iOS 10 Lets You Delete Unwanted Apps

Mac OS Sierra allows users to delete most preloaded apps.
0:51 | 06/14/16

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Transcript for iOS 10 Lets You Delete Unwanted Apps
In today's tech bytes and good news for iPhone and iPad users be newest version of violence will allow users to delete those pesky. On all apple devices will now instead of hiding them in a folder in users can simply delete them. At that Chet is making some changes at its own and out acutely popular service displays advertising so ads will now occasionally be placed between the stories. When users auto advance each commercial we'll ask about ten seconds. And subscription music service Spotify has created a playlist honoring the victims. Of the Orlando nightclub massacre it's called pulse the same name as a club where the attack took place and that playlist includes a forty songs and runs. More than two and a half hours among those songs John Lennon's imagine and our gaze what's going on there. Regardless that was respect. Bulldozer took bites at a great thing.

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{"duration":"0:51","description":"Mac OS Sierra allows users to delete most preloaded apps.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"39838347","title":"iOS 10 Lets You Delete Unwanted Apps","url":"/Technology/video/ios-10-lets-delete-unwanted-apps-39838347"}