House votes to send articles of impeachment to Senate for trial

The House voted Wednesday afternoon to formally send the impeachment charges against President Trump to the Senate later in the day.
7:02 | 01/15/20

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Transcript for House votes to send articles of impeachment to Senate for trial
This is an ABC news. George Stephanopoulos. Good day were coming on the air right now because the house represented as a sinking the next step in the impeachment presidential there's the house floor right now where they are voting. On the resolution to name the house managers were gonna prosecuting the case against president trump in that's an intro intro transmit. The articles of impeachment over to the senate remember. On December 18 presidential became the third American president in history to be impeached two articles of impeachment one for abuse of power. The second for obstruction of congress today the house speaker. And hasn't she was taking the next steps appointing those managers to prosecute that case and authorizing. The transmittal of these articles want to go to our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce there. On capitol ocean name seven house managers prosecutors. For this case Mary including two familiar faces Adam Schiff who's led this effort on the House Intelligence Committee Jerry Nadler the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. And Jordan this is a diverse group with varied experience representing districts from across the country and it is also a group that has a lot of experience litigating and that was by design speaker Pelosi has said that she wanted to team. It felt comfortable in a courtroom now in addition to the chairman wit which was expected doesn't have chairwoman Zoe Lofgren. That California she actions will be her third. Impeach me she was a hill staffer during Nixon's impeachment it also includes congresswoman valve damning is she's actually the only member of the team who sits on both the judiciary and Intelligence Committees that have been investigating this matter and then there are two freshman Sylvia Garcia of Texas in Jason Crowe of Colorado and he is of particular interest because. Of course he is a better and he is also become a leading voice on national security but George he was also one of those moderate Democrats. Who wrote that op Ed back in September urging congress to move to impeach and it was that op Ed that in many ways open the floodgates encouraged speaker Pelosi to take this step and now just four months later. This afternoon he will join the other house managers and march across the capital. To deliver the articles of impeachment to the senate and then George this team is going to have to get to work. And quickly some of these members were just informed their gonna be having this position in the last 24 hours. They are now going to have to strategize maybe do a little cramming and prepare for this historic trial that starts in earnest on Tuesday. They're like you start arguing that case next week you see than house does have the votes to pass. This resolution want to go to Jon Karl. At the white ass in John's we know these are going to be the prosecutors. For the house in the senate what do you know about who's going to be defending the president on the floor of the senate. George the White House hasn't officially announced it below our understanding is that that the president's what the White House counsel. Pats a Bologna and his deputies. All will be among those arguing the case for the president as well as Jay secular low his a long time outside lawyer. No presence here of Rudy Giuliani. But but the but he did this will be that team mostly the White House counsel leading the defense here. The president his team are expecting a short trial. You know they've gone back and forth at times you've seen the president muse about. Calling witness is saying that he wanted to see witnesses in the senate trial. That something they it's the Republicans in the senate made it made it clearly it's Republican leadership. Would be a bad idea more recently the president has said he would like this trial to be dismissed at the outset. That's not gonna happen either this will start there will be a trial. You will see the house managers lay out the case you'll see the president's legal team layout their defense. And ask sometime after that the question of whether or not there'll be witnesses will be voted on it require a majority. In the senate and their names his positions are so key because really mean in a senate trial. The senators are basically spectators are watching everything that's happening it's the house managers in the president's team are going to be doing all the work in all the presentations. Let the house managers are effectively the prosecutors. And because there's seven of them expect them to kind of divide up the duties the way prosecutors might. It a typical trial you'd have let's say two or three prosecutors and 81 would say. I'm gonna handled these particular witnesses I'm gonna handle the opening statement you'll handle the closing argument. Here I think you're gonna have particularly when it comes to the articles you'll have certain managers who will be V experts so to speak. On obstruction of congress as opposed to abuse of power you'll certainly see it divide there I think we did abuse of power you'll see focuses by particular managers or handling particular issues so. In that sense this is going to be kind of like a trial except in most Trout who don't have seven process. He exactly and turnaround we just heard jarred Carl say that. The presence he hopes this is a short trial if they follow the Clinton model it's likely to go for somewhere between two and four weeks. Don't give those presentations give each had a chance to answer questions ask and answer questions as well and then vote. On whether to have witnesses and then move on to dismissal and or whether to acquit or convict putting in so many ways is only happens live third time. In American history each impeachment is basically in some way starting in new as a creature of its time. It is did this isn't very whether the president is rare as you point out and different historical circumstances different political circumstances will shape different. Courses of impeachment this moment we're watching right now the appointment of the managers who will. Take physically take the articles of impeachment were voted on last month to the senate. It's a historic moment and it's also an inflection point it's appointed which. The house loses control the Democrats lose control of the process. So the process you just outlined that's the way it's gone before but it will be determined will there be witnesses call will there be. New evidence allowed in like the evidence that we've. Seeing emerge recently for I had today in fact from. The house committees that did this investigation will the president. Get his way to call witnesses like Hunter Biden. All of that is now out of the control of Nancy Pelosi and house Democrats it's in the hands of Mitch McConnell in the senate Republicans. Let's go back to the floor of the house right now it does appear. And it get there are no votes to pass this resolution not a surprise rate they're pretty strict party line vote one Democrat appears to voted against the resolution one independent former Republican. I think just in the mosh has voted for. For the resolution and the next step in the process after this is gaveled. To close will actually be steps the members of the house to house managed to walk over the articles of impeachment. To the senate later this afternoon deliver those articles of impeachment to the senate. More formal proceedings likely tomorrow when the Chief Justice will come to the senate chamber likely in the afternoon. Take the oath. From Chuck Grassley one of the senior senators on the Republican side and then. Give the oath of office as a juror to all of the senators as well we'll cover all of that we'll be back. Around 5 PM this afternoon for the formal walking the articles you just heard the gavel went there this resolution. Has passed away back for that next step in the process meantime have a good afternoon. This has been a special room. From ABC.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"The House voted Wednesday afternoon to formally send the impeachment charges against President Trump to the Senate later in the day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68306676","title":"House votes to send articles of impeachment to Senate for trial","url":"/Politics/video/house-votes-send-articles-impeachment-senate-trial-68306676"}