Targeting Trump: Meet the Republicans trying to get Biden elected

ABC News' Mary Bruce talks to the Lincoln Project and other GOP groups now backing Joe Biden and hoping their messages hitting the president resonate with voters.
6:33 | 07/18/20

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Transcript for Targeting Trump: Meet the Republicans trying to get Biden elected
Members of president Trump's own party who are actively trying to get their fellow Republicans to vote for Joseph Biden in November. Mary Bruce talk with the Lincoln project and two other groups of Republicans rejecting trumping 22 money. Going after him on the airwaves but what are efforts make a difference at the ballot box Mary Bruce has the story. At first glance they may look like any other campaign ads. Americans know who's. Joseph. But what makes these ads unique they're being made by members of the president's own party trump doesn't have to strain to look. North of character to it meets. It's an unprecedented move brutal blistering ads from a group of Republican strategists intent on taking down president trump. We pull no punches. We don't tell people about Donald Trump we illustrate why he is unfit for office and how his actions regardless of what they may be. Trees further illustrate is inability and unwillingness to serve. In the role. It's called the Lincoln project in co-founder reed Galen tells us many of the ads are intended for an audience of one. Pain Don the goal to get under the president's skin. There is no small amount of joy that it brings to obsessed president trump directly and there is a minute message to the mad. And they aren't saddled. You've probably heard this before but this moment in the expected. Trying to beat trump and his own game and the strategy appears to be working. Take for example this ad mocking the president's performance at the annual West Point graduation. It's time we talk about days. Child abuse and not. Just days later at his Tulsa campaign rally the president went off script for thirteen minutes defending that West Point appearance. Because I'm wearing leather bottoms shoes which is good. If you walking on flat surfaces it's not good for ramps. For the Lincoln project that was the success. It's. Yeah trolling the president because as one of my partners says if you're not trolling if you get someone on the hook. Needling the president is one thing the big question will any of this sway voters. The latest polls show the president is trailing former vice president Joseph Biden by double digits but he still has 84% support among Republicans. And the president called the Lincoln project a bunch of losers and a disgrace to honest eight. But handling of the pandemic and the national reckoning on racism is clearly taking its hole on the president politically. And that's a positive sign for Republican strategist Tim Miller and advisor on Jeb Bush's campaign who has remained apartment never try upper. There are millions Donald Trump boaters out there that we can persuade still that are not read out wearing voters shelters rallies. His organization Republican voters against trump is trying to make sure the voices of those frustrated Republicans are being. Hurt I included forward Donald Trump. Who gone bad can ever. It's okay country are. It's an Karen. If Joseph Biden dropped shall end. And theater she runs a tomato can. I will vote for the tomato cans. We can help nudge them over and to Joseph Biden's camp using these messengers from people in their community rather than. Out of wagging her finger. Leave today. Philosophically driven Centre right party is healthy for the United States we do not have that right. They are now broadening their scope targeting Republican senators who have sided with the president every time they had a choice between America. And from the true strong and it's not about to stop tropical and ease the prime tar. It is about all those people who fail their oaths of office and UB gutting your own party. Well it's not our car. And I guess that's what it comes down to then it's good for us not parts about the country. And if they succeed at what then. Some Republicans fighting for Biden are hoping for a return to bipartisanship. I had the chance with Joseph Biden. To be at the key. Rose Ariel mayor in the US treasurer under president George W. Bush is part of a brand new organization 43 alumni for Biden. We are and what we are hardy it didn't is met who has the star. Heart. Many Republicans used to hold my girls and bullet for trop. As she watches trounce response to this pandemic Marron says she's more convinced than ever that her party. And the country she immigrated to at a young age can not survive another four years of president trump. Perhaps. The greatest nation. In the world on its knees because they leadership. For more years. Lots of infighting there and Mary Bruce joins us now from Washington at least it's a certainly pulling no punches what's a president and also his campaign saying in response is. Any reaction from Biden steam. A well Lindsey no surprise you're the president has had some choice words for these groups and some rather interesting colorful nicknames he is. It's called them losers he's call these Republicans humans gone and he's been quick to point out that many of the Republicans behind these ads behind these groups trying to take him on. Are Republicans are tried and failed to beat him back into when he sixteen but these groups or where these names as a badge of honor. Now as for Joseph Biden's campaign no surprise are they well done this help. And in many ways while Joseph Biden tries to maintain added a squeaky clean image these groups are able to do would Biden's campaign can't. They're able to try and take on the president playing his own game they can go a little bit low and and hit trump where it hurts when they. And is also some family drama here involving Kellyanne Conway explained how that's playing out in this effort. Yet in this current dynamic Kellyanne Conway husband George Conway is where the co founders. Of the Lincoln project he has a long been critical of the president and now he's effectively trying to get his wife's boss. Fired. It's certainly must make for introducing dynamic around it'll dinner table and yes to be a fly in the law on the wall and that counsel Mary Perkins thank you so much.

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{"duration":"6:33","description":"ABC News' Mary Bruce talks to the Lincoln Project and other GOP groups now backing Joe Biden and hoping their messages hitting the president resonate with voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71853121","title":"Targeting Trump: Meet the Republicans trying to get Biden elected","url":"/Politics/video/targeting-trump-meet-republicans-biden-elected-71853121"}