Trump honors LSU football team, jokes about impeachment

Players from Louisiana State University visited the White House after winning the 2020 college football national championship.
6:36 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for Trump honors LSU football team, jokes about impeachment
Well this is an exciting day in the White House we have very exciting days more than most presidents I would say times ten. We like to keep it that way they coach likes to keep it that way. But we really do we just had a I was just telling the coaches I know I just made some additional money we just set another. All time high for our stock market just hit so that'll be a 149. Times in less than three years that's not good coach that's good. Spirit. We'll take that Kutcher and but today. It's about perfect coach in the demon that unbelievable. Quarterback unbelievable players it's really my great privilege to welcome to the White House seat college. Football national champions. It. But let's have the coach C a few words and boy does he deserve it it's great to have you with the right. It. President drop what amount or beer but what else. Ausprey can be helpful football team. Coverage assistant coach cells are doing of the bus organization the world warranty one or read. Supporters driven programs above the men behind me and demanded probably you guessed it you just sit out of a planned. Less your Gentoo are seventy to jeweler when the vessels ships should you don't talk about it. You want months to hold work dedication. You know though you didn't that was so probable like to thank my wife Tillie. I'm applause but Clinton frequently. Her warm and an administration faulty. All the great things that they did post want to you won't lord breeze. Gold times. Okay. At this time electric bringing up welcome president Tom Galahad. Good morning. Not behalf of everyone at Louisiana state university and the entire LSU tiger family. I want to say what an honor it is for us to be here today at the White House representing our great university as national champions. Now while a trip to the White House is traditional for national champions Mr. President I don't think you have ever had a team quite like cars visit before. The achievements of coach oh and these young men are truly historic. If I were a public I would say they are absolutely. Epic. This group will forever be known as one of the best to ever take the field in college football. Now as I'm sure you've heard and seen there is no group of supporters more passionate and dedicated than analysts use. And I can tell you that our entire university our community and our state take immense pride in what this team in what young. Hall had done. At LSU we are champions on the football field. And we are champions in the classroom in the laboratory. On the stage in the art studio. In the mood courtroom and more. Our state gives much to this great nation from commerce to culture to cuisine. And always character. Now we have given the country what we believe is the greatest college football team after. Mr. President code show in this team represent not only the best of LSU but the best of Louisiana. Thank you and go tigers. It's now my privilege to introduce originally from Athens Ohio but now we claim them in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The most decorated player in college football history. The Heisman Trophy winner and a man who has already rich because he is a recent LSU graduate. Jello. I'll keep this short this week's I'm sure Mr. President has more pressing matters to get some of it. And I just I was gonna say it's truly an honor to be here and thank you for having a so soon after the game so the seniors could be a means a lot this is the moment we'll never forget. And it truly does mean a lot to you they did that citizens of bank you've. Yes is this Austin be here so it's not a matter for news a great season but does this is a great way to tap it off Sosa thank you so much. And we got a yellow Jersey for you right here. I thought he was going to give me that has been drove him. Just giving me Jersey. Sergio I just told the coach. We don't normally do this but I'm doing it for this team. Anybody would like to come with me to the Oval Office will take pictures in the oval it's a special place. There's no place like he over the come from all over the world they have their own big offices and everything they go into the oval. And they say there's no place like this so. Coach if you'd like we can take whoever wants to come. For the Oval Office we'll take pictures behind the resolute desk it's been a long time lot of president's some good some not so good. But he got a good one now. Even though they're trying to do pizzas. Can you polling. I think greatest economy we've never Juneau. We got the greatest military we rebuilt it we took out those terrorists like like your football team wouldn't take it out those terrorists right. What we're doing good so we're gonna go to the. Oval Office with some of the the players in all of the players I guess. And again I want to just congratulate the team I want to congratulate you Greg representatives. All of you. You've been fantastic all season long before they went on this big streak. And it's an honor to have everybody at the White House thank you very much thank you very much.

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{"duration":"6:36","description":"Players from Louisiana State University visited the White House after winning the 2020 college football national championship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68357058","title":"Trump honors LSU football team, jokes about impeachment","url":"/Politics/video/trump-honors-lsu-football-team-jokes-impeachment-68357058"}