Amazon Prime Delivery Guarantee

Amazon now offers free same-day delivery for Amazon Prime members.
0:54 | 05/29/15

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Transcript for Amazon Prime Delivery Guarantee
In today's big bites Amazon raising the stakes in retailing starting next week it will offer freeze same day delivery to its prime customers. And fourteen cities orders must be 35 dollars or more and placed before new. Well Google has unveiled a new photos app is going to allow users organize and store unlimited photos and videos in the cloud and what's users uploaded all other images you can search for. Items using simple keywords the new photos app is free for both android and IOS devices. And go load testing hands free payment she won't even need to take out. Your file you'll like this the tests are being conducted at McDonald's and Papa John's restaurants and the San Francisco Bay Area. The cash register did tax whether you have the app on your phone. And it does the rest you don't he'd been to do. And if they do the same thing. Oh there it is folks wheels turning but there's your deck I.

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{"id":31384951,"title":"Amazon Prime Delivery Guarantee","duration":"0:54","description":"Amazon now offers free same-day delivery for Amazon Prime members.","url":"/Technology/video/amazon-prime-delivery-guarantee-31384951","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}