Presidential pen pal revealed

George H.W. Bush wrote letters to a Filipino boy through Compassion International.
4:34 | 12/18/18

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Transcript for Presidential pen pal revealed
Art moving on now meanwhile it's been a week since this country said goodbye finally to former president George Herbert Walker Bush whom are learning some more. About his big heart his sense of generosity. In charity today some reporting from the Colorado Springs gazette newspaper uncovered the story. Now the former President Bush sponsored a Filipino child. In his years after the White House. Oh for more on this now want to bring in west Stafford he joins us from Colorado Springs he was the former president. Compassion international charity group that set up these sponsorships. Wes Stafford great to have you with us thanks so much. So give us the back story here how did this arrangement between the former president. And a Filipino. A young man come about and why it was a kept secret for so long. You know all you know he. It was a kinder gentler man he called on us to be the same. It turns out he was doing an awful lot of kinder and gentler things that none of us knew. And I was watching I was watching his casket in the rotunda. That powerful article dated and I was wondering what all these people know about it was suddenly it occurred to me. I know something about him that probably nobody used and today it was because it was so it really had to be kept secret. He was at eighty Christmas concert where they Meagher and Michael W. Smith. Who are friends of compassion represent us. And other words they were sings anybody want to sponsor a child if you do raise your hand and we'll bring up packet with a picture of a child description of that child. President Bush is sitting there surrounded by his security guys and all of a sudden his head and shoes up he says I'd like one. I was sitting right we seed Agassi the panic in his security guys was missing got anthrax and what it will would do this packet. But it but they did pass a doubted him. And leaders head of security talking to be used impressions president said Ellison. Doesn't surprise us he would do this he's that kind or rent but we've got to be kinda careful here. Or probably gonna have to do it under a pseudonym so most sold classified name. Because right now in the Philippines he was saying others tonight height can a group. Who site they weren't there are modus operandi was a murder kidnapping. And holding people for ransom mile and he's just if if they knew. That this little Filipino boy in this tiny little village was so sponsored by the most moral man and Roberta. He could be vulnerable. So we've agreed to use different different name and I agree that all communications. Between neutral would go back and forth through my office selected screen and make sure it was a really saved through a notable directions. While it's incredible story touching story we're seeing pictures of guys are talking in west's. Some of the letters pictures of Timothy who I'm sure is a much bigger Timothy now. This time for nearly. He's 25 years old to this went on for nearly twenty years and as you say had to be kept secret for security reasons for Timothy say did. Did Timothy ever find out that he was corresponding with the president of the United States. He did you did not learn net until he had graduated from the program. I can tell you all of us are compassion we were we're playing by the rules. But but don't 41 was not always playing by the rules to be got a second I'll tell you some. So source ago in his Ted and Mary was real recently that he I understand he's sort of started to leak it out and similar letters. He did it these are all handwritten letters from him and you know the one of the first ones Muslim martyrs and send to pictures just my dog Sadie. She knows lots of famous people. And her a few years later he writes so we're going to my son's house and this is while W was president we're going to my son's house for Christmas. She lives you know big White House. Big giveaway and they give away any any good as we heard at the funeral ceremonies they guy had app former president George or more from bush had a great sense of humor. And obviously a huge heart as we are seeing here. West Stafford know you're the former president of compassion international but no the group is still very active for anybody interest in. I do go online and check it out compassion international sponsors. Assets of sponsorships for Americans to write letters and send financial support to children living in poverty all around the world west Stafford think you so much for sure in the story with us today. Microwaves that's some really good news diligence is meant and it is indeed happy holidays to you and your family.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"George H.W. Bush wrote letters to a Filipino boy through Compassion International. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59894617","title":"Presidential pen pal revealed","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-pen-pal-revealed-59894617"}