Supreme Court takes on DACA

Thousands of Dreamers will be at the Supreme Court as a decision is made on DACA's future.
27:51 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for Supreme Court takes on DACA
They're pretty welcome to the briefing her mind Devin Dwyer in Washington great to have you with us on this Monday for a pivotal week here in Washington in our politics. However the present presidency. Of Donald Trump less than 48 hours from now those public impeachment hearings will kick off they will burst into the public. With the first nationally televised witnesses in this probe. A set to take those chairs up on Capitol Hill the same day. President trample host leader of Turkey president heir to one who some in his own administration and accused of war crimes they will hold a press conference. Then of course amidst all this we are now ten days to a government shut down. And yes on top of that major action at the United States Supreme Court tomorrow. Are they will hear a doc got case this is the one involving president Trump's decision to end those protections for 700000. Young immigrants in this country and that's where we begin today dozens of people. Already camp out in front of the United States Supreme Court ahead of those oral arguments tomorrow take a look. Even braving the cold temperatures here in Washington a expected to deep down into the twenties and thirties overnight snow expected tomorrow. But a lot is on the line 700000. Immigrants. Many of whom have registered with the government since 2012 quote lose their status. To work in this country and we have here temporarily while congress tries to figure out what to do about them format Siler spoke with some of the people in that line. About what's at stake for that. A lot to lose at this moment not only as far as but for our families still. I think when Louise and F for tobacco we just that the government what their government permission to Rick giving them was going to be protected. We disclose a lot of information about her family's and if this buys now and for us by this by includes them so that's why we're here is as a. Only we included in. If if something would Wear it happened to us we live in no way to go we can't visit our home and and that's over here and we hope. I'm having a state that everything's gonna come out way. This is a decision not to take like ink like it's gonna impact. Thousands of people and if they're gonna decide to take it away that I hope that congress can get it together and give us something permanent and only for us but for our families. Because Bakalar just a band aid we want something terminate and we on on immigration system doesn't work so. You want something better for all of us and for those of us were comes to. And congress has repeatedly failed to enact a permanent fix that they were talking about their president trump however. Decided to rip off that mandated 2017 that President Obama had put on got upset. A bipartisan. And members of congress across this town along with hundreds of companies educational institutions. And the like law enforcement groups and churches all expected out in front of the court. Tomorrow we also know that thousands of dreamers themselves will be on those steps tomorrow. Anxiously awaiting decision from the court earlier today we caught up with one of those streamers will be easier Dow lock. She's a dock or were Cypriot born in Canada have been in the United States since just six years old and are Janet Weinstein. Heard her story on the way to work. Really scary to know that the program that my entire life depends on it is. In the hands. The Supreme Court. Cite him and I came to the US in 1986 more than 23 years ago from Canada we tried everything possible to be able to. Become permanent residents that unfortunately our lawyer mishandled paperwork and fortunately on my college graduation day. I'm in June 2012 the dock a program of an out. Yeah and he it's hard to think I think. For me gets a little bit hard to breathe. I think there's a lot at stake and people don't realize that our entire lives are -- on this program we don't know any other country. If you get to port and it. You're hit with Italian foreign there's no coming back to this country's. And there's a lot of commonality. With this decision that. Could come down and think that a lot of people are so afraid when you careful we have no idea can. I think when you see people. Phantom offensive country who have come to DC two how the test and they've got they want people like yesterday. I mean it's. It's so hot. Here reminded that this is great and misses home. Thanks to Janet Weinstein for that peace until easier dollop for the in there were we'll bring you continued coverage of the docket case tomorrow at the Supreme Court. Right here on ABC news live next though to the impeachment battle he not. On Capitol Hill. Gearing up for some of the most consequential hearings. In our recent history those all began on Wednesday 10 AM eastern time right here and ABC news life. Our senior national correspondent Terry Moran has this look at what to expect and what's ahead. Democrats are lining up their witness is now the American people hear from them public hearings. Public impeachment hearings and they're keeping an eye on the millions of Americans who tune in to watch. Those open hearings will be an opportunity for the American people. To. Evaluate the witnesses for themselves but also learned firsthand about the facts of the president's misconduct. Under the rules passed by