How to Tour the CES Scene with iJustine

ABC News' Alyssa Newcomb talks with YouTube star Justine Ezarik at the Consumer Electronics Show.
14:19 | 01/08/16

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Transcript for How to Tour the CES Scene with iJustine
Maybe I'm unless they knew them here at CES 26 teen at the show is starting to come yeah. We've seen a lot of really great things this year everything from robots for the home team to rollins' season. Concept cars now I'm here at UTI. And CES ambassador I Jeff dean. Isn't that what is your favorite things he's out of here. And here. In his cooler pastors and just more often I think is here in the eyes and brown well known it was only means. Many kids back and it. Rounds helped textile art and where. Where that one patent. At that. Feeling apple lots and Kennedy Patrick lights. Out that's my first yeah. That's right yeah. Yeah maybe I was here last minutes. Considering sending people have been coming here I mean that the 49 he adds I read it again and some people have been. In the beginning and it's neat things I would love to go back and they wanted yet. You know weaning years not that long time for technology innings. The year when they got excited about these. Right. Yeah. Isn't it hard and it's being about everything just knowing you're probably not gonna see everything that is. One of I think it was actually biologists yes what are they arguing a lot of recovery. And snapped at I was calling there's an app that Wallace on the show Clark. It's it. Other people's perspective as well they're sharing your story on the Kansas falling to protect. And singled out what you want to see it right now there incident start at area and Islamic vehemently business where. The technology stocks and a lot of things. Here it is against him into the meat yeah. Let's do it my first time here today this weekend so I'm very excited at second out. Have you seen any buildings yet. Yeah I. And finally had these candidates running hell yeah we're talking real life in the world. Really. An. Yet he didn't think you can into the pot and it will react to you at all right. This weekend and about twenty minutes today he claimed in the vehicle lines. It is not your surprises that you want. Even concerned and seen him even if that isn't economically and product means something it. Good evening technology used on the road and mountain. It will. And different yeah. A lot of different things like that maintenance maintenance giants all of these companies and feeling totally different. Versions of the things and that one of the things I'm so blatantly I want something that I linked bombings in the way it's cracked. The heart rate and pleasantly skin temperature and things like that it's not a citizen and a lot of these accidents wearable they don't really look very good. Look how we need to look good hiding becomes. Actually just like I'm at and yeah com. And gas. The economy. Continues through the status of the two weeks while he and women in her name that we can be nice yeah. Yeah. Coming and son. Tents up his. Fantastic I mean even right now that's like Michael explained sixteen is not anything Smart. Positive difference yeah. Allen. The United Kingdom's ruling highlights his hearing. You know even my. It's. Feet washer and dryer have you seen some of the homes in the watching guys evenly for Clinton over Barack and it's still on news. How do you see him I'm yeah man yeah. Its parent lived inside your guys that he's good evening to let you could be used to learn and even look on your aunt isn't alive U Virginia. Refrigerator I mean that's. Keeping the Eaton sealing the chocolate eat after oh yeah. Bigamy and seen how people use campaign. And making it better like college roommate seem like everybody here and I greatly. You know I don't know Millwood fired their way to get your range of designs make it better and yeah. And CE. Area. Yeah. And funding. Yeah. And that. On an ambulance and his company. People that are kind of doing. The audience the feeling here actually having ownership over I'm. Here is Sony. Even if you. I'm yes you're not going to see everything. In Poland and I'm eyewitness. Can't flight attendants links. Going this Sunday I'm technology that makes yet easy to navigate. Natalie meaning that yeah. Yeah. Easy to. That he is not an act. I actually hiking with my girl. You act in town and reading and no I didn't let me he of the Palestinian activist in London and a backpack it was almost like my eyes. And I think it pains. Me that backpack that backpack. Back at the advantage and it's. That compact that. It intends to follow through and tech news. Thrown responsibility and nothing. Earlier in the month that he really aren't playing at any changes to the pilot at meetings that are around you yeah name that you haven't. And you have to loan and makes it here in the zone you're able to fly in the Selena live on the left tied it up. And Wendy's and apparently to them. Ice packs feeling like ultimate and I am leaning haven't Lanier room and lots of it's in the Egan plug into. Lots airports news on the evening. Ultimately the client I'm looking yeah. Can't be illegal and only yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I