Superman Soars Over California Coast

Otto Dieffenbach creates a remote-controlled superhero that has become an Internet hit.
1:26 | 01/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superman Soars Over California Coast
Email -- the man of steel but he's actually the man of lightweight foam. Actually is top speed is thirty miles per hour but the sight of Superman. Flying above the Carlsbad coast. Was enough to make -- cycle -- stop and shoot at the video went viral. And now folks are wonder in the if Superman were five to -- weighed less than two pounds. Tonight we caught up with his designer auto -- -- a former air force test pilot. Who's built about a dozen of these remote controlled figures. This particular Superman he probably has -- hundred -- Thirty flights on him. His clip on YouTube of flying Superman near Palomar airport road this past weekend already has more than 46000. Views. This one. Passer by. I guess shot there right video clip then got it in the right place and it took off. Well no pun intended. -- -- isn't the only one in autos fleet which also bolsters -- super woman pinup girl complete with stilettos. The apparent from Disney's Aladdin movie and one specially designed in the likeness of his daughter. What is really fun is to watch the kids. To inspire them.

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{"id":18131645,"title":"Superman Soars Over California Coast","duration":"1:26","description":"Otto Dieffenbach creates a remote-controlled superhero that has become an Internet hit.","url":"/Technology/video/superman-soars-california-coast-18131645","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}