Ice, Ice Baby! Inside New Hampshire's Frozen Wonderland

ABC News' Brad Mielke tours the Ice Castle in Lincoln, New Hampshire.
14:38 | 01/27/16

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Transcript for Ice, Ice Baby! Inside New Hampshire's Frozen Wonderland
I'm not in New York. Apartment eight when he sixteen written in spending a lot of time in New Hampshire I. The first pocket that coming up next week and then of course it's new or. Not at all. For what you might it back we argument Lott now by ABC's Brad. Then lie milky. It's taking inside that thing. That theme before in New Hampshire and Al in the country. You are it looks cold. You know actually on the it's a nice day in New Hampshire which is difficult to believe because they somehow managed to create an acre large. Ice castle here in Lincoln New Hampshire which is where we are right now and and normally. I'm on the trail covering all the candidates this week of course though they are all in Iowa every single one a and so I'm really give the distill you know gone find a fun time and that is would've done here today. And this is what you do for fun grad I will never understand via a knot in a million years that looks so very. All but is it what do you mean. An ice castle it's it's it's nice mansion on no what do you want from me. But his chance at history you deliver it here but it's absolutely gorgeous it isn't let's see this thing though about. In fact I'll probably need a guide to take me inside so let me bring in right now we have to him. Deck he's actually the builder of this thing we see behind him and how you go on. And so tell little bit about like. Does this spring up in the middle of Lincoln New Hampshire this reason. Combined that's it takes a lot of our. It. Takes hold temperatures. Which we finally. A few weeks. Oh cool why don't we start heading inside here. And you can sort of bump show us now I should mention that right behind its seat some railroad cars were in the middle of the white mountains. So yes tell me about a little bit of the structure this is all I mean these are huge icicles that we're looking here right. This is all built by hand please icicles. Leader icicles physical harm its plan on La Vega. We do it again and again and again and again pleaded. Structures. Goodness speaking a magnificent structures were. Sign the the sort of courtyard. This ice castle. And tell me telling that sounded areas that were looking. Right now look at him as a vehicle and you know the bottom of the slide we have all along this I slides we'll of them suddenly feel. Pretty fun and then taking that live in the yes and in front of us over here we have the main. Let's assess attached together. Which means. How much ice that bush is basically how do you guys even kriegel this what's going on here. As all by handlers and icicles and running water. One cubic meter guys weighs approximately one time. And slamming Putin's of basically. The look. Let's get a lot of skill and another one of these tunnels here and few Republican it. And by the way again I mean is this sort of business and that is becoming a jungle gym and how much happens sort of a ice climbing goes on here I can imagine this can be little treacherous and the employees certainly thought on the analysts. We strongly scares me passengers from doing its. It's not button and it's. Look up at this right now. This honor is what looking at look at these icicles stretching all the way around us right now and these are you know these go down for. Feet these are huge icicles they sort of built up over time. Nat is what the team here is created and and you have to have a few of these. All across the country is that right yes yes we have three in this country we have one here Lincoln New Hampshire we have one in. Minneapolis Minnesota we have another one and and waves. We also have first international venture in Edmonton Canada. Greece and and so. How are you working on this place like what is sort of the main the main tools that you have to have X your helmet hit icici era. Here I issues here to have some sort of a middle select Cyrus seven LC to survive analysts like this warm clothes. Warm periods will sucks doesn't eyes. How long did it take vexing builds until lightly as an hour if and how much time. It's a good question so again the question. This is how long this is actually take to build I mean from start to finish how do you get to this. Once you turn on the water here return on the lottery here's 120 and finally called. Six three weeks to get build up enough you know open as long as it stays cold. I was here November affairs stardom working on the way out running away and electricity. He people. Fine tune the designs it takes awhile. And miss is what you and went wow and so people coming here opens around 3 o'clock. And there's actually sort of a light show and a music show that's happening all over the place and get how many people would you say you get here any given weekend. All we can. We have several thousand. A disease. During the day did. It's his final details deep glacial blue is that the it's during the night if you get bullish. Turn the camera around here because this. Is incredible look estimates this sort of big full listing some of us here we thought the list. This actually a lot of phone calls and this is a waterfall little bit nervous yes this is not quiet written movies. Thank goodness you guys bills this sort of roof this canopy usable. Now look at that and on not water and a falling down here into this big clothes and done. Camel milk with a little. This. And so again with the what's going on here let's take a look at that this. This court that we had and I did see some great little viewpoints here you got carved out and carnival. This whole chain saw him. We didn't chance that is not our main tool mostly it's very nice and. Oh my what. What is bad news. It certainly this is something we could actually moment. Following us on. It that it and it tunnel at I don't know it. That is a tunnel you know my legacy of and his crawled through it is all right invited. IRA we're gonna