Key moments from ABC News town hall with Joe Biden

ABC News political team discuss on questions and answers from the town hall that struck home with voters.
6:09 | 10/16/20

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Transcript for Key moments from ABC News town hall with Joe Biden
Our roundtable a virtual roundtable sorts rom Emanuel. ABC news contributor force former mayor of Chicago. Mr. mayor what do you make of the vice president performers tonight you saw George Preston there on court packing is it'll have. An answer for the American people before the election that's gonna makes news. David I would actually buy we kill the other way it rather than any specific policy and you see right now. The incredible respect became him from him to the questionnaires. Here he had a dialogue and conversation deceit decency. To them as citizens deserving the answer that's why he's still staying behind in doing another hour. I think a reminds me in 1992. When Bill Clinton went towards a questionnaire and George Bush was looking at his watch it was that empathy. And respect they came across to the citizens and you can even watches still now happening so to mean any particular issue and that's when your pinpoint. I think what you're looking at is somebody who actually appreciates his else's ending captures the moment this country is worried about. The kind who we are as a country coming together and this is capturing and I actually think. I like John watched the other debate. Eligible home subtleties in yet one of clarity. Verses I actually do think one of chaos where the president still can't answer what does health care plan has so to me that's what came across was this the Kane the character. Of Joseph Biden and that's his main selling Boeing beyond any issue. Ron thank you heard that serve Fagan ABC news contributor Republican strategist Rahm making the case that it won't be any. Particular issue or policy that comes out of this is a headline from the former vice president. Instead the overall picture of him interacting with voters there do you agree. I think he did help themselves tonight and I agree with from I mean look Biden is the very decent person. But what I also saw tonight was the conflict he faces the balancing act he tries to do every day as the leader of the Democratic Party. We heard it being heard it. I don't like court packing I'm not I do you support fracking you know the contrasts of things. That he has on his web site the fracking issue. On the court packing what I heard is he's probably gonna do it because the base of his party is gonna push him. You know this isn't misses a tough call for voters right. Because they want. They like the decency of Joseph Biden but I think they know what he really represents is and of much more liberal America. But sir let me ask you this thing in pulling out of that second debate because they wanted to be virtual it in president Trump's decision not to do it. Was at somewhat of a gift to the Biden campaign insensitive to get a town hall where there interacting with voters in such personal way. Well in the these events can be risky for candidates but I I thought that Joseph Biden handle himself very well he's very very good with people we saw that tonight. Am just worry the trump campaign kind of put out early on that he united there's a centrality he's dolby stumbles. And didn't see that tonight he was pretty composed and articulate. Rights are taken with us tonight as well Sara thank you want to get right to that Simpson. Also an ABC news contributor CO democracy for America has been great to see was always what did you make of the vice president's performers and dated. If the best I've seen him I think he did a great job not just directly answering questions are talking about specific policies I think he took that very hard stance. Of acknowledging that he was wrong about the 1994 crime bill. Which I think was a great position for him that takes I think it was a great night for him. And I do think he's walking a tight rope I think in part because it you're the leader of a party you have to take everybody's. Opinion said that they are we have not seen that would Donald Trump he's not listening to most. Republicans are most people. Actually due respect Joseph Biden for I think having a broader perspective listening to all sides and actually being willing to adjust his own thinking. To the realities of the day. Even think you wanna get in a bad down ABC news' chief political analysts and net to cirrus point. A lot of those issues Joseph Biden trying to walk the line he's trying to reach out to some of the moderate Republicans they're convinced they can get to come over to their side. It. Well the best presidents of the best candidates have to always walk a line George W. Bush he's here and I both worked for had to walk a line. Between many of his moderate stances in the conservative part of the party Bill Clinton had to walk a line that best Wednesday that. I think awaited judge these things is what is their impaired if what does each candidates imperative when they approach these things in comment. As we saw two weeks ago Joseph with Joseph Biden battled truck. Joseph Biden was seven points ahead two weeks ago he's now ten points ahead and so all Joseph Biden had to do tonight to win to win this thing and move forward. Is make his of the voters who already are voting for him are already want to vote for him. Comfortable in that choice and I think he did that. Down truck has a much harder when which is persuade Biden voters to move to him right. Less than three weeks ago mapped out are things he was wells vice president taking questions. Even after the town hall Byron Pitts of Nightline would you make of tonight. They're one of the telling knowledge for me was that young black voter who talked about the lack of enthusiasm for Joseph Biden at this point. It was an issue that hurt Hillary Clinton. When she ran for president and I believe it'll be an issue for Joseph Biden is a gap PS to close it isn't enough for many voters that he's not Donald Trump. He said I hope I answer your question to that. Young voter as well Martha Raddatz few I've done so many debates together but town halls are so different when you can have more of a conversation with the American voter. It exactly right a bit and this is what Joseph Biden lives will probably all be in bad before Joseph Biden is out of that hall. This was really his moment tonight but the real test David will be next week he won't get some of those friendly questions from most town hall people. He will have a combative. President trump and you couldn't guarantee he will be coming straight for. David you've witnessed it before being the moderator in the room and Terry Moran nothing is predictable about 20/20 am local we had tonight is split screen here in America. You know David Donald trouble probably measure victory by ratings side the trump show has been the trump presidency of the voters may look at it differently. It is essentially an opportunity for them to re up the trump show order go with what the Biden presidency might be and I think Joseph Biden did make a case. The B return to normalcy Terry thank you.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"ABC News political team discuss on questions and answers from the town hall that struck home with voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73647254","title":"Key moments from ABC News town hall with Joe Biden","url":"/Politics/video/key-moments-abc-news-town-hall-joe-biden-73647254"}