Digital Report: Russian Cosmonauts' Installation Mission

ABC News' Gina Sunseri discusses the latest addition to the International Space Station.
5:29 | 08/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Digital Report: Russian Cosmonauts' Installation Mission
This is this special report from ABC news. Everyone -- -- -- is in New -- ABC news digital special report. Update for you from stay east to Russian cosmonauts are walking on -- Nowhere at all flight engineers -- or -- chicken and Alexander. -- thirteen are taking a space -- outside the International Space Station. They're out there removing an old module that tell us all about it how this makes sense that we want to bring an ABC's -- is necessary in Houston. Did it looks awfully complicated and very cool what exactly are they doing. -- good morning tie -- this is kind of routine maintenance there. Moving small partners on the new platform for an optical telescope that's coming up. They're also been a little bit of investigative. Work. On Monday morning after thought Chris -- notified mission control he -- something strange floating by the space station. You know for a while there were jokes -- -- what was was meant cover from one of the many antennas on the space station. So I think want to know why that antenna floated free. And -- any -- the other antenna covers are in danger floating free they're not a debris threat the space station but. And that's not the way it's supposed to work appears the astronauts were taken from -- -- in the cosmonauts and ground patents they think they can now. See you describe this as routine maintenance but it looks awfully complicated to the rest of us is this a multi step process how Long Will it take them. This spacewalk is expected take about four and a half hours. Their spacewalk on aren't aware of these two cops -- fat and endurance record for a Russian spacewalk. They were out there for seven hours and 29 minutes so. I would be surprised -- these to push the envelope a little bit further they're not expected -- seven hours they just. About morning half. So what challenges do they face out there why is it so difficult to you know be out there for so long -- seven hours. Such milestone. Well. It it's much preferable to be outside for only four hours remember some hours that's out there some hours without. Food they do have water bags and bathrooms or really anything else and space -- are physically demanding. There these cosmonauts are essentially inside -- mini space -- And so there at their pressure rise and they're fighting the movement of the spacecraft. So it's very hard with those big -- -- -- they're wearing to accomplish these very minute half of their assigned to -- -- -- See that picture right now it it does look -- fumbling with -- -- -- -- subscribe. People are in the International Space Station. Right now we six. People up in the space station two. Astronauts Chris Cassidy and two US astronauts Chris Cassidy and Karen Nyberg. A couple of these folks are scheduled to fly home in September. And a whole new crew is coming up later this fall something very very end Preston is going to happen in November remember that 12 cosmonauts. Are going to take it made the Olympic Torch out on a spacewalk November 11. And then launching later this year would be a Japanese commander. We're speaking to him next week he's going to unveil vacuum little Japanese robot robot. That's. Got up to the space station last week. Not a lot of fun stuff up ahead and you know we -- that. Really crazy incidents. Happened with the Italian astronaut on board -- apartment Condo. You know we look back at what happened to admit that very scary space -- where water started to still. His suits -- and potentially could've drowned that he actually want about that his experience when he learned. -- -- That his long was very intense -- that he talked about not being able to see. Or here and shaking his head inside the space -- To keep water he really thought he was going to drown and remember that spacesuit back helmets like official over your head there's not a lot you can do you can't -- -- -- and your eyes and you just shaking his head back and forth. Trying to clear the water. NASA has been running tests here on the grounds that they can duplicate that problem they think they finally figured out they think the wall where. Was coming from the coolant system inside his spacesuit that somehow that leaked and that was what was planning his face and they still want to go out -- cast in the apartment Connolly finished their spacewalk. But that won't happen to a massive figures cast when almost around with the prime time. -- have such your description when Robinson felt water on the back of his neck it was too cool to be sweat. Really vivid description there. Let's check out our website stack on ABC's dean isn't Sherri thank you so much for joining us and explain -- -- And I'm -- Hernandez. In New York. But this ABC news digital special report thank you for -- This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":20034515,"title":"Digital Report: Russian Cosmonauts' Installation Mission","duration":"5:29","description":"ABC News' Gina Sunseri discusses the latest addition to the International Space Station.","url":"/Technology/video/international-space-station-spacewalk-2013-russian-cosmonauts-installation-20034515","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}