Will college athletes get paid?

ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas discusses the NCAA recommending moving toward allowing forms of compensation for student-athletes.
5:08 | 04/30/20

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Transcript for Will college athletes get paid?
Turning down to some news in the world of sport see NSA is moving toward a plan that would allow college athletes. To finally earn money from endorsements and a cash in on their name image. And likeness was bringing ESPN college Basmah analyst. For more on this Jay thanks so much for talking with us. Yeah. So there's still a lot of passing worked out to make this official but just explain to us want this rule change would potentially allowing what restrictions there are beyond college athletes earning money. First these are just recommendations were made by or working group there was chaired by I'll ask her friend and she smithers. The big east in Ohio State respectively. And it's seen in large measure departure for the NCAA to allow athletes who benefit monetarily in anyway. Beyond their expenses their scholarship and an innocent diagram. So on one hand this is this is quite a step forward the incidentally to allow players suited to monetize their name image and likeness and any form. When for years they have since then that it would nationalize athletes equipment and employees of the universities. But then when you look ahead in the context. Sort of this multibillion dollar industry. Yes the boy is on amateurism horror horror since 1906. And in fact had sent in court under owes. That this would never happen and it compromises the integrity of college athletics I certainly differ with that and it's quite an about face but still. Now that athletes may be allowed to do endorsements. They're still going to be significant restrictions that would say they can't use university marks. Yeah. They would have to have regulation to make sure that that the quote unquote over zealous booster doesn't give too much money per commercial things like that Switzerland and Nevada are free market system. So you go from saying this is never gonna happen in my wants all of a sudden they're willing to do it why would the NCAA do this now. Well they're being dragged into it the incidentally has lost a number to report cases where they've basically bend. Didn't rule is different courts to be why later federal antitrust law the remedies have been on the suits to Wear. Some think they should be including myself. What do you say though to the notion that these are our and features as players are temperatures as the NCAA has long argued and is is it really fair to say also that this only impacts in the top tier in the athletes. Who are looking and Oprah. Well first it doesn't it doesn't impact just the top athletes and impact so close that out market value so you could have some that aren't necessarily going to be future probes. That have value in the market place went there. Social media following sort of their their popular for a variety of different reasons so this goes far beyond just those that are going to be pros in the future. As to the amateurism peace amateurism in my view and I think in the bureau most most kids fall. Has always been a sham. You know concern in the Victorian age where. The monied elites simply didn't want to compete against the common man that all problems. And that's interior forward and it's been used as an excuse in any team in service college sports wouldn't which have been commercialized to the tune of billions. And the players horror decades have been. Walking billboards where they're wearing you know university sponsored apparel and that the universities in the coaches are being paid by issue company expanded they're there worst are words this this apparel without any compensation so look this is a step forward. It's not far enough but it certainly better than than what we've been experiencing my innocence. And lastly let's just look at this big picture how will this change the landscape of big time college boards and looking specifically at you for example how. With this and impacting U of U it has assumption back when you're playing basketball duke. It would allow if it would allow me to make make money while I was in school and to realize my market value you know I was I was one and one of the players and as soon as my season was over my senior year. I signed a contract or. Putting cellular company to do to do commercial. Along with another player that I played with and video might value. Wasn't didn't just start today after. I finished playing I had value throughout the four years. And whether it's it's missy Franklin challenged us when her army animates us soccer player of the university north airliners is brilliant and sue it in Oregon. There are tons of players that have tremendous market value while current college. And they should be allowed to realize that because the NCAA bid in all the member institutions. Are realizing upon those athletes value to their bottom line. And a lot of people are gone very well be off the athletes. And there's no reason why the athletes should be allowed to share and that. When literally every other student at they're going to school where it is allowed to monetize their name image and likeness are allowed to earn it works out whenever they can't in the marketplace and it doesn't affect their status students. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas discusses the NCAA recommending moving toward allowing forms of compensation for student-athletes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"70419044","title":"Will college athletes get paid?","url":"/Sports/video/college-athletes-paid-70419044"}