Alabama talk radio hosts share local reactions to Roy Moore allegations

Matt Murphy and Andrea Lindenberg, who host the most-listened-to political news program in Alabama, join "This Week."
4:26 | 11/12/17

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Transcript for Alabama talk radio hosts share local reactions to Roy Moore allegations
Joining me from Alabama, Matt Murphy and Andrea Lind lindenburg. They're the hosts of the most popular radio show in Alabama. Your show broadcasts across Alabama. How are your listeners reacting to the Roy Moore story? Do people believe the accusations? Are they skeptical? Well, initially, Martha, it was reaction of shock. Roy Moore is a known quantity in Alabama. He's been running for chief justice. Run for governor twice. We have known him for 20, 25 year of his political life. It was one of shock that this type of explosive allegation would not have come out before now. And frankly, there is skepticism considering the the source. We understand in a conservative state like Alabama, perhaps we don't share the values of "The Washington post." Listeners questioned the source and the timing initially. And you were in touch with two of the accusers. They're standing by their stories. This is not just "The Washington post." These are four women coming forward. That's true. The day the story broke, we reached out to them on social media to see if I could talk with them a little bit more. Two of the women in the 16 to 18 age range in the article, um, responded to me. One said that she stood by the story in "The Washington post." She thought she was represented well. She didn't have other comment. The other woman who responded said, that, she didn't have any other comment either. The next morning, when we were on the air, she typed to me a message, she said, I'm listening to the show right now. So we presented to our listeners, what do you want to say to these women? What do you want to ask? She responded with something else before stopping communication. She said, I have a problem with the fact that he favor me alcohol when I was 18 and the drinking age was 19 at the time. She said it matters. She may come forward and tell her story, she said, as others come forward. Then communication stopped. Her attorney released another statement. We heard Roy Moore deny the accusations. Calling them false, untrue, fake news. Did Alabama residents find that response satisfactory? Well, I think that response some did. Certainly his supporters are loyal. They're staunch. That was up enough for them. Others wanted more. Then he had an interview that he did and we listened to that closely Friday and Friday night. That was a little bit more detailed. But, you really have two camps calling us. One, the supporters who absolutely believe Roy Moore and that this didn't happen. And other that want more information. They don't want to discount the what the women are saying, no matter the motivation. I would say whether it happened a week ago or 39 years ago, an allegation like this is serious. The voters are taking it seriously. We have a call out to judge Moore to come on the show. He claims he did not know the 14-year-old. Never had contact with her. Hopefully, we get more information prior to the election. They don't have much time left to make a decision. In light of the Al dpagss, could another Republican step forward in a write-in campaign? I don't know how a write-in campaign would work. There's a fear that the vote would be split. Some would cutting Luther strange. Some suggested Mo brooks. Some said the governor could reschedule the election to later time, giving the Republican party enough time to perhaps get to the bottom of all of this and convince judge Moore to step aside, should he need to. Given what we have already heard in "The post." And from your listeners. Do you think Roy Moore will win? That's a good question. There's a chance. Certainly. He says he's not stepping down. If they don't postpone this election. We have people voting absentee. The military voting rite now. Certainly, there's a chance. He stays on the ballot. The write-in could lead to Doug Jones, a Democrat. There's a chance. Thank you so much for joining us this morning. Coming up, the democratic response from party chair Tom

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{"id":51099242,"title":"Alabama talk radio hosts share local reactions to Roy Moore allegations","duration":"4:26","description":"Matt Murphy and Andrea Lindenberg, who host the most-listened-to political news program in Alabama, join \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/alabama-talk-radio-hosts-share-local-reactions-roy-51099242","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}