IPhone 7, New Apple Watch Unveiled

Apple executives announced the latest generations of the iPhone and Apple Watch today in San Francisco, and both devices now have a special focus on fitness-minded consumers.
5:45 | 09/07/16

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Transcript for IPhone 7, New Apple Watch Unveiled
And gaining is the biggest and most popular category. On the store. With over half a million games to Jews from. But there's been something. Or rather someone missing. And I'm so happy. Announced today. He is coming to the App Store. And I. And welcome. Welcome for a Nintendo the father of Marty she bureau via motel. Okay. Yeah. We want. As many people have always gotten to be able to enjoy playing Super Mario run. The exact and he did for that reason that we plan on releasing him and they have a cent price and it's you know and I think you won't have to worry. About continuing to pay you'll just be able to play to your heart's content. But there's one. Special one and excited to tell you about today. Pokemon go is coming to the wild. Okay. Thank. The first apple watch what's flashed through. In apple watch theories do is swim truth. It's so. Our engineers have been hard at work developing new seals and it teases they've been able close all those entry points except one. The speaker. You see a speaker needs air to produce sound. If the air can get and soak in the water and that's a problem. So for series two. We re designed to speaker system and at the end of your work out. We use the speaker itself. To reject the water. Two of the most. Popular activities in the world are walking and running. And we know there's times the people want to do this without their home and so for those times we've added. Built in GPS. Okay. Good. This new YE. Apple watch and ceramic has this gorgeous Borough like dime. Bid diminish remarkably smooth sexy four times harder than stainless steel so it's this ultimate combination of beauty and strain. We've worked with Nike for over a decade. And we couldn't be more excited. Today two and outs. Apple watch Nike plus. The new enclosure and iPhone seventh and iPhone seven plus. Our water. And dust resistance. So this is the iPhone seven camera. New twelve megapixel camera system with optical image stabilization. Wider F while point eight aperture. Six elements in the lends that sense of 60% faster. Now Kwan telling the truth told flash are incredibly fast ice sheet and white polar capture. It is the best camera ever in an iPhone this note to twelve megapixel cameras built in the iPhone seven months. The first time the stereo speakers. So we're taking the head phones and iphones evidence other plots to lightning recruiting them in the box with each developments. Now we know there are people in the world who do have some analog or connected devices though there. So we've also made this it's an adapter lightning to many phone no audio adapter. And would include that in the box with every iPhone seven and seven plus as well. I phone seven at seven Boston cases new battery cases you're charging docks. And of course we. So what will iPhone seven cost. Or really excited to tell you that I don't seven cost the saying that the iPhone six ask that it replaces just 649. Dollars. And it comes in silver. Gold rose gold luck in the new jet black. In these configurations. No not pleased. We've doubled all the stores because of the. The bite. But while specific comes 128. And 260. Slices. I phone seven plus starts at 769. It also comes at 32 gigabytes one point eight gigabytes and 256 gigabytes and again Jeff Flock specifically. On 128. 206 gigabytes. So now this is our new iPhone lineup it starts by phone at three. Remove the thick stuff and the just plus not the middle of the line at the top line and he like went seven. And seven plots. When Q2 configurations of the success and the test plus around. We're gonna do something we haven't done before an upgrade distorts and knows as well the 32 gigs and 128 gigabytes.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Apple executives announced the latest generations of the iPhone and Apple Watch today in San Francisco, and both devices now have a special focus on fitness-minded consumers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"41929400","title":"IPhone 7, New Apple Watch Unveiled","url":"/Technology/video/iphone-apple-watch-unveiled-41929400"}