North Carolina elections chief: ‘At this point it’s just really executing the plan’

North Carolina Elections Board Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell talks about the early voting surge and how voters can correct absentee ballots with errors.
7:11 | 10/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for North Carolina elections chief: ‘At this point it’s just really executing the plan’
Concerns about the pandemic is not stopping Americans from voting and with just fifteen days until Election Day early voting is already under way across the country. In Florida today we saw a long lines and long waits in Tampa even in the rain. So you are saying about their eagerness to vote ABC's Victor attend I was in Coral Gables, Florida tonight. Torrential downpours didn't dip and enthusiasm on the first day of early voting in Florida. Lying starting at donut stretch for more than an hour in the battleground state were bike been trumped our neck in neck. So far two and a half million Floridians are already voted by mail and that nearly equals the total from toy sixteen bit. An accent I don't trust being manly and I'll want to make him my vote is counted. Tonight voting is underway in all fifty states with a record breaking avalanche of turnout. Nearly thirty million ballots cast more than five times the number at this point four years ago. The pandemic tried to concerns for safety ten million people voting this weekend. Health care among their top priorities I'm pregnant my bent it back at those security hospital they shouldn't. It was golds in nearly a million voted by mail already surpassing last elections in tire early vote. A state where the president Owen Mike just over 22000 votes mission the first time things. Battleground states seeing huge surges some revealing which parties are turning out. In North Carolina Democrats outpacing Republicans. 46%. To twenty full life. In Pennsylvania it's 74 to eighteen added Florida 49 to thirty. Although recent ABC news poll boats 76% of those who plan to vote here on Election Day support president trump. So he's counting on. You know is supposed to be way behind until Election Day when all the Republicans know it you can have a red wave like you've never seen before. Went to the Biden team telling supporters not to get complacent that this race will come down to the wire and then in key battleground states like here in Florida. Candidates are basically neck and neck memories of Hillary Clinton leading when he sixteen. Clearly still fresh on their minds Lindsay. The binding campaign urging people to vote and not rest easy on the polls in his favor our thanks to Victor for that and now to tonight's malinois should. And we take a closer look at North Carolina more than 333000. People voted there on the first day of early voting last week shattering the one day record in the state. As of this morning more than one point four million residents have already voted by mail or in person that's only 20% of all registered voters in the entire state. And the executive director of north Carolina's board of elections Karen Branson Belle joins us now thanks so much for your time. I'd be here. So releasing the video in long lines in North Carolina during the first days of early voting has the process as a whole gone relatively smoothly would you say so far. It really have and we aren't so many wonderful comments from voters even when they did have to stand in line and it's been a sneak process they now. It can't say the we say NN. Great weather has certainly helped us as well. It's not our first time doing early ninety North Carolina chairman is popular noting method in our stay sent. We felt pretty confident that the voters will turn out or early thirty and and they had it does. If the North Carolina voter sends in a mail in ballot and there's some kind of issue with a will they be given a chance to correct or. Sure and I understand there's been a legal battle over the mechanism for this and that. Resulted in balance that had errors sitting around is this all resolved in the voters with balance it had issues there. Are now in the process of being notified. Yes we have small percentage about 3% of the ballots that have been returned. Through the absentee by mail process had some air. And I didn't get resolved. As of this morning actually and Billy Ray when she got to county and they are in the crock of alerting those voters. And they either signing you're out eight in most case or there are some circumstances where we will meet cute. Spoiled ballot in re issue them a new. Now you issued a memo last week saying that it's not appropriate or permissible for law enforcement to be stationed at a voting place. But there's also been talk about militia groups like the oath keepers showing up at polling places on Election Day does your office have a plan if arm citizens are to show up at the polls and start disrupting voters. We still have strong working relationships with our law enforcement officers there's communication out from the shares association. Bet if there is a service call it name would common respond. That's not changed we simply want people to understand. What a long art you can you inside. A voting enclosure inside the other inside. Otherwise we will be working with our law enforcement partners there are 800 disruption and I'm and they will certainly be called in and work with us to make it insecure environment or our voters. Exactly how in Wednesday's count votes is perhaps under the microscope than ever before this year Anderson that your stay can actually start counting ballots as early as tomorrow are you confident that North Carolina will be able to report most of its results. On election night. We actually had a change in the law previously it wouldn't end Mario. But called the current RS our legislature and the governor signed the bill into law allow us. Loud it's to start she weeks again to begin processing those absentee and mail ballot. Which we've had every 600000. Cats buss are so that allow our boards to prune down to open none answer as ballots T have you Lara might have on the voters. And then we'll tabulate on Election Day immigrants a report and is result. That's gone berries neatly it's a tremendous volume for a week. May actually hit twenty to 30% ballots cast absentee by mail only constant three 0%. And voters participating not that now it but. Art on the well and county boards had. We're some very long hours in order T get all the process but that. That process had started and will continue. As we go up to Election Day. So those votes already being tabulated OK lastly I'm just a little more than two weeks away from Election Day. What's the number one thing they can shop the night. I'm yeah I think we lost our sleep already and just preparations. Once once early voting started in the state I need to county prepared appeared well. I'm so at this point it's just really executing the plan. Mostly what keeps me up at night at this point. Is just making sure that voters know their options are. And that we're able to respond quickly to the needs of the counties as they try to ensure that Bodine is delivered to those. And then voting site and that voters now aching cast about ear disease during this pandemic. Thank you so much for your time Karen Branson Belle of the North Carolina board of elections we appreciate it. It's great faith fracking.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"North Carolina Elections Board Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell talks about the early voting surge and how voters can correct absentee ballots with errors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73704197","title":"North Carolina elections chief: ‘At this point it’s just really executing the plan’","url":"/Politics/video/north-carolina-elections-chief-point-executing-plan-73704197"}