Rep. Tulsi Gabbard discusses taking on Sen. Kamala Harris

The Hawaii congresswoman said she wanted to point out examples of "failed leadership" when calling out Sen. Kamala Harris during the primary debate.
8:52 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard discusses taking on Sen. Kamala Harris
We also just brought up moments ago a congressman told C Gabbard. Off Hawaii and the floor here here's a little bit of our changed with her take a listen. No one should go without the care that they need. Simply because they can afford it. My version of Medicare for all. I think yeah. Because I'm speaking to. Democrats Republicans and independents and speaking to all Americans. But the kind of leadership that I agreeing that puts love of country. Love for all of our people. At the forefront and my willingness and spend record of service to put that valued as soldiers dies of service above self and everything. That I do. Thank you. Specifically it was talking about criminal justice reform and how when given the optics. Then attorney general Harris. Failed to improve the situation in fact she made. Things far worse there were people in black and brown people in California. I gave some of those examples. As my role in congress I have supported and introduce legislation that addresses for the very things that I brought up. Absolutely absolutely look our our entire justice has broken. So yes I would and the federal marijuana prohibition. I would expunged people's records have fallen victim to the start here plaudits and excited and cash bail system. I've been opposed and I am opposed to the death penalty need to make sure that he continued to post pictures of buildings. His help on debt now. Unfortunately. Senator Pamela Harris is proud of the record that she had in California where. When given the opportunity to get an innocent person off definitely she thought. That evidence. The courts forced to reduce them to meet. As an American that's. They that he reminds me. Corridor back now live with Tulsa Gabbert congresswoman from Hawaii news joins us here hello after her second debate great to see we were just listening to you I'd take menu wandered around the spin room. How did you look tonight. That we face but I think we've got says talks on a number of them and I look forward to being able to continue to talk about how I would address these issues he has urged. For you in your campaign headed into tonight's debate that you were gonna be a little more aggressive. You're gonna punch out. I'm proud that we read between the lines and he certainly did that certainly had taken on come on Harris center stage you feel like you're effective. We were talking about a really important issue that's affecting so many people cross country which is our broken. Criminal justice system. Come on Harris is talked about how she is proud of her record as a prosecutor and attorney general in California. I was pointing out just a few of the many examples. Of what have been failed leadership. That has actually turned out to hurt people. That harmed people their lives their families keeping someone who is innocent on death row and refusing to allow that evidence. To come forward to left them out. Until the courts force you do so that is absolutely unacceptable that's the kind of prosecuting presidency would be I'm concerned for our country. Congressman you said before the you think that Connell Harris is is even qualified to be commander in chief if you really talk about that so much tonight want to extend a Mecca that's about a Sorkin thing I think you can say. About a rival was I I I speak from. The heart of the soldiers. A soldier that has like so many others in this country experience would be. Consequence of what happens when you have a president that lacks national security experience and background and therefore. Goes into that job of presidents and that most important responsibility as commander in chief. Bending to the influence of the foreign policy establishment military industrial complex. Rather than walking in with the national security experience and the conviction. To actually be able to lead and provide a kind of leadership that our troops deserve. This is why I'm running for president because I'm prepared to do that job. On day one bringing the experience that I have yes is a soldier but as a member of congress for almost seven years focused on national security on foreign policy on. Armed services on Homeland Security. And we'll have the courage and convictions and these wasteful war is to bring our troops home. And this new Cold War an arms race and bring about the sea change in our foreign policy that's necessary. For the weekend invests. Our precious resources in serving our people. And actually make foreign policy decisions that are focused on keeping the American people safe. Congress or as you know full well people all around the country even Hawaii watching tonight's debate in fact one of our viewers here in ABC news live that's joins us now via Skype. I hope the Kean joins us from Hilo Hawaii she says special Ed teacher at a charter schools she said she was watching tonight's debate within open mind. Looks we had to give all the candidates a fair shake. Hope thanks so much for joining us they congresswoman can't hear you but I will relay your question wanted to see if you got a question or comment reaction. To tonight's debate to and then that performance is that you saw. I'm well dressed and a half but it when it seemed. Send a shout out soon. Senator got hurt four. Nadine trendy teens in early eat. We will be one of the first student C it is impacts. And also all hers that is ion that's not as autism and other candidates about. Or. In that it's. Isn't what you we have a high level of eight point population that ends up in our prison system I'm and equal to our public education system so. We we want to see more support in that area. Lanes let's get you towards. Porn previous Lego had. Eleven out of Giuseppe of their first just a second hope so we cannot let the congress mayor she says a lot. A loss is very pleased with your performance she said she's particularly happy that you brought up climate change and the impact on Hawaii that it will happen. Early on also pleased that both you and number of candidates please senator Bennett. I brought up this idea of the need to reform school to prison pipeline yes. Sign she's about to give us a question foray which are really go ahead hope what's your question for congresswoman Gabbert. This LiveWire Bahrain policies that have occurred but acted Syrian president that's what I. Is indeed beside him I got used chemical weapons against civilians. You are the only Democrats voted against the resolution to condemn that tax. DT aside used chemical weapons on civilians any eat tool might not condemned mass murder of civilians. Jess about you relationship with the aside. And whether you believe that aside use chemical weapons against civilians and if you do. Shouldn't he be punished for that. A first of all hope thanks bird seeming in. I wish I could hear your voice but appreciate. Ural behind just wanna say thank you for the work that you do as a teacher as a specialist teacher my mom started out her career as a teacher teaching special led as well. Look I know the cost of war in a deeply personal way. It was something that I experienced every day during my deployment to Iraq price surge in the field medical unit. And the very first thing I did every day it was to go through a name by name lists. Of every single American casualty an injury that had occurred in the previous 24 hours every day confronted. With that high cost divorce so my focus has been and will always be on ending these wasteful regime change wars. And preventing more and more of our men and women in uniform from having to go and put their lives on the line. Fighting in these wars that are counterproductive that make our country less safe. That strength in terrorist groups like ices and al-Qaeda just as we have seen in Iraq and Libya and Syria. And I will do whatever is necessary to do that to prevent more lives from being lost. Even if that means meeting with dictators or adversaries. Because my loyalty is to the American people keeping the American people safe. And making sure that the missions we send our troops on our missions that are truly worthy of their great sacrifices he used chemical weapons. Look there's evidence that has been reported that continues to come out I have always said that of that evidence proves that he is guilty should be prosecuted in the international criminal court. Our thanks to hope McCain joining us from Hilo Hawaii. With this question for congress are -- yankees are certainly TCU but they see Ewing Houston with our next debate what was your area. All right thank you so much you.

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{"duration":"8:52","description":"The Hawaii congresswoman said she wanted to point out examples of \"failed leadership\" when calling out Sen. Kamala Harris during the primary debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64719351","title":"Rep. Tulsi Gabbard discusses taking on Sen. Kamala Harris","url":"/Politics/video/rep-tulsi-gabbard-discusses-taking-sen-kamala-harris-64719351"}