Jon Ossoff making final campaigns stops as special election nears

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks speaks to Jon Ossoff and some of his supporters ahead of Georgia's special election.
6:26 | 06/19/17

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Transcript for Jon Ossoff making final campaigns stops as special election nears
Isn't much to. I fear topic but. You said you needed to read this kind of money in order to. Eat to protect me on the other side so what has all million dollars he looks a campaign to do you wouldn't it and a rising able to do. And what are you spending money on in the classic club. You've got unaccountable Washington super pacs spending tens of millions of dollars incidents advanced batteries resources to fight back and we have been small dollar. Right now we're focused on getting out the vote is all about. Reaching out to every voter. So robo call eight dragging Oakmont in the event looked lighten up relax. Our volunteers now. Has been part of this team. And hundreds of thousands of gold. I'll let me. Acie can see reporters here have been talking to Jonathan nonstop he has been the center of national attention this one race. This one district pouring in more money than any other house race. Ever and it is really remarkable you know. There all kinds of things that candidates can spend. That money on ads but also fancy robo calls made sure that there talking to voters tonight like he says voters have a plan to get to the fullest. They can spend money on targeting exactly wits. Voters are more likely to come out for democratic candidate make sure that they knock on their doors. One more time that's a lot of what we're seeing behind Jon and that put the camera again and we're gonna take a look at this seen hundreds of volunteers. Across this one congressional district making the point of knocking on doors and canvassing for for the candidates on both sides. It's been interesting to watch silently the conversation about the money it's also conversation about me and power. Johnson said that his campaign loan how to. I was in the volunteers. On Saturday that's a remarkable number he's having knocked on 83000. Doors that we are talking about. District it is just in indeed it spent activity. And support kind of this election which is just to mark the remnants of the camera did you sense the scene and we'll talk some of his supporters. So I'm joined now by one at home. John iphones bought that you're shirts and those are thought to tell me much named where you live. And lady doing the next few days that it was all getting this game that day it. Good day today and ask the final thoughts and many areas in. Kurds in the northern part of it is six. I am having and you know it's not last week after I got work and I worked on the street and the weight maintenance company and I went on. Yeah I'm my each city. He's really rats and it Washington's. And so I mean like many Clinton isn't happening in the and that you and I see nothing. It was interesting you mention it make you think he's only thirty years old and I'm pretty remarkable lack of any form. Experience and didn't get excited and really hitting him I just came back Karen Handel events mentioned over and over again he's inexperienced. He would make part of their opposition to that he does that make you nervous at all it. I think it's surprising either that someone that young. You know in pulling so well and let us think he's looking lovely job. Thirties and you think thirty yeah I don't see how it averages are right there it eight. And being in. And technology. Yeah. There are gonna Hank and it came right now that it. You can we kind of you could he does not repeat regularly but fear not we'll. Here they're really important. OK yes and let Anthony left flank in the final hour. But it like he was saying I'm so happy and that in his. Yeah. He's despite I don't need you that's the company and six yeah he's Smart you have to leave and and I think. Barney and it didn't think he doesn't think I'm that nationally. He doesn't want congress went in the lot of people over the next 38 had no prior government sentiments. So I and thanks and many other criticisms is that he's getting all this outside support. From across the country you know you watch it be an attack ads against him. Anti closing comes on much of its own. You sent your. Dissect what's your response to critics that say that he's only. You fitting of the gathered and reported 121000 volunteers. I look below to help including my own hands Aaron Hamilton off a lot about my money he would not raise twenty million dollars lets herself. I'm looking but she's up to receive no payment in you know anything nice depicted in often than just local but if it got it got national. Attention and we're about the size of dealing with it and if he doesn't win tomorrow I'm sorry I can feel it. Expressing any concern to me there's this sentiment like. Energy of the democratic. Right now he's resting on his shoulders what is that pressure like candidate are you worried that it might have serious left out indefinitely with a laugh. I'm analog TV and poignant clients in the economy anywhere in such short time this is the register its. And her accident get because there really really. Important. It's been a really important who made us all involved in wearing east and that energy gonna continue and I discipline immediately. Look thank you but I can thank you really appreciate it.

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{"id":48141481,"title":"Jon Ossoff making final campaigns stops as special election nears","duration":"6:26","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks speaks to Jon Ossoff and some of his supporters ahead of Georgia's special election. ","url":"/Politics/video/jon-ossoff-making-final-campaigns-stops-special-election-48141481","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}