Rob Ford Shows Off Dance Moves in Toronto City Hall

Reggae performer's rendition of Bob Marley's "One Love" elicits a mini-dance party among city hall staff.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Transcript for Rob Ford Shows Off Dance Moves in Toronto City Hall
This is a special room. Hello anti Hernandez in New York this ABC news digital special report just in time for the holidays. I'm dancing rob for the mayor of Toronto continues making headlines. All the wrong reasons you see -- -- -- single way to some reggae along with other council members. It's already lost virtually all power to the City Council after admitting. To smoking crack but he still holds the title of -- here and so for the latest on the -- escapades. -- bringing down heat Toronto -- City Hall bureau chief Don. Why was Bob Marley play in the council chambers why was there live music. Others like music it's actually a less -- the mayor brought back with them after a trip to Austin, Texas. He visited that city a few months ago. That City Council. They bring in now local bands to play at there -- council meetings during the break. -- he tried to do that here. Obviously. Get an ongoing intense they're getting is that this practice -- there was or -- spotlight and it. People were counting on -- and yesterday and he -- -- Aaron dance like no one is watching so very. So even -- -- usual deceive people dancing in the council chambers it wasn't that out of order here because it with a break and they are playing music. But what was surprising was that some people were dancing with rob Ford as he thought any friends left on that council. He doesn't have many friends left them counseling because apple as president though counselor. It's that -- -- That's since allies still outs and went and its allies they're supposed to. In his brother and -- counselor. In the last states he's he's pretty lonely in the mayor's office. But as -- see he. Dancing is cares away. If if only that could be true that we can dance their cares away. Actually. Because it's the first time this week that we've seen -- dancing he was also at a church taking part. In the choir and moving about its. You know is this typically how he's handled this. Crisis at the Merrill team just sort of business as usual Rowland and and -- -- if he hasn't a care in the world. Yes that's. How he's handled many. Many kind of scandals that -- -- throw the last three years. -- rob Ford -- and brushes them off and then comes out with. Some sort of crazy almost circus act like a bench accounted distract the attention away from -- And we saw that. Say yesterday he was up their dancing and so even though he's in the middle of fight with. Reporter appeared Toronto. He's accused him of libel. The mayor was dancing away yesterday so that definitely in distracts a bit from -- -- the more negative stories that are -- there. But it also -- the weird -- to everything I mean she here's this mayor besieged by scandal dancing away on the council floor. It's bizarre kind of image he's projecting -- there. It is in many ways surreal so he's facing a libel lawsuit by journalists he also got into a debate with City Council speaker. And she after -- apologized again he's he's dancing away his -- in the very place where he got into this altercation with the council member. She said. Or Ford said after being asked to apologize quote how about I am so sorry is that. As good as I apologize or so sorry which one do you want madam speaker like super super super super super sorry. So sorry you want -- to dance around. You know this isn't that these aren't the words and actions of a contrite and to say Italy's. No it was used being pretty sarcastic at that point and but what's interesting is that after that kind of faux apology. He was dancing on the council floor with the speaker that was forcing your apologized. She wanted him to apologize because that day earlier he had implied. That from the rough out -- it's in the that that kind of -- in chaos ended up just putting them eating -- and I. Is it so and so it's. You know it's not out dancing there's on board flights around the council -- well. Think at this ongoing scandal which Israeli enveloped the mayor's office and the -- administration. -- other than putting. -- that the spotlight on the council for literally all the world to see because this type of thing really tends to go viral. What power or influence does rob -- have left as -- Well he -- the title mayor -- still. The represented. The city are exposed either represented at the city -- -- bands and around the city ends. To the world as well he could. Going to trade mission if -- wanted too early to business delegation gifts if he wanted to rupiah at the -- to do that. That's pretty much -- most of the mayor's powers. Were transferred to the deputy mayor last month. And he's kind of been wielding those powers. Very slowly but also in a way that is -- Avoid a lot of the controversy. And tried did stress stress to that business community here in Toronto. And others around the world that its business that things are getting back to normal as far as the administration of the city. And that things as far as the -- stuff aside that things that are. Going to be fairly -- at City Hall going -- -- -- -- what the deputy -- trying to project there in a speech she gave last week but then you see. The that he of people dancing on the council floor and it it looks anything but dull here at city -- Yes it's tough to compete with the attention. That rob Ford gets even though he has been stripped of most of his executive power as mayor. What is public sentiment like in Toronto about rob Ford has it changed at all and how much more time -- he had left mr. You know it depends here talking -- there's definitely people that still support the mayor that'll support -- right to the end. But there's a lot of people that are just want him out of office and so they're looking -- the next election. -- -- municipal elections starts on January 2 next year. And it runs till October 27 and so. That's when we'll find out whether or not the people -- -- want rob Ford to stick around for another warriors. All right to gets to keep his job until October 27 at least because he is reelected by the public. Our rights that donkey from the Toronto sun thank you so much again for joining us. Thank you. And of course get a complete recap right here on If you candidacy coverage of rob -- -- thing. In the council -- as -- there to reggae. During a break in session for now -- Hernandez in New York with -- ABC news. Digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Reggae performer's rendition of Bob Marley's \"One Love\" elicits a mini-dance party among city hall staff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"21267890","title":"Rob Ford Shows Off Dance Moves in Toronto City Hall","url":"/Politics/video/rob-ford-shows-off-dance-moves-toronto-city-21267890"}