Consumer Alert: Holiday Scams

The top five ways scammers are targeting last-minute shoppers.
5:14 | 12/22/14

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Transcript for Consumer Alert: Holiday Scams
Everyone rushing to get last minute shopping done all the deals the blitz of cyber specials online all done. Hopefully in time before the holidays but if you're not careful you could be a victim of a growing threat to shoppers. Oh those holiday scams I'm Michelle Franzen in new York and joining us now to discuss just how these scams work. Matthew on the personal finance site nerd wallet hi Matthew. And a show I don't. I'm well thank you. Got about the top five ways hammers are targeting last minute holiday shoppers so let's get right into it let's take off the first one on the list. You say it will be eight feast of Fisher's. Explain. Shares so email Phishing is where this cameras target shoppers over email. By sending fake emails that are don't meet up to look just like sources that shoppers would trust. Blake major retailers or package delivery companies like FedEx or UPS. This late in the holiday season you may see emails from this gamers with subject lines like tracking tracking your package or something like that. And in noble direct you to go to another website. To sort out put in some information may be your personal law again something like that. And that's really what they want to steal really again it's all about web sites that look like a trusted source there really are not actually. So look a little bit closer at the email address. Absolutely look at who sending a tune and again be careful if you haven't ordered anything. Often build on the up major retailers and if you haven't signed up for that major retailers email list you should be getting enough from. As you have an order a package from UPS or FedEx again you should not be getting in off from the so look at very closely at the emails address. All right so we know when you're working at home and ordering and doing all that that we also know that fishing could also come through your mobile device as well right. Yeah unfortunately fishing can also comes through your phone in the form of a text message scammer is also part UV attacks. The often to view a message that's very urgent Susan they like your bank account has been compromised please call this number immediately. And people and good in a frantic business the holiday season they might just awful for that right away. And neck issue call that number. And then at that number the person other and a line will prompt you to. Answer some questions what's your personal information and put in some more info about maybe your Social Security or your actual bank account number. And that's when they actually get your bank account and will actually rep you off. All right let's move onto another scam this deals with gift carts so how did they become vulnerable during this holiday season. So buying gift cards is obviously popular this holiday season we are buying online from third party web sites you always have to be careful. But even when you're buying in store from the store kiosks that you see a various grocery stores and outlets. Yet be careful as well but the numbers on the back of the card or not completely scratched off. Scam or vote stump by those kiosks scratch some of the numbers up and take a picture of the entire car. That way they know when the cars loaded the entire gift card number they can take the money right for multi cart. Now that's something definitely watch out for another gift that many people love getting. Pets so how can that scam by consumers. This is one of the more unbelievable ones scam Ozal take advantage how much we love puppies. What they'll basically do is set up state web sites from breeders and basically it advertised puppies that don't actually exist. And though I ask you for a deposit or some sort of holding or something like that some sort of money wired as preconditions. To buying the dog. And what shall find out is you'll never get this money back and this dog doesn't exist. So what you should do that you intercept. The humane society recommends is just get published from a shelter or a trusted breeder. All right and the last scam on your list takes advantage of shoppers. With goodwill on their minds of course we're talking about the fake charities. Absolutely this one is even worse than puppies in my opinion. Stem Mosul set up three charities. And sort of advertise these by knocking on your doors or standing kind of a traffic area maybe by a retail store or a mall. What they'll do is often say that they're part of a sum charity. So though he is a real chart charity's name like the Salvation Army but say that they're part of some sort of some group or offshoot group. And try and use that name recognition that way. But sort of slide through under the radar so remember always asked for credentials and make sure this is something that you've heard of and you actually want to commit your time and money to. A good time for the reminders of even with all the hustle and bustle you still have to do your homework that on so wallet thanks for joining us. Thank you for. And you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happens starring this story. For exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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