Meet Poll Monitors and Voters at a Polling Location in Dearborn, Michigan

ABC News' Serena Marshall talks with volunteers and voters in Dearborn, which is home to one of the largest Arab-American communities in the country.
7:30 | 11/08/16

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Transcript for Meet Poll Monitors and Voters at a Polling Location in Dearborn, Michigan
Hello ABC I'm answering a Marshall coming to you again from Dearborn Michigan about twenty minutes outside to train this morning you're out of phone bank but they're trying to make sure people can non vote. This afternoon here this polling location you can see. That message was heard now this is the third hole location we have benching today and aligns with ads and floated in pretty consistent all day and I'm actually here is Dana you are first time voter in Dearborn Michigan. Who what did it feel like to go in there and mark that ballot. Head of apple and have always today. And although not one Kennedy and I'll meet. I can today life at Christmas most experienced in Pakistan and and then. Aren't gonna represent our country pays the money question you don't have to answer about if you want TO who did you vote for. Hillary Clinton. And if that vote for Hillary Clinton are against Donald Trump. That's a vote for Hillary because she and is he's shown us that the years that she tends to exit here and this was your first time voting in the election. What did you. You think when you're walking into that but ended. I and anything and I am innocent and I am doing everything in my power to shine on it. It's important moments in life and find it was an evening news. And have you been talking your friends and can't imagine they come out CNN these lines and together anxiously phone thinking since happening. And it happens. And and I think you're all stunt you're also campaign yes I am OK NIC of the campaign shirt on and is not far from its present and and he's a Muslim representative Nancy and why did you decide to go for him over the other candidate I'm Donna Reed is more experienced teens he's talking about he's the most qualified and Jack. And I know he's an impact our community and I need us now in this campaign is an filled with a lot of rhetoric had you personally been affected by any of that that I hold sway your decision or was it where based on the experience that you mentioned I see is on and experience to me and nine hasn't affected me and you and don't affect me and you me. Where all citizens and on our listeners a reason light and present votes and it's not too if you can tell if we vote for an imminent happiness. Well thanks for talking as we are there also here but knotty we have all throughout Dearborn Dearborn is majority. Her eight. Arab American and locality. In the United States 40% Arab American here and you're wondering Nadia. That's kind situation. And suit you're one of the pool. Watchers. Is that so where do. You monitoring how Obama can make clear cut home monitoring verse watching what that means for people. So home monitors that the program that we irony in view access. Is a nonpartisan program is just to observe the elections and into that everything is running smoothly there on so much and challenging as we've seen quite a few Neman Apple's this year. And they are partners and their went apart heat and they are actually in the to challenge the legitimacy of the person that's. And so it is why it's so important for this community to make sure you have that poll watchers here like yourself. So vehemently who did this on every election because we feel that it's I don't have the community. Yeah things are infinitely you know all comings and going in England today that we have seen you issues things like not enough workers. And at the authors as long lines wire and not having enough hands. Unfortunately. Theory and since then monitor intimidation and self. When you have now fairness and monitors right air. You know we're able to answer what's happening and get recommendations and a leader dean apparently is making run smoothly things. Now this community have been. 40% Arab American and one of the largest because the concentrations and the country whether specific concern for this community that there would be. People influencing the vote. Well certainly you know went the rhetoric that has surrounded. He has experience in the elections and really Ryan's aunt the end certainly isn't considered. And I think that. We have very strong roots in the community here that there I just concentration camp Americans here in Dearborn. Good relationships with the city's and so we expected things from B Smith leans over on behalf then. Which is encouraging aspect certainly here in imports in the country as instantly into the nation's specifically targeting. There have been some Americans and that's something we're concerned about and to keep. And you did say you have seen some yourself today but I think recently someone exam that his name where gentlemen and mine went to 100. And thinking it's not Halloween isn't an op. Well and luckily we had people and mine and then due from his house is actually stepped in sign. Went into the night as he. You know and here to be giants and the and the situation here quickly and the woman was. Able to come back now to sign his name yes. Now we knew we have to ability take you guys inside the polling location can see the line here but can bring you guys go inciting you're watching these days. The polls away are you looking for specifically when it comes to voter intimidation but we're really looking. Alert making China out obviously there is no derogatory comments. How challengers are handling this situation in the insurance and and they're doing everything is legally. In just making certain that no one is being stopped from owning and find out. And the Pulitzer opened tell. In o'clock and are going to be these until then. You can see we have a long line of people still waiting to vote let's receive any of them on sale. There will line on ABC you and I talking us about the election. No no I don't know gunning it would have anybody that does not just talking about election. ABC. GAAP what's your name. Mines could be I mean and is this. You voted before this your first time the team. You always OK so it's not and it it it is it more exciting election for higher. I think it's it has been an exciting race from the beginning. A lot of people a lot of they're not conclusive rise. Resiliency this many people know they'll come and vote against them what was it like. When was the last thing we did you go and 2014. Team and how yes they did and so invention of the fourteen in terms without. I'm it was an it was it was exciting to backpacking like in this election is Canada's national. There is theory. A different theory. Very different opinions about what we will should Thomas should our government here on which it does the president you know. So. I think it is buried now it's very interesting they can do to see what results not going to be. Like here with us that you plan to vote. Rather keep. You yeah bill if it. And we'll let you get back in line you don't get stuck on Lang. Thanks for joining us maybe he's serving a Marshall in Dearborn Michigan where it tonight will be I don't watch party and thirteen back and aren't why. Again seven anchored average answering our.

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{"duration":"7:30","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall talks with volunteers and voters in Dearborn, which is home to one of the largest Arab-American communities in the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43396130","title":"Meet Poll Monitors and Voters at a Polling Location in Dearborn, Michigan","url":"/Politics/video/meet-poll-monitors-voters-polling-location-dearborn-michigan-43396130"}