Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 5

The high-tech smart device features an “always on” display and a built-in compass.
3:36 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 5
Everyone I'm here at the apple event and alongside a bunch of new iphones apple hasn't built the series five apple watch. Successor to the popular and widely lauded Koppel watch series for. Here are all the changes. There are actually true meaning changes with the series five the biggest one is the fact that there is and always on display now on is a big deal. While we have seemed always on displays on the other spot watches that it's nice to see it's here that means that now you don't need to raise two ways to screen. Or tap bed now you can just collapse of the watch and see not just the time but also for the state while you're working out. That's actually pretty handy if you're working out and you can't lift your wrist. Or if you're saying the subway and you can't really move your hand from holding an on the pole. I can just look at your rest and see over there right there apple says this feature does not impact battery life so you should still see you eighteen hours of battery life. Or just about a full day of usage. Got a big change is new materials for the build of the watch there's not just stainless steel and aluminum anymore now there's also ceramic. And titanium we've seen a ceramic bottle of apple watch before. But titanium is brand new it feels really nice and has an extra durable but I really like the ceramic a little bit more just because it feels false report. It still comes in a forty millimeter size and if 44 millimeter size. And the reports and you watch this is that adapt to that always on display the transition is actually really nice but it goes from. And always on mode to the actual watch this itself there's also now they built in compass so using apple maps on the watch should be a little more precise. Especially also the fact that you can use this compass with third party capped so for example I tested it with the night sky third party app. Which lets you scan the skies and I was able to just hold my wrist and scanned the horizon and see different constellations. And it was using that built in compass that's pretty neat of course. Third party running out should definitely take some use out of this if you want to map you'll love not war. Just use another mapping application that's available on the App Store as well. I the other improvement is now the emergency services button. Which compress and hold activated works in different countries and will automatically connect you to emergency services and those local. Areas tonight you can be a little more safer wearing your apple watch abroad otherwise the starting price for the apple watch series five is 399 for the GPS model. And for 99 for the cellular model of course that's what the aluminum material if you are opting for stainless steel. Titanium or ceramic the price will increase. It's incredible bummer that we didn't see any sleep tracking that's one of the big futures that was. Heavily implied would be a new feature of this news five. But sadly there was no mention of it and it's just looking like we'll have to wait for the series six out watch to get that future. How does it fuel on my rest while not too different from the existing series for them they're very similar there's not really anything that has changed even design wise. It all feels very nice sleek elegance it's thin. And that there are tons of customizable. Loops that you can now gap so adding a little more versatility to your wardrobe if you want to spice up the look. And of course all those extra different materials add up for a more high quality experience wearing the watch. And all of that is without mentioning the upcoming features and watch let's six like the new noise which detects the audio in your surroundings. As well a cycle which helps you track your period there's a whole lot more and watch to a six and we can't wait to take a look when we get our hands on the apple boxers five.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"The high-tech smart device features an “always on” display and a built-in compass.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"66211583","title":"Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 5","url":"/Technology/video/apple-unveils-apple-watch-series-66211583"}