US women's hockey team finally gets gold

The USA won in a nail-biting shootout -- 20 years after they last won gold in 1998 when women's hockey made its debut as an Olympic sport.
2:04 | 02/22/18

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Transcript for US women's hockey team finally gets gold
Turning out to the winter games today marks the thirtieth anniversary of the miracle on ice when the US hockey team. It Soviets and was an anniversary it is Vick is now a dramatic win. On their own the US women's hockey team while they will have a reason to remember the state as well ABC's Alix Dunn is in South Korea the morning Alex. Candace and Diane good morning Gail what a night it is bin everybody talking about the big hockey win but it's been a big 24 hours for team USA winning gold silver and bronze. In a dramatic ending it as much of a nail biter as you can get the US women's hockey team winning gold for the first time in forty years the US sending the Canadian women streak of four consecutive hockey gold medals. The match went into overtime and then as six round shootout it was jostling glamour rogue who made the final shot the puck going right around the Canadian goalie on the ice some of the players crying after their win holding up American flags and a sign that read thank you. Canada takes his silver. It was most likely are final Olympics Lindsey Vonn went into this solemn portion of the combined downhill event in the lead. But she skeet off course sending her chances for another Olympic Medal. The Calif shift friend was in sixth place after the downhill portion of the event but a great run in this solemn merger a silver medal. Gold medalists Jamie Anderson adding to her medal count winning the silver in big air snowboard Anderson fell on her third attempt. But are top two scores are under a silver medal osprey is on a gas or the reigning world champion took the gold. In demand ski app might not even equipment trouble could keep David Wise from defending his Olympic title. The American overcame falls on his first two runs due to problems what is key findings eventually putting down the highest score of the day 97 point 20 in his final attempt earning him the gold. Team USA's Alex Guerrero won the silver medal. And it's time now politics will be making its return to your these Olympics North Korea has just told the south. In sending an eight person delegation to the closing ceremony the US is sending a bunker trump it's unknown if the two sides will meet.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"The USA won in a nail-biting shootout -- 20 years after they last won gold in 1998 when women's hockey made its debut as an Olympic sport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"53271025","title":"US women's hockey team finally gets gold","url":"/Sports/video/us-womens-hockey-team-finally-gold-53271025"}