Reactions to 2nd day of impeachment trial

ABC News’ Terry Moran and Dan Abrams react to Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s comments.
3:56 | 02/10/21

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Transcript for Reactions to 2nd day of impeachment trial
And Terry Moran she made a good point there she said what the house energy done is put this all together into a comprehensive. Time line in one package that shows what an assault this was. On our democracy. It exactly George you know we. Watched it in real time view in that chair may hear Martha Raddatz down on the scene now all our colleagues and it had that chaotic. A reality of the lived experience they have done their homework did this was both organized and horrifying. Right it was methodical. And infuriating the way for the first time really you can see it put together on a timeline. This racially with that model of where things were happening. And you saw how close this country came it was isn't said that day skin of our chief stuff and it was skin of their teeth as senators. Barely made it out we were a few steps a few minutes maybe seconds away. From a from a real atrocity and perhaps even greater damage to our democracy. They came for parents. They came for policy. They were looking for anybody and mom's work that way they they essentially work on the energy of the most extreme member. And who can doubt that if they got their hands on on a member of congress or senator the worst would not have happened. Tying this to trump also they built the case is Lisa Murkowski just said. It wasn't just one speech or wasn't it it was from the get go from before the brought before the election laying the ground and I I. I think one of their problems arguing that truck doesn't plan anything right he's an opportunist he throws stuff battling a shark and a lot of moves to the blood. He was got a whole thing may be something like this would happen he certainly fomented. Whether incitement that whatever definition you have been that bad that will be up to this there's. But it was a devastating. Presentation. I can't think of a more powerful moment of television. From the congress since Watergate. Mark can I. The Dan Abrams that would those words from that Lisa Murkowski write their. She wouldn't buy that the present was completely responsible wouldn't say she's ready to make that judgement yes she did say that he he couldn't run again she couldn't imagine being able. Two to run again after hearing that the most powerful words yet we've heard about the potential for conviction from a Republican senator. Yet it sure sounds like she's leaning towards a conviction and I think that what this did today. Is it brought us that the date meaning one of the things we keep saying he's every day that goes by. It is makes it harder for the Democrats every day we get a wave from January 6. People's memories are short. We've now all been brought back to January 6 and CDs infuriating. And it is in raging. And it is a reminder first of all of why all those people who were involved in the attacks need to be prosecuted. But then there's another question when it comes to president trump and I'm sure that the managers are gonna address this which is. Why did these people who were engaging in serious crimes feels so comfortable sharing those crimes on social media. Putting aside the security cameras for a moment. Why were they so comfortable and proud to share this why because they thought there wouldn't be any consequences for them. Why the house managers I'm certain are gonna argue because the president told them to do what. And they thought that this was what he wanted them to do. And so I think that the the winning the videos were share. He's going to be a critical piece final point I'll make is that when it was very effective to view this through a prolonged forced it perspective. Meaning you've got Republican senators who identified themselves as pro law enforcement. You want to try to appeal to that in the hope that that may sway it clearly that's what Eric's Falwell was doing in his presentation no question about that.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"ABC News’ Terry Moran and Dan Abrams react to Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s comments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75814200","title":"Reactions to 2nd day of impeachment trial","url":"/Politics/video/reactions-2nd-day-impeachment-trial-75814200"}