see. Chris even get through here. Our hands and niece has 303. One of the coldest. Tunnels. You're and let's see if this minute behind him hey Dylan I'm that you just all the time that you. In hand yeah that. What's on the other success made it. We made it. Moments. I think this sort sort of lease to another chamber and empties back out into this main section and actually that curiously another water feature let me. And the camera. So what's this in front of us here we have. Oh my god this fountains and waterfalls. All made of ice isn't towards Hartford isn't really undefeated since I think late entrant in the daylight. Intricate piece crystalline structures are. Unreal it looked like it happened and he DIV as it is fell. Sunday I think they're seen anything like that. Really and then they end up here I actually this does concede he pops its head up again he had had. We've just above despite thought I saw him if you're born you did. Walkways through all but some towers. Read it here you can actually walk up there. I think and so I'm. You had a big sort of system that's built an office had kept Joan Tower to tower was no no no no. Would you. We build steps out of life inside. We can walk. Actually season there was a slide here is that right there is slide. On that. I think we should check if that is just my gut instinct is that we should try to check out this line. A 100 for that. Any tunnel any live like any comparable situation I think that you can we expect out but temporary flight and at what they've backed out like how do you come. A professional I apple built that. Yeah how do you become a professional ice castle builder and I talked to few of your status here are the carpenters are you get involved in all of us. I meant no less obvious Vietnam for one season when he of that nursing school and had an appointment library. And and at the library is what got you involved in this crazy business with chain saws and ice boots and helmets as there. While they don't know anything out you know he got a dream and a chainsaw I guess you can do whatever you want so here now is. This is what behind us here this is the entrance to the slide. Me right OIC through this time. All right itself. All right you look that good this totally. Here right now that heated the debate on the part time Brad really. Traffic here ability to crawl your and stick me. I think not only. That of the line but I just have to find this. See. I'll buy God's. The vehicles. If you do you do that today. Let's several times and what now what's this over here then you get sort of walked off that little interest this is smugglers. It's an ambulance construction. It's not mine. And small and slow that you're gonna go down that are there let's see here so we have some. We're going to of course and on the bigger slide so we got some us what do these sort of slides are here some priceless. All right. And oh so now let me turn the camera around where. I'm now. Apparently appeared. And I don't you. I think we'll definitely gonna slide with me if I can make it out. I do not how we speak some excuse that these guys haven't. You have your being here. I'll let innocent easily amused at how are you tired and that's me Pennsylvania. And so an and did you how did you get involved in this ice castle hill here on brother in laws when it managers Taylor. Your period and RI a touch a few people going to and who actually do bit of ice climbing have you heard you do any mountaineering climbing smartly in a regular Miami. Happen. And it. On that this is. The sort of crowd were dealing with these guys all at the orange helmets they all have sort of outdoors he backgrounds they're all you know. Major swore these. Bearded men women now isn't right and hash I feel like I fit right in this is your crowd is here if law. Exactly so let's see I'm going to. Get down here. And sit down on this slide. He didn't how long is this life battling how long is this your list of numbers that he's seventy feet long pure ice is that right. Wimbledon this for a second. It only works. Brad he had any last it really good job came with that Brad he had any last words he wanted to Erin before you embark continent journey. Seven feet of eyes. You know if you gave. If this is my last go stream for you on medicinal have been warranted this to be pretty fun so and it still and east and get yourself. I'll thank you very much yeah. 00. Both. Pentagon and art they went. Ahead of the main thing that he went at it again you do could be. Thank goodness it. This speed you think I tubs out there. And 85 Khatami Sunday 85000. That's definitely what it was pop. Avenue early. Well above the staff. This is gonna do it again. A little different means we'll be right wing it gotten you in like a campaign event rally at pound bomb. A. Yeah I mean this you know this is different from what I'm usually doing but it all feels sort of the same right sliding around of the senior pants not knowing what's coming. That's basically what this entire political season has been so far so to me a Mike and not actually be that out of touch. It ABC's Brad milky we have now dubbed an ice here in an ABC news headquarters in New York giving I think tour inside it Lincoln New Hampshire. I castle just one of the looks behind the scenes. At everything going on in some of the states focusing on a campaign when he sixteen written about Brad back out on the tree on of course check and with him in the coming days. I don't think we're going to be able to go back to him today but thanks for joining us that with an inside look at some behind the scene things going on in Lincoln New Hampshire. For everyone here at ABC news thanks for joining I'm on the and I in New York.

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{"id":36556543,"title":"Ice, Ice Baby! Inside New Hampshire's Frozen Wonderland","duration":"14:38","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke tours the Ice Castle in Lincoln, New Hampshire.","url":"/Politics/video/ice-ice-baby-inside-hampshires-frozen-wonderland-36556543","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}