I think that's materials and technology and waited in town street and that silly to me. Like once again. Late in the evening like I was aiming deep sense. You definitely feel good will be able to tell you how far and I'll do what they didn't. Into the background and the ground was an incredible because I'm not about thrown pilot. It's all and look past it didn't help in running the anti. First someone like me just getting started. I'm I think start small and it's. Some people at night flight in your house and actually not a good idea and finally in Manhattan yeah yeah buying as much opens things you can't talk. Just practice until he's scared that you're and a while he should be a little kids are gonna ask the Atlanta apartment headlines Canadian yeah. Start small and work your way out. And definitely live someone who has flown arsenic re litigate you a nice little editorial. If you have any candy at CN dining. I think classroom isn't that big enough of the capital of years now he's in us excellent technology. Everyone probably has CNN news hours in having us yet they have the with a Beebe. And it's. They also announced that hazing incident happened in other words the end and usually. Here your Smartphone to give up control of eating the now we didn't you divorce I. Not just going they have. Fans in the Philippines and equipping them in India. It's really. And have the clock umpire. Invalidated and yet sparkling water. His party and the little guy like he could not get around all the people who there was still got a busy. And I don't think we just mean on Andrew Lichtenstein the country. Yeah. Evening sky and many. Also anything at CES this year. Cooper. And now in Vegas on. Let's compatible that accident involving a lot of it around it's that he's got meters. That's very helpful. And today. Letting him come in and that he did the number of people come here first. I think he's. Talking about its existence. More and more here and they're good point. There's almost anything saves you don't snappy and you really. I think it needs maybe it's. Seattle. Element to it than anything else she scenes like this is awesome month. And the and it needs. Help him and he will. Cars back. That's it. That it is just to see how that all kind of work out and a lot of isn't locked me up. There's an accident is it my all but not like okay I will not being built in woodland park's long. Yeah. How to do that I was over at evidence that five lead with will be out until eighteen yeah but they're gonna need this type and everything is hitting him cars computers Italy yours not seen anything connected. You gotta find them and find an accident kind of cares so I think that's going to be an issue through it and eat this. Stanton on abandoned vehicles. No facility all of the following YouTube is there anything. That. It's. Time for me and it kind of thinking audience and the extremely sad numbers reality and it's it's certainly won't succeed Powell. That is coming out the consumer market and the problem in the past. Eleven ability. But now and there's no content from Cleveland oh it's been pools and easy humor and a hunting reader trying to figure out how you can start. Catering to that audience I have can succeed in an excellent shot that we coming up in the snipers lined the only ambulance. You. You that on goggles you can also view your mobile phone. Acting out of reality and also on reality. I've actually. Sort of are augmented reality that don't eat out. You act rain. In that you vote on arts and having cops yeah. Alan. I. Again a robot that makes you seen as a robot that makes you everything that uncle Bob we knew we hear you ask me. This is that we don't apply. A incredible body parts yeah yeah. We go right there. Every rock city pretty good reviews of wants. I mean yeah versatile cranberry juice and horns you sound perfect leniency I have seen isn't something that's sort of a serving yourself at a bar. That you. You just gotta go up do it again and they're really doing not tonight. So yeah. Or. I think I hate when his love me think my dream is under tents. And anything. And went indefinitely. Were selling online right now with the. That marine. Why hasn't seen here it's here yeah healing LC. Last night. And this as right. It really is had a fantastic talent you know every aspect of your life will be impacted and will have some sort. Involved in it and it's really now my grandmother is going to technologies US. He doesn't think it's. Really Lindsey's certainly generation. In the earlier worsening I'll get into your living their lives easier. So very. Can't keep walking down here. About in the kitchen and I think I'm gonna have to line up. And I think he Jessie and I. And he. There's also agree different and I heard the news immediately to keep us on winners though you might want to check. Yeah.

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{"id":36175564,"title":"How to Tour the CES Scene with iJustine ","duration":"14:19","description":"ABC News' Alyssa Newcomb talks with YouTube star Justine Ezarik at the Consumer Electronics Show.","url":"/Technology/video/tour-ces-scene-ijustine-36175564","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}