the house last week those first rounds of public hearing starting Wednesday will be held by the House Intelligence Committee. To lay out the evidence democratic chairman Adam Schiff a former prosecutor is planning to keep it tight. Just a handful of witnesses in several hearings over the next few weeks and under the rules. Democrats can block any Republican subpoenas. Republicans including senator Lindsey Graham are railing at the process the whole process is a joke I'm not buying in to shift. Running a legitimate operation over there. During the Bill Clinton impeachment I was called upon to give you my judgment the only major witness was independent counsel Kenneth Starr that's prosecutor. This time people inside the current administration will be called to testify and White House lawyers will be able to make their case and cross examine witnesses. Just committee will then write a report summarizing the evidence and turn it over to the Judiciary Committee under democratic chairman Jerry Nadler. And then there Judiciary Committee will draft articles of impeachment those are the actual charges against trump abuse of power Democrats say it will be at the top of the list. And they'll vote a solemn moment in the Richard Nixon impeachment some members struggled to control their emotions mr. rodino. Our thanks to care for that let's bring in our investigative reporter Catherine Fuller she's been covering impeachment on capitol from the star Katherine thanks for common and. I'm expert report Terry left off there because we seem to be deal lean towards an impeachment vote in the house and these public hearings this week will be critical. Component of those articles of impeachment but what will that vote. Actually mean what are what are house members are getting ready to vote. On a yes and just a break this panel about this is is a significant new phase of their inquiry you'll see these three people testifying an open setting the Democrats of course. One the American people to decide for themselves as they enter this new phase but in terms of the vote what exactly is going to happen here so they will hold these open hearings over the next. Couple weeks we only have this week of witnesses coming in so far. And then what will happen is as Terry mentioned in this piece the a Judiciary Committee may hold some open hearings not with these witnesses but. But perhaps others and men. The intelligence committee and possibly other committees that are investigating the president. Will turn over their evidence to that Judiciary Committee the committee will and and draft articles of impeachment based on their evidence. And then they will vote on that now befall our house will vote on these articles of impeachment. And needed two thirds vote to impeach the president but but impeaching the president doesn't mean he's voted out of office as you and I were talking about earlier this goes to a trial in the senate the Republican controlled senate. So while he could be impeached in the house this doesn't mean that his presidency is over the senate ultimately. So let's talk Democrats working very quickly to build their case that's at these hearings are all about to build public pressure to get to a public opinion on their side in as you say. As they move towards this vote to impeach the president and initiate a trial perhaps sometime next year they really want the public on their side and there. Putting a lot in these 21 witnesses that we'll hear from on Wednesday George Kent and Bill Taylor who are these figures that we'll see. Right so only George Kent is is senior State Department official build Taylor he's. An ambassador. To Ukraine and it that the reason there are important these two is because. And they have knowledge of events surrounding this phone caught now what will happen. Is Democrats will say with these two witnesses you see and rank Aron and of course the former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie anonymous is on. Friday in Democrats will say look these witnesses were not. On that phone call that really is at the heart of the inquiry but. The reality is they provide a testament in and of coop they they've cooperated the witnesses. A whistle blower complaint and not only that but what we blonde. A lot more about from these witnesses is. What the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani was doing this back channel foreign policy through the State Department as it relates to Ukraine so. You mentioned Democrats they want the American public to decide for themselves well we'll see Republicans a trying to discredit these witnesses in their going to be working hard on that because at least part. From my sources the Republicans are gonna do serious prep work this week an enormous likely going to have these mock you. There could be some fireworks here here put out a list of Republican witnesses as well we will see which of those get approved by the Democrats since they have to do that pattern folders thank you very much you'll be. An important part of our coverage starting Wednesday 9 AM eastern time right here on ABC news live full coverage. Gavel to gavel of those historic impeachment hearings from the entire ABC news. Political team. I'm moving on now to the race for 20/20. And it pretty impressive weekend out there on the campaign trail particularly for senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont he received a big endorsement from another popular progressive star. New Yorker congresswoman Alexandria across CO Cortez she was on the