Amazon Increases Free Shipping Minimum

Amazon raises its free shipping minimum to $49 for non-Prime members.
0:52 | 02/23/16

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Transcript for Amazon Increases Free Shipping Minimum
They're today's tech bikes a cost of free shipping on Amazon just went out the minimum purchase a qualified now 49 dollars. A fourteen dollar increase it's seen as a move to promote Amazon prime at 99 dollar re your service which also includes free shipping. With no minimum plus video and audio streaming we'll Sony's unveiled some new renovations. Its new X series of Smartphones includes an auto focus promising blur free shots and a battery that can go for who days on a single charge and the Xperia wireless earpiece that can respond to a series. Performed commands and FaceBook wants to help you wish your friends a happy birthday. So it launched the new birthday cam which allows users to record 152 messages. The new feature is available for IOS devices helpless and a card Hillman I like that one better that those are checked back to upgrade to.

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{"duration":"0:52","description":"Amazon raises its free shipping minimum to $49 for non-Prime members.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"37129969","title":"Amazon Increases Free Shipping Minimum","url":"/Technology/video/amazon-increases-free-shipping-minimum-37129969"}