5G conspiracy theories explained

The emergence of 5G has spawned a set of conspiracy theories, one of which blames the network for the novel coronavirus.
5:22 | 05/12/20

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Transcript for 5G conspiracy theories explained
IG you hear about it and practically every cell phone commercial and how it's going to change the world. Back as with many other major technological innovations. They also had the buzz of conspiracy theories around it. Everything ranging from five G enabled tiny robots and Mac can control your mind. To the claim that it caused the corona virus are any of these theories actually true who even started then. We did some digging to see how much truth there is an all these IG conspiracy theories. If you've been listening to Woody Harrelson or singer MIA. You might think that I G Cobb the corona virus pandemic. These celebrity poster being blamed for actual attacks on five G towers in the UK these attacks drew a lot of blow back and Woody Harrelson later took down his post. But MIAs tweet still stand. This conspiracy theory claims about the Roy a lot of five G and the first corona virus cases supposedly happened at the same time latent when he nineteen. This is where are well actually guy cakes and because there are few ways in which this conspiracy theory is just flat out. Wrong the timing is off because I. Those strike want you could say that theory seems plausible since the virus was first discovered in Wuhan China. Because China had recently deployed one of the world's largest by G networks. But I. US. That's right to so curlers was caught by IG it would have been discovered earlier and not China. And we having gone to strike three yet the fact that radio waves have no impact on a virus is development. Researchers proved that the corona virus is spread through droplets from sneezes and hawks. Radio waves are form of electromagnetic. Waves. Come on people either food totally different ethics it seems like everything supposedly causes cancer now days. But theories about IG causing cancer have been around since before I genes even watched. It all comes down to the fear of radiation. All radio waves radiate but that doesn't mean they have a negative impact on human help X rays and gamma radiation are agonizing. Which means big break apart molecular bonds and damage to you name this is something that's well known but not a lot of people know that there are non nine acting electromagnetic waves he's got wavelengths that are too long to be able to actually damage the cells in your body. Even the strongest IG waves are far below the eye and I think rational. There is real world data to back this up. Although five he has pretty union we've had ways and similar frequency ranges per decade. And studies have concluded that these waves don't cause cancer. Do you remember the post that went around social media saying that hundreds of birds died because of five gene. Yes there was a series of mysterious bird that's in The Hague. But no Margie task for being conducted nearby at the time you can chalk up this conspiracy theory to social disinformation. Which social media companies like FaceBook Twitter and YouTube have been working to crack down on especially when it comes the five G. And I. 75 and sunny every day. Boies thank god. Let's viewed in a row hot time I had. They're gonna. Or rather I'd change it for virtuous costs like limiting the impact of global warming. Though the root of this theory comes from the idea that the government is using the high frequency active or oral research program to control the leather. They're using what's. Our our prison facility in Alaska that was built to study be honest here. Soon after the facility was built the government shut down the program and transferred its ownership to the University of Alaska Phil how to five he fit incidents. According to the tin foil hats you believe in this theory the ionosphere is where the so called I G satellites are. The only problem is that I. Satellites could eventually be used for IG can activity but at this point satellites don't offer low latency and are not being used for five G. This is by far my favorite IG conspiracy theory if not up to think that IG can control the weather. Some people think he can be used for mind control. Like we mentioned earlier. I do aides have no effect on the human health at all fill up IG way by itself can't be used to control people's minds. Oh wait there's more. Some people claim to believe that idea is used to control tiny robots that are injected into your body through vaccines. Now this theory takes anti vaccine through the next I feel I have to reiterate this conspiracy theory is not true because. Yes science. We hacked to set the record straight on the five's you conspiracy theories out there one because they're just straight up wrong. And sue because we don't want people to be scared of the technology that has so much positive potential. Hopefully the next time you hear about by genes it's about how it's improving the world as we know it. Until next time I'm Riley won with digital trends and thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"The emergence of 5G has spawned a set of conspiracy theories, one of which blames the network for the novel coronavirus. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"70634871","title":"5G conspiracy theories explained","url":"/Technology/video/5g-conspiracy-theories-explained-70634871"}