trail with Bernie this weekend. And sat down when our Rachel Scott to talk about impeachment billionaires in this race. And EOC's big endorsement. I do have finally endorsement because it was a big deal brought out the largest crowd that we've seen in the presidential primary so far the state of the voters that say while there's two presses in the race why not support the dean. Progress than what's led to my support of senator Sanders it's not just what we're trying to accomplish but how we're trying to accomplish it. And it's what we're gonna have to do in order to win our future back. It's to come together and transcend race gender class. Come across lines of religion not in ways that a race each other but in ways that with each other and acknowledge each other struggles. Do you think you're the only candidate in this field that could be the president now. But I think I'm the strongest candidate but do you think voters deserve to know the difference. Between two candidates in this race that are lying on a progressive agenda what would you tell the voter that wants to know what is the difference between you. Senator it will I think all our campsite Eric and Elizabeth Warren is it for in the month. All and we all I am running haul it. To explain for the people under way in a Merkel what our sample people make their own differences. Like belief among other things. All of that my record goes way way back he's an odd one because if you check the 2006. I think her record no not about to see if this is what media tours I would tell you know I'm Arafat will not believe warrants from the moment she's the coast on but we've worked together on many issues. The American people make. That decision as to who they think that's the best and I happen to thing. On that for a variety of reasons we all of the strongest candidate to defeat trump. Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering entering this race congresswoman your new Yorker was here good mayor. You know I think there's some real issues that may very had. Think that our democracy should be for at freaking people. Not for purchase. We're an interesting time the race for quite funny the battle over impeachment right now as senator I do wanna askew because of an impeachment trial were to happen. How would that affect your campaign which at the break what you breakaway from betrayal. Well go talk to bill you know it's that some. All our happen to believe they're in Donald Trump. We have a president who has obstructed justice. I think he has the use the office. To enrich himself and his family which is in violation. Of the volumes clause. Having given any thought that sounds really hectic being here and here early voting state being in DC. In the buildings and I will be to blame. Yes it will be and look are and the senate and it took my oath of wolf with an audible boom that were paid to do. But volume also but wade through vigorous campaign for the past one. One more question for you two were on stage together. It's think I five years older when she beer running. Look parts of this before we sleep again about a what you hear. That your head will explode. All I don't know of any person I've been in congress for a few years. Who in the course of less than what you she's been in office less than when you. Who has had more of an impact on American politics of the freshman member of congress and to what about a candidate that is at. World youth. Again the other one year she is the leader of the United States congress. And ideas are resonating all over this country. If I'm in the White House she will play a very very important role no question. In one way with the cups. The point. And our history to Scott for an editor for your Adam cal senior political reporter who covers the senator's campaign was there for that are rejoins us out of it's great to see decision behind it seems there should a lot of excitement about these two period together how did they play only received. There are not absolutely what what can only be viewed as a positive weekend for the Bernie Sanders campaign three events across the state of Iowa each of them bringing over 2000. Attendees on three different college campuses. As Alexandra Kaiser Cortez meet her first ever trip. To the Hawkeye State in the New Yorkers and Iowa cornfield in the cornfields and end as a mention of Kaiser Cortez admitting this is her first ever trip to Iowa but resonating with voters and particularly younger voters as I said. Two of these events on college campuses one of them in Europe by a college campus I talked to some of the younger voters who told me that. You know they have been progressive they've been Bernie Sanders supporters for most of this year there are considering Elizabeth Warren. Who they view as a slightly more moderate option than Sanders but because you Cortez his endorsement when he very long way her and the other two members of the squad on Omar -- its lead injecting some new energy some use. Com and and certainly showing that Bernie Sanders is not somebody who lonely. And leads to. Caucasian voters having this this influx of minority support something that went along. In how does this person how does this involvement disengagement from a very young member of congress as you say helped offset. Disney doesn't offset any of the concerns about his age about his health but what do what do you hear from borders you talked to sure there was definitely some hesitation in the week of his heart attack a month ago lots of voters telling me that they were