Trump claims exoneration and blames Democrats for Mueller probe

In tweets, President Donald Trump said "there were no crimes by me" and accused Democrats of committing crimes.
2:01 | 04/22/19

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Transcript for Trump claims exoneration and blames Democrats for Mueller probe
Jordan we've been talking about. The Democrats looking at this redacted report how is trump responding to all of this pressure that there kind of putting on. The everyone to get to the bottom of this. Hey Kimberly while the president has been feeling emboldens and vindicated in the wake of a smaller report. But we're also now seeing him fighting back he was onyx hair over the weekend on Twitter tweeting on this topic. I and this morning he's continuing that trend he treated. Just a few minutes ago only high crimes and misdemeanors lead to impeachment there were no crimes by Nino collusion no obstruction. So you can't impeach was the Democrats that committed the crimes not your Republican president. Tables are finally turning on the which Heinz. So you see the president here really expressing some anger almost a sense of revenge to get back at though is. Who came after him in this investigation you keep hearing him say it's time to investigate the investigators. But Kimberly while the president might be angered. By this talk of impeachment he's also not shying away. From this conversation politically speaking Kimberly. This can actually be a politically advantageous fight for the president he knows it's something that Kenny excite his base. I've to come to his defense. And also to cast Democrats as being politically motivate and so angered. But certainly the president's not helping this story line go away more than anyone else. Yes so he may be angry on Twitter but yes some kids and the White House lawns and they relate Easter egg roll race. Quite the contrast can't hit the White House can really angry. Two leads but then just moment fake out heat waves greeting Vick teamster money on the South Lawn of the White House out I was right now there are. Thousands of children stampeding that presidents line. Hi this is that president and First Lady third time hosting this adorable a bank but it's been going on for. More than 800 in forty years but as we all know there is adorable images of children balancing Egon spend as they attend surround across the line just never at all.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"In tweets, President Donald Trump said \"there were no crimes by me\" and accused Democrats of committing crimes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62557464","title":"Trump claims exoneration and blames Democrats for Mueller probe","url":"/Politics/video/trump-claims-exoneration-blames-democrats-mueller-probe-62557464"}