Trump's Landing in Cleveland

ABC News' Candace Smith debriefs from Trump's landing site.
1:24 | 07/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump's Landing in Cleveland
Hey guys agencies can't accidentally here at Cleveland Ohio. Outside of the science center just a few blocks away from the convention center in the Quicken Loans Arena where the GOP convention is currently being held. You can see right behind me there's Donald Trump's helicopter repeat just landed. He was joined by Jared Kushner his son and mocked and met his family as long as along get. Indiana governor Mike Pence along with his wife Sharon and his daughter Charlotte they greet you really briefly on the tarmac I'm gonna take your rap. They greeted right. Here is Donald Trump and Mike. Yeah Ali yeah you should media on the ground. You hear me. Yeah I all along these lines right here are groups. Voters in time the media wrong here just to see. On the now Republican nominee and as vice president and thank you sit right here until my theory briefly just seeing how excited they weren't. Mike Pence at one. Big night tonight in front of the entire GOP convention they should if you hands again joined by their families about the trump was here along with her husband Jared Kushner. Out trump junior along with his wife air trump and again Mike anything along with his wife and his daughter. My kids can't speak tonight it's going to be big primetime debut Donald Trump is going to be there likely introducing him we'll hear a lot more from it later makes you stay tuned to ABC news live. We'll see as if you.

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{"duration":"1:24","description":"ABC News' Candace Smith debriefs from Trump's landing site.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40744464","title":"Trump's Landing in Cleveland","url":"/Politics/video/trumps-landing-cleveland-40744464"}