curious to see how he bounced back what accuse him come back to the campaign trail when he limited capacity media only doing fewer events per week we've seen that's not in the case so far he is basically back to where he was before. Had health scare and Alexandra 'cause you Cortez. Bringing out. Those big crowds as I mentioned really kind of pushing. I will voters to take another look at Bernie Sanders in sanders' responding. In a positive way looking loose. Up on stage joking and doing little bit more call and response can be seen in the past and a bit of a looser Bernie Sanders after that heart attack you know but what are the interest in things that came up in an interview with this idea. And it doesn't just apply to Bernie Sanders three to four other Democrats in this race that if in fact we do find ourselves. In east senate impeachment trial for Donald Trump. Will likely if it happens to be in the first part of next year that would be right smack dab in the middle of early voting season and look at all these candidates. Who are United States senators many of our viewers will be familiar with them but Amy Klobuchar. Connell Harris Cory Booker Elizabeth Warren of course they would all have responsibilities. As judges in an impeachment trial they have to be sitting up here on Capitol Hill rather than stumping for votes yeah absolutely -- in in a more passive role I think than we're used to seeing from some of these senators this is indeed a Buick the brick Kavanagh confirmation hearing oversaw commonly Harris Amy Klobuchar cross examining him they have to seat in the senate chamber and be silent maybe they run outside the hallway and and and make a statement to our cameras at some point. But all of the senator saying the right things apart saying that they take their responsibility seriously they will be back in DC and actually asked New Jersey senator Cory Booker just over a week ago. What he thought of the situation in to glisan said. And thanks for hope want to send war literally six years and one day. Ice and we're no I would defend to our constitution states. And incidentally there's not a presidential election. So do that meant what I wouldn't mind job. Moon who watched it sit my a percent want us and deal with whatever house since been told us. You should do. To challenge for these guys ahead if it makes it to the United States senate and in an opening for people to judge Joseph Biden some of the other folks that don't have to be packages thanks very fascinating to watch extra brings up and Kelsey appreciate it. Next to the Pentagon our the united states army is using this veterans day holiday to launch a glitzy new recruiting campaign. Seeking to enlist some 69000. New recruits this year in the army alone with special focus. And some roles in the united states army the trip usually don't get a lot of attention our senior pentagon report we Martinez has been. A tracking this Louis this is a really interest in appeal that the military's making. On this veterans day and it's because they have some gaps to fill tell us about it. As right and a tight in my generation Z visa the 1724 year old generation. That they are targeting these are the next soldiers oval filled the army's ranks for the next to a couple of years. And they know that they have a difficult time in trying to recruit these people because it is such a good economy right now. And so there is its dwindling pool of eligible. Members. Of the civilian population. Who can be targeted lower eligible to join the ranks of the military particularly in this case. US army so they're highlighting. Researchers scientific researchers are highlighting. Signals officers they're highlighting CIBER warfare officers film pretty much. As part of their new campaign called what's your warrior. The goal here is to ask this new generation. Who do you think you can be as a soldier you may have an interest in science while you can join the army do you have wanna be the aviation. Officer in five. I'm piloting helicopters you can do that too or do you want to be a researcher working on his income buyers and that's what they're highlighting his party's new ad campaign kicked out. And even I signed some of the materials their culinary arts they need some crooks and in the army is well we Martinez thanks so much a tear now. From one of the stars involved in the military's new campaign sergeant Jennifer Smith. From New London, Connecticut joins us now she's a signal support specialist in the united states army also joined by brigadier general. Alex fake who's overseen. This new campaign he's out live with us from Chicago thank you both for being here sergeant I wanna start with you. And let's show everybody where your pictured in this campaign you're the one here let's put up a poster. A you're the one holding the phone. And in computer there and this new ad tell us how your role in the army right now and in how you decided to enlist. Oh lemons when I was 21 years old are at a aged the past eight years I was just getting beaten thing everyday school. So one day at a spot didn't either stop this and and now every day I didn't mind it a challenge and I love. It and what does this signal support specialists do. Well I mean as they don't know beans like okay I'm radios but his luck but I also get CU. Experience exactly what they show in commercial witches digital incident that LA and everything is covered under signal. And signal I would imagine it's becoming much more important now and in the cyber air as we move away from bad