Microsoft Unveils New XBOX One

Microsoft announces Xbox One console with one terrabyte of storage and upgraded controller.
0:54 | 06/10/15

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Transcript for Microsoft Unveils New XBOX One
Hi there in today's tech bytes and good news for gamers the Mike result of the unveiled its latest Xbox one that's got it bull terabyte of memory and a new wireless controller priced Dick bove an ad dollars. Older version got a price cut. Sam kind of had to release tougher version and it's flagship Smart found at the Samsung galaxy S six active. It's shock dust and water resistant and features more better about in the regular galaxy S six it'll go on sale exclusively from AT&T on Friday. And the future of cooking is here it's called the June intelligent Albany uses built in cameras and sensors is out of. Automatically identifies common foods and it populates there regular cooking times. You can also watch it live stream Seattle what's going on inside you're out then that premiers Smartphone so you can post all of those lovely pictures you like on the night live stream want to want to live stream my food could get your cookies movies they're cribs the.

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{"duration":"0:54","description":"Microsoft announces Xbox One console with one terrabyte of storage and upgraded controller.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"31658119","title":"Microsoft Unveils New XBOX One","url":"/Technology/video/microsoft-unveils-xbox-31658119"}