Trump goes on vacation as grand jury used by Mueller

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's decision.
4:53 | 08/04/17

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Transcript for Trump goes on vacation as grand jury used by Mueller
I let's talk about president Tron now. Because his conversations with the world leaders have been leaked. Robert Mueller has a grand jury investigating Russian ties and his approval ratings are let's while acts so what's emperor is narrow zero Dele. While Rome burns planning a seventeen day vacation to New Jersey. Yeah. Here's a picture of him in New Jersey. As a as solid. On vacation because they're repairing the HB AC system and at the last thing so everybody is mandated to get out what's been on a lot of vacations I mean I think my end of August hit he will have spent. About 53 days in office. Lane when a relic vacation compared with a fifteen days Obama. Took the August 2009 and so he's got another they had I'm vacation. In six months they said yeah poisoning is just that I know he didn't expect what he got this job but. He came down hard on President Obama for how Maggette gull that when you compare the numbers. It's kind of like headed beast like a recognition of OK I didn't know it's more fun about the new president and me see some cash and seventy got an important that both he said if if you're a you shouldn't take a vacation yeah I think you need to take a vacation you're in the wrong Jack up well they I'll maybe it. Take a look forward to extend its us stay at Rikers Island that IP a plan. Probably not does Camry. I will say I I think you know the fact that Mueller has it empaneled a grand jury in Washington is serious business not necessarily a so they're gonna subpoena witnesses and there and I have subpoenaed documents. But that doesn't necessarily mean that this is going to expedite the process they don't have a tiny tiny it's criminal knows a great on the right to criminal invest now with and that distinction and we that you never want on federal prosecutor you know and paddling a grand jury. Into it tells me that Mueller thinks there's there's something there CF. Ever hand I would stop talking about Russia I would not go on vacation I would talk about jobs to people because people sitting at home right now we're saying we don't care about your vacation and we let people we know that people are gonna properly investigate does Russia think we don't need him to talk about we also need him to talk about Hillary. Because not canceled so how is it out and talk about what you're gonna do for people and if we don't see what you're doing. In the fat and sat aren't doing behind the scenes to help people got a lot of people border for you they're counting on you. And something they didn't vote in both for you but are saying your president I hope you're gonna help me out you have an obligation to console this nonsense is it's so distract think I wish he would just do his job the job is to be the president and everyone and. For the next five segment certainly keep heat would come out say something give you really don't think he's gonna come on sandy thing and on vacation I percent of a day and we've oh yeah he's so scared now must be scared. I would be above and have a look at the area to cover that they taught him. Let us lays low. Gives a press conference and what it doesn't know anything. You haven't answered the questions we haven't seen him in front of the press in weeks and weeks are a little personal that yeah you always talk about how he acts can meet the dignity of the office but I also think. The purpose of whether you like it dire and I feel like some of us are also acted beneath the -- news out of the office as well in terms of whether or not we respect the -- we'll have to respect he got we still have to respect except I. I think it's gone now I thought not yet to be the bigger person you are no matter what we do a poll that were met the goal is Lois he did I think that is your your character. Thank you are Newsweek cover about if you can pull out up again and he does Newsweek cover is why is why he's president and this is why he won yeah he ran against the media. And we some other news we can't just let it show a contrast made it two covers around 112 and got involved President Obama at the time look at us. It was why can't I can't go down why are they so why don't honest critics are don't lets another one and another one. Hot economy OK so when people look at this out in the country and they say. There's media buys all media is doing when he of the Diana Ahmed wig and he didn't even. Now. If you leave the dignity. And you lead with elegance and you'd leave with the smartest Qaeda it is the job of the media to decide who they believe is leading with dignity and who they can not going to be are quite accurately know Dublin and.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's decision.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"49038029","title":"Trump goes on vacation as grand jury used by Mueller","url":"/Politics/video/trump-vacation-mueller-impanels-grand-jury-49038029"}