to traditional battlefields of battlefields in the cyberspace general think. It's talk to us about why these rules are so important right now and why is the army had such a tough time filling some of these gaps. So the purpose of what's your warrior we roll this does to real intimacy and breadth and depth of the campaign. Well what the what you can do any army. And then held it all comes together to form this incredible team the most our team on earth. In the past we have had a focus on combat rules which her doctors still very important you'll still see dead in these ads coming up. But we haven't revealed the true breadth and depth across the army and various skill says that we need we have over a 150. Military occupational specialties that we offer. And you can to a lot of different things that you can do to civilian world you can come to an army is well in uniform as part of an incredible team. It and have it we heard our pentagon reporter Louis Martinez allude to this a little bit but. How difficult has it been for the military right now given that the economy is so good it and you felt a crunch. Of potential. Every recruits because the economy is so great and people have so many different choices. You know our challenges are really around relevance we at we lack no reverence for military services and the army in particular. It's really relevance. As we have to make meet the army a relevant choice for other's -- he population ages seventeen to 24. So all plays and a that is it's certainly the economy and a low unemployment we have to increase. Our opportunities to get within their use considerations set of jobs but is also a growing military or civilian divide across our country. With fewer and fewer veterans out there as well is due just a smaller military overall. Let young folks have let's. Contact with those who served. And thus misperceptions. Result from Matt. And and so part of this campaign doesn't get after a little bit later in the in the campaign is to really show the depth of what you can do. In the army that you can't own a dog you can get married you unity Janet macarthur's ought to much of misperceptions out their that we aims to to get after on this. And I would imagine. And that David did did those misperceptions do about honed. And and sergeant Smith talked to us about did just your social circles when you enlisted what was it like. When your dear dear friends that sort of questioned your decision to listed did you have to fight back some of those. Those public misperceptions. Absolutely not my this has been in order itchy ears and ray I joined my little brother joined so we're always around. But it's how we live and there's a lot of military didn't. So. Everybody pretty much understands ended any deal get a and a. And what do you want Americans to know Sargent Deb before we let you go here on this veterans day. What do you say two to those Americans in those families who have not put on the uniform what do you want them to know about your service in the service of your colleagues. With unending evils in the military. There's no way here custody a team without one Anderson. Kill me they tell you yeah. Without a word boring and so every other role in the army. Cyber bio labs culinary arts its not just fighting on the battlefield and flying helicopters of the those are important to. Last words do you general think because as you heading into this campaign your kick in an off today you have a pretty lofty goal 69000. How confident are you gonna hit that mark end and what do you what message do you have for us on this veterans day. So we are we're very confident we'll hit the mark it is not just a campaign it champions a key piece of this. But we've got a great recruiting team out there is well armed beat us its army recruiting command is wells are cadet command this is also an officer. Recruitment campaign across all three components army reserve or National Guard and NEC. So. So Ali I think we're we're pretty confident is tested well. Against. Against our sister services as wells against past past a campaigns we've had so were were and in great thing about this campaign is we have view ability to make adjustments in stride we can see we can we can stop things that are working weakened double down things are working. So we have lots of opportunities to attitude to dial and dial now across markets around the United States. Contributor general Alex pink joining us live from Chicago sergeant Jennifer Smith from Connecticut thank you both very much thanks for your service. I'm good lock out there with the campaign much more on the campaign you can check out that new promotional video response she stuff out from our Louis Martinez. Are at And we want to take a moment today here ABC news like to saluted the veterans who are on our team here at ABC news and friends in this program inference that this platform. I slowed down to Stephanie Ramos who is an army reservists and an Iraq War veteran there she is. Also hats off to Matt Siler a former marine. Who is with us here and contributed to this broadcast today here at ABC news live and also. I salute to Omar LeBron L also a former marine and Iraq War veteran thinks you Omar and to all the many millions of American veterans who made our freedoms possible here we salute you. Behind this veterans day thank you for watching us here in a briefing room on ABC news live we'll be right back here 3:30 PM eastern time tomorrow until then. Have a great day.

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