If nothing else from Mueller coming, 'why are they redacting so much?': Dan Abrams

ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams and Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz discuss Michael Cohen's upcoming testimony on Capitol Hill and the potential impact of the Mueller report.
8:22 | 02/24/19

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Transcript for If nothing else from Mueller coming, 'why are they redacting so much?': Dan Abrams
Clearly a panel are chief legal analyst Dan Abrams also harbor law school professor emeritus Allan Dershowitz. Often the case against the democratic house impeaching trump and Dan let me begin with you let's pick up than what has talking over it with congressman Schiff. Right he says that bill bars and made a tremendous pressure. To release whatever he's whatever. Mueller has reported publicly. It's not clear. The bar agrees with that. That's right bars made it very clear that he's going to you release is much is he can. Blocked he has put caveats on that and the questions going to be for example. How much information in there potentially could be a national security threat. And I think you need to separate out for the the difference between the report itself and the underlying information could you heard congressman Schiff there. Talking with some of the underlying information. That's going to be harder to get even though Maliki was all released in the Clinton investigation correct well look if the remembered that the current special counsel law. Was a response to the Clinton investigators meaning there were concerns about how modest Bill Clinton this issue and Hillary also items are from with a built in written response the Bill Clinton investigation. This was a response to that law on the Hillary Clinton investigation look. EE I don't think this is direct comparison between the Hillary Clinton investigation and the special counsel investigation I do think. That there is a much stronger argument to say. That a special counsel investigation. Ought to be made public even if there is no prosecution. That the decision making process. For them. That the report should be made public. Even if in typically in the Department of Justice you wouldn't release information related to an investigation without prost what's your response to that Alan. Well I think that's exactly the issue and Democrats were appropriately furious I was among them. When called me after saying that he was not going to indict Hillary Clinton then went on to give his own opinion. As to her wrongdoing. And the question is is there a difference between. Call me who did wrong everybody now acknowledges that. And a special counsel. Who has had a broader mandate to investigate look let's be realistic in the end everything's gonna come out there are no secrets in the end it's all gonna come out. And in the end as I said from day wind. It would have been so much better. If we had a nonpartisan. And independent cap commission like they have in England then in Israel like we had after 9/11. Getting to the whole truth and nonpartisan way the American public's Knox. And slowly slowly yeah. And not gonna contrast the Republican controlled I'll I'll take your point on the on the congressman Robert Mueller was about as nonpartisan figures you could've found easily. That's the point now that's the point I think but my point is if if his information is not released to the public. And it then goes to congress to conduct the investigation. I think they'll be a question of credibility look I think it I've said from day one. That president terms greatest known vulnerability lies not with the Mahler commission took a report. But would the southern district of new York and with the New York attorney general's office and with other prosecutorial. Arms that can look into conduct. Unrelated to collusion to Russia about conduct that proceeded. This presidency and I think that's where the problems can come up in in the future this may be just the beginning the Muller report may be just a road map. Given to congress and given to other prosecutors. That will continue these investigations till the end of president one particular. Pick up on that would get it does appear that we might be having something of similar strategy in plain sight every indictment he has. Lays out in great detail what he thought happen meantime things that he thinks may be a bit beyond his scope keep he siphoned off to other prosecutors. And acting downs right