Amazon Joins Ranks of Top 10 US Retailers

A first for an online retailer, ranks among 10 biggest US companies.
0:57 | 07/04/14

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Transcript for Amazon Joins Ranks of Top 10 US Retailers
Happy fourth in today's tech -- a new honor for Amazon it's the first time an online retailer is ranked among the country's ten. Largest retailers -- on sales rose 27%. We'll e-commerce overall grew only 17%. Streaming music online is soaring up 42% from last year but the look -- that downloading music is declining the problem for the music industry. It that it makes much less money from streaming them from downloads want to get your kids' attention there's an app for that. It'll turn off their phones to parents and children can spend quality time together. Later this morning on Good Morning America they'll look at how the kids feel about that. But it's not just kids who are having trouble unplugging a survey finds that one and seven women would rather give up their best friends for a week. That they're Smartphones even more Americans would want to surrender their -- even -- -- -- yet offered hundreds of dollars those -- tech bike that read tonight and.

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{"id":24425466,"title":"Amazon Joins Ranks of Top 10 US Retailers","duration":"0:57","description":"A first for an online retailer, ranks among 10 biggest US companies.","url":"/Technology/video/amazon-joins-ranks-top-10-us-retailers-24425466","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}