President Bill Clinton: The first 100 days

A look at Clinton's first 100 days as president.
1:38 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for President Bill Clinton: The first 100 days
As Bill Clinton left town for a retreat with senate Democrats he took with them some glossy brochures the first 100 days produced by the White House and quote modest expense to the taxpayers. It offers a day by day account of the president's key meetings announcements and even favorite quotes. At the president's news conference yesterday he was also ready with a positive assessment of his first 100 days. But he concedes that he needs a better strategy for dealing with congress after the drawn out defeat of his stimulus package. But I want to know from our folks in from our friends in the senate on than Republicans or Democrats as. What could I have done differently to make it come out differently. India and even the moderate Republicans the president hope to persuade openly mocked his plan to stimulate the economy by building roads where. There's nothing done about him. Structure Republicans are already promising to fight Clinton on another plan he will unveil Monday campaign finance reform. And then there is his massive Health Care Reform plan it may run into trouble Republicans say if today are not consulted more. And so far we haven't had any input and now they're getting down to the announcement stage and invest this come a meeting on May sixth. I guess to tell us what's in the package. That's not input in my view. So while the president spend some energy spinning his first 100 days in an unprecedented way. Republicans warn that the rest of the year won't be so productive unless there are included in discussions early and often. Kathleen Delaski ABC news the White House.

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{"id":46939910,"title":"President Bill Clinton: The first 100 days","duration":"1:38","description":"A look at Clinton's first 100 days as president.","url":"/Politics/video/president-bill-clinton-100-days-46939910","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}