SpaceX rocket launches satellite tracking sea levels

The Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich, a new American-European satellite, will monitor Earth's oceans and sea level rise.
4:00 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for SpaceX rocket launches satellite tracking sea levels
And liftoff of sentinel six Michael fry like continuing a legacy of the ocean observation. Or international collaboration. To benefit all humanity. And won a precaution the nominal. Okay. And that second engine looks like it has lit you can start to see the engine bell they are turning and according to her following oh victory. Current separation armed. Senator's affair gets exposed that is sentinel six Michael froehlich there on your screen. That is the satellite at has been exposed now because the parents have been jettisoned and separated and you just saw their tumbling away some beautiful shots. On the way to orbit. And state you are and there's pepper shut them. So we're getting a reverse angle views of that engine on stream that's what you're seeing. This is switching between opposite ends at opposite sides of that second stage of Polycom spectre. And that term nominal being used we've heard that a lot during this call out that that's a very good sign nominal just means that everything is going according to plan. With it was in the expectation of operation for the vehicle. So we are out there is a great shot from the first stage you can see the hypersonic Christians there. That our expanded numbers honeycomb shaped. Structures as the booster begins to enter the atmosphere those will be able to help. Guided stabilize the booster to make sure that we had that pinpoint ranting like we heard that question asked Soviet insure pinpoint landing. And those Griffin's play huge part and that. That second stages in the middle of its first burn this burn will last approximately six and a half minutes. And then there'll be a long post face today and then we will have a very short are a relatively short. Second stage second burn to put us in the correct orbit to file that that path of the Jason series as we heard earlier. Our it's a call for an entrepreneur I think there'll very not ready forests they should be there with Jesse to talk us through the landing. How was launch. Well I almighty and it's incredible. It's like earlier per four. Brought daughters they've done it. I continued another we are excited we were standing. Our Asia so clear we could see the separation. As it was going the entire time Jesse I mean. They're not firing ranges lands. So it's going to be landing right behind us and we've got a view now of the actual booster coming back. It's got its Christians out. And that's helpful that's it has the use of that it asked helped steer it as it's making its way back to land so. The steering mechanism. It's it's really just seemed that it lands right next to the launch pad. We have a little tent over top of us so we're not gonna see that person who's got a question we ought to have a clear shot of it coming down onto the path. The other thing we're waiting waiting for and we're making sure that we keep track goes. It could cut off the stage. That stage to we're gonna call that out here it comes they're. My culminated an angle you can and to straighten out. What do you think Jesse that's a basic making me is and I cry yeah. Currently every time I think this is just slowly down so perfectly. Let her just. Some problems we've talked about and tie us down.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"The Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich, a new American-European satellite, will monitor Earth's oceans and sea level rise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"74337179","title":"SpaceX rocket launches satellite tracking sea levels","url":"/Technology/video/spacex-rocket-launches-satellite-tracking-sea-levels-74337179"}