall Street is destroying this economy. And it's destroying the lives of millions of Americans. We need an economy that works for the middle class not just a handful of billion apps and I will fight. And lead to make that happen editor thank you. Plus how important role do you think corporate corporate America plays and a healthy economy here in the US but I look at our economy and that that's an ecosystem. And the fact of the matter is that the more fully people participate the more workers earn. More they will span. The more our economy will grow the most heads of businesses large medium and small understand that but there is a better way forward. He didn't then either of those offered by my two opponents here on this stage. We're not going defects. What ails our economy we're not gonna make wages go up for every one. By either trying to replace American capitalism with socialism which by the way the rest of the world is moving away from. Normal we fix it by submitting to sort of Wall Street directed. Crony capitalism. It for my part I have demonstrated the ability to have the backbone to take on Wall Street. In place a Secretary Clinton never ever passed. In fact in the last debate very shamefully she tried to hide her cozy relationship with Wall Street big banks. By invoking the attacks of 9/11. I believe that the way forward for our country is to actually reinvigorate our antitrust department with the directive. To promote fair competition. Here's mergers that are happening at every aspect of our country that is bad for competition. It's bad for. Four upward mobility of wages and the worst type of concentration Secretary Clinton. Is the concentration of the big banks. The big six banks that you want to and spoke to and told them both you weren't responsible for the crash not by a longshot and that's why T day. You still cannot support as I do breaking off the big banks and making sure that we passed a modern day Glass-Steagall like we had in late 1999. Before it was repealed. And led to the crash were so many millions of families lost their jobs and their homes and I was on the front lines of that looking into the eyes of my name governor Ali thank you. I'd protect the secretary for I didn't. I have let me just ask you Davidson let let me respond are technically number one in particular not number one there are currently. To hedge fund billionaires running ads against me here in New Hampshire they started in Iowa. Not you'd have to ask yourself why are they running ads against me. And the answer is because they know I will go right after them. That I will not let their agenda be America's agenda secondly I think it's important to point out. That about 3% of my donations come from people in the finance and investment world you can got to open secrets dot org and check that. I have more donations from students and teachers. Than I do from people associated. When governor O'Malley was having that Democratic Governors Association he had no trouble at all going to Wall Street to raise money to run. Campaigns for democratic governors Annie also had no trouble appointing an investment banker. To be in charge. Up she is consumer protection bureau when he was governor. So you know again the difference between us and the Republicans is the night Sunday and there is only one person on this stage who voted. To take away authorities from the SEC and the commodities future trading commission. Odd that they could no longer regulate what are called swaps and derivatives. Which actually contributed to the collapse of Lehman Brothers and that was senator Sanders out if we're going to be talking like this we can and maybe we can score some political points but the fact is. Every one a bus stands for the kind of economy that will work better. For every American and if that means taking on Wall Street I have a plan that is tough. And comprehensive and praised by a lot of folks who say it goes further. Then what both senator Sanders and governor O'Malley I was let them. Just joking. Why de blogs it involves. Fair but. Senator though without invocation what you say a few words at. Secretary Clinton. I don't have a super pac. I don't get any money from Wall Street your garden a whole lot of money over the years from Walsh but most importantly. When you look at what happened in the 1990s. Goal to Bernie Sanders talked come alive because my web site as well. And what Gil flying. Is that why who led helped lead the effort as a member of the house financial committee. Against Alan Greenspan. Our debts binding Bill Clinton may be in a home they be you know. Against the Republican leadership. Pull all thought it would be a great deal. To merge and that's the banks and commercial banks that law insurance company what are brilliant idea that would be. Photo you'll soon find out what I said to Greenspan at the end of the day if Teddy Roosevelt were life today. And the governor makes a good point about trade. At the life. Trade anti monopoly activities. Wall Street today as too much political Powell. It has too much economic hell to get deregulated let's do this they spent five. Billion dollars in lobbying and campaign contributions. Over a ten year period senators hill street it's a threat to the economy that got. To be broken off thank you said.

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{"duration":"9:09","description":"The three Democratic presidential candidates discuss how big corporations affect the U.S. economy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35867882","title":"Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders Debate Corporate America","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-martin-omalley-bernie-sanders-debate-corporate-35867882"}