NATO leaders celebrate 70th anniversary

President Donald Trump and world leaders are set to meet in London for the NATO summit with the White House planning to bring up defense spending.
4:42 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for NATO leaders celebrate 70th anniversary
And before taking off. Overseas the president touted the progress he says he's made. In giving the other members to pay up. Let's turn a White House reporter Jordan Phelps who joins us now live from London hey Jordan so the president actually has accomplished quite a bit when it comes. To NATO burden sharing that the allies are still very anxious over this meeting what are you hearing over their so far. Hey Devin yes president trump is set to take a victory lap on what the administration says has been a spectacularly. Successful mission. On the president's parts team. Get other allies to contribute more and to start bringing down US payments but DeVon as you note that. Reduced US spending has had the effect of also. Reducing the confidence in the US commitment to this alliance DeVon this is a very brief meeting its lasting less than two days and observers tell me that is very intentional but. The organizers of this event don't want to provide an opportunity like last year's NATO summit. That is remembered as really disastrous. When president trump at one point question what is the point of NATO. They don't want to provide openings like that this go round so it's going to be brief. Ceremonial an opportunity for all the leaders. Teens celebrate the seven years of this alliance and try not to give openings for more questions of the US commitment to this key alliance Stepan. And already those questions though or are starting to seep in ahead of the meeting Jordan we already heard from French president in my new home Kron. Who once set up acting pretty Rosey romance with president from now. He's warning of brain death. In the NATO alliance just as president trump arrives says sort of implicitly. Jabbing at president trump and I understand you have some reporting that that isn't sitting very well if president from. Yet DeVon that humans say that they remain close of course app president Matt crime. And president trump continued. Communicate frequently in the two are going to sit down for what will be a closely watched bilateral meeting. Here in London but DeVon your right importing out that it's not just president Tron. He's stirring the pot here at NATO president macro and extremely provocative comments. Have drawn condemnation from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And that is it view that she made. Clear is not shared by NATO other members of NATO also made clear they do not share that view but the most provocative actions of late DeVon have been. By Turkey's president you care to wine whose invasion of northern Syria. And his purchase of Russian military equipment has really rattled the alliance. As in eighty seeing as him increasingly cozying up with Russia's president Vladimir Putin. Who of course is one of the primary threats within this alliance seven yeah the whole purpose in. This alliance was to counter rush two push back on that aggression also mission of counter terrorism around the world will be interesting to see. How those values are firm to in this short meeting Jordan but. Also want to shift gears a little bit here because the president. Is attending this and a summit amidst and aggressive push by house Democrats in the impeachment inquiry this week we know the House Judiciary Committee. You can hold that first hearing on Wednesday the president was still be overseas how is his team preparing are they anticipating. Having to address the impeachment battle while they're in the UK. DeVon well we know the president is Gerry yes he commented to reporters before he lacked. The White House lambasting Democrats for holding this hearing while he is a bride sending he says is. Next to distract from the work he's doing on the world stage he's also tweak it. About eight cents DeVon that rapid response team that the White House has put up we'll no doubt be responding today's hearings as they have the last. But DeVon at the White House is not participating in this hearing they continue. That general sweeping strategy of non cooperation with this entire impeachment process and that's the approach they're corny continue to take this week to happen. All right White House reporter Jordan Phelps who reminded thinks matured.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"President Donald Trump and world leaders are set to meet in London for the NATO summit with the White House planning to bring up defense spending.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67448627","title":"NATO leaders celebrate 70th anniversary","url":"/Politics/video/nato-leaders-celebrate-70th-anniversary-67448627"}