O'Malley Comes Out Swinging at ABC Democratic Debate

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Deputy Political Director, Shushannah Walshe talk Martin O'Malley's performance tonight.
3:15 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for O'Malley Comes Out Swinging at ABC Democratic Debate
Back here in New York though I am rejoined by shifts on wall ABC news's deputy political director thanks for making your way back here I am I can't just have to wrap up the stairs and that's all. And yet we spoke before the debate about what we thought was coming up some of the big moments we thought might occur you watch the debate very closely what stood out TO. Well right at the beginning who wanted to go backed the beginning. We talked about how they were gonna deal with the speed and reached toward we talked about how this hands campaign had been. Quite aggressively campaign manager you just documents ago. With quite a graphic. But Burton fans out there and he apologized it was at the moment right out each slightly out of the issue that I absolutely and then recommends that lets move on and so. I think that it would it can't act is should he apologize at that moment and but it was a moment and Verity was civil. The most part it like they were kind of banding together as the Democratic Party verses. Other Republican Party and really vs trump his name came up and other candidates on the republicans' twelve times you heard Nate Silver who was counting you know with air hoping for taking on in the general election. But when he came to their areas of disagreement. Where do you think that some of the candidates had their stronger moments on gun control for example. Even on foreign policy issues it anyway have particularly strong moments what I think that. I do think there were some term government and it but. Without control he did he skirmish there movements so. I think that for the candidates specially commend them like Marten mountain you saw captain trying to get into that conversation. Trying to get into this garages so that you remembered afterwards yeah differentiating. Themselves supported gun control. Issue where they can't you differ especially in the history such that brings us. I thought it was. You know that they had set out what they want to say. In you know in a good way especially as well the only real moments armed amount got in there and explain is to act. In inspired. A lot of people were tweeting about it to the point where that standard that one point that to him. Let's calm down and a little necklaces taken Larry I got my. It can't get out that not. But we talked about alum Alan hat to you make himself known tonight he had to have a moment where he became a real contender on the national stage. Did he do that's. I I think. He hat I don't think there was one big moment management team word moment but if we're talking about a memorable moment I don't think it was one. He's very good I thought on heroin when he spoke about at personal stories purses. Best for his friend's daughter she passed we from degenerate as I think there were some good it. Moments for him but. Are people talking about access debate yeah I think they're talking Clinton breaks right and it's not about Hillary Clinton's Star Wars. Had me what are we. Are you guys mad about. He got it right and then the and I'd start Lawrence and at a court that the government's reading about that I ever remember that you know it's very very her arms race. Where which is on the wall as we continue.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Deputy Political Director, Shushannah Walshe talk Martin O'Malley's performance tonight. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35871105","title":"O'Malley Comes Out Swinging at ABC Democratic Debate","url":"/Politics/video/omalley-swinging-abc-democratic-debate-35871105"}