Apple Reveals iPhone 6s with 3D Touch

The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be equipped with 3D Touch, which will enable new gestures on the homescreen and while working in apps.
8:01 | 09/09/15

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Transcript for Apple Reveals iPhone 6s with 3D Touch
I am thrilled to show you that newest high. But. It. A. For a fifth day I've. In the iPhone fix that's why we are driven inundated apple you've seen that all morning. And no prong. Is more about innovation. Than the iPhone. From the very start. The iPhone has been about bringing innovations. That are really imported in People's Daily lives. And as a result. Iphones changed the world. What we have to show you today. It's really awesome. And while they may look familiar. We had changed everything. About these new life. The team has worked incredibly hard to deliver new capabilities that are truly meaningful and a lot. The iphone's you were about to see. Are the most advanced. Iphones ever. And in fact. They are the most advanced Smartphones. In the world. To walk you through them I'd like to invite built back up to this day bill. I am truly honored. To represent. All of the incredible teams without all the work so hard on this product to be the one present them to you now. His these new iphones. Are absolutely beautiful. Most incredible iphones than ever made this is the re into growth gold aluminum finish. The mall may look the same this is an entirely new aluminum it is an apple custom alloy at 7000 series aluminum. The saying alloys that are used in the aerospace industry. The new iPhone success comes in for metal finishes silver. Gold space grade in the new rose gold. It comes in two sizes. Knuckled success. But it's four point seven inch Retina Display that success plus. With its five point five and read it this way. And those displays are covered by agreeing to collapse what's the strongest in the industry it's made with the tool ion exchange office. And they're incredibly durable. Perhaps the most profound feature iPhone has ever brought to the world. As well like touch. Like multiplexers changed how we interact with what devices that taught us about pensions and movements light. And it's truly a bomb. In addition. To our team's been hard at work. I'd imagine how you take multi touch to the next generation. And further. Deliver new experience that's just as profound as the first multi touch. And it really. It's called 3-D touch. Really touch it's a tremendous breakthrough in interact we are devices. There are great video to introduce its you know. With iPhone and multi touch. We and should choose to a whole new way to interact with technology. I think swiping and pinching Caceres a change the way we navigate and experience on digital world. Until now. These judges helping to find a place singular sing in two dimensional space. College student success and success plus we're introducing. An entirely new insurrection. He's made possible. By technology called 3-D touch them. This sees the next generation. For the first time in the with recognizing from the Egyptian. IPhone also recognized his full. Enabling you gestures. 3-D touch books on the home screen using actual content sensitive things you do frequently. He also works in sign applications themselves. Crest slightly. And he gives you a peak of the content. Continue pressing and he hopes he means the contents itself. Sensors embedded in the this. We'd tell all your press. To react in this news and get away. This is a dynamic systems are deeply integrate its entire west and on. You can do. We know losing the sense of your home takes. It provided us distinct. Until these back for your actions. Led to you know exactly what he's done and what to expect. By the way did you use speedy time she symbol of the engineering behind it is some of almost a bonus. It's hard enough capacity senses. Integrated into the client and their attendant HD display. Price he senses mission microscopic changes in the distance. Between the company to us and them actually. These measurements and then combined basic rules from the toxins. Ending so the Ralitsa. To provide phones and accurate and continues response existing depression. For a truly communicative experience. We had to do a move personally Seattle haptic feedback. When the going preteens system on a typical food and record his ten war simulations to reach you know. The tactic and didn't you know excellent success. Reach its peak you couldn't even just one cycle. And stops just as quickly. This allows us to create social and we'll just beat people and events. Like that it needs lusting just ten seconds. Which amounts to steam. Song. Some rules than any of the system is designed. 3-D touch it is a few examples. But no hardware and software developed together. Come look to define this singular experience. Generation. It makes. This size. Creates.

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be equipped with 3D Touch, which will enable new gestures on the homescreen and while working in apps.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"33636052","title":"Apple Reveals iPhone 6s with 3D Touch","url":"/Technology/video/apple-reveals-iphone-6s-3d-touch-33636052"}