Multiple female Democratic senators call for Al Franken to resign

Sen. Franken, D-Minn., continues to feel pressure from his own party to resign, after his admission of sexual misconduct. ABC News political director Rick Klein weighs in.
4:01 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Multiple female Democratic senators call for Al Franken to resign
In the next 24 hours the fate. Of Minnesota senator Al Franken a number of senators female senators and others coming out today saying it to Al Franken needs to resign. Worse this hit. Word about two dozen senators now including some male senators but the majority of the few Nelson there's I believe also the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Calling on him to resign it is a coordinated effort to push came out which is a striking departure from the effort to rally behind him around him. That's dominated since the for the stories first broke. I think it part of driven by new accusations new revelations but I think more broadly if it's a recognition of this cultural moment the societal moment that were in. The the contrast with Republicans who have rallied behind Roy Moore the RNC re endorsing him president trump. Offering that endorsement as well I think could not be more stark and I think that's one point for Democrats I think is even bigger than that though I think. Democrats are realizing outlook we cannot say. That we stand in solidarity with the women who Sadie is see that they've suffered at the hands of powerful men. Without showing by example that there is accountability and that back at John Conyers the senior most down member of congress how source and it happens to be a Democrat. Resigned his seat this week that's the beginning of that accountability and edited several senators. Alfred it's colleagues who come out this the last few minutes is that their expectation. Is that senator Franken resigned his seat. And you also mention we were talking earlier that time magazine naming of the women who spoken out against. Against sexual harassment is being. The person of the week in time magazine that couldn't be affecting. I several several senators have cited count and I think it gets again to how this is bigger than politics this is a cultural moment you've seen titans of media and entertainment. It's it's far beyond our elected officials this is reached and it's reaching into the conversations that every American task. It's the poll numbers of a striking about how many women say they have suffered for some sort of harassment even assault. And I think it's recognizing that and and until. Frankly this week when when Conyers resigned now the calls for Franken to resign it's been striking that so few political figures have been held to account. They've been able say well there's an ethics process it will it will will let that play out due process due process has not been afforded. Him to many other people that have been accused and I think many people would view that has the right way to do it that you can't question the words of these women and the overwhelming. Massive evidence that America. Is there any realistic scenario under which. Franken survived art gets the F I don't know how you can have this many of your colleagues in your own party not to mention the chairman. Of the Democratic National Committee all calling on on you to go and you some house day ideas that's the speculation about maybe taking leave of absence. I think it's time for that is on now I I think right now the writing is on the wall percent of the Franken and against seeing his colleagues with their expectation that he resign I don't know how he is another option tomorrow. One last question for you or or commentary really so we could end up with a scenario under which Al Franken. Accused of such serial sexual harassment loses his senate seat. But the candidate in Alabama the Republican candidate for an open senate seat. Despite accusations of having sexually harassed her at relations with underage girls might wins that's NC. Ya and I look I think there's that there's a tendency to it. Two out false equivalence he's in this in this story but what Franken is accused of doing is not. What Roy Moore is accused of doing which is not what Donald Trump is accused of doing if not hundreds they're all separate and they may all be deplorable and their own little way. But they are separate issues however that is exactly the contrast I think from the press and political point of view. Democrats who realize this is a bigger moment than they can potentially hardest. They realize that women are frustrated and angry many of running for office now for the first time citing the sort of treatment endemic in society. And I think they're looking at this and they want that contrast and whatever happens in Alabama next week I don't think it's going to be impacted by Al Franken in Minnesota and whatever his decision is but I think Democrats would like to say look. When we had a problem in our own ranks we did something about it. Look at what the Republicans have done and use that as a voter to make a judgment.

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{"id":51625433,"title":"Multiple female Democratic senators call for Al Franken to resign","duration":"4:01","description":"Sen. Franken, D-Minn., continues to feel pressure from his own party to resign, after his admission of sexual misconduct. ABC News political director Rick Klein weighs in. ","url":"/Politics/video/multiple-female-democratic-senators-call-al-franken-resign-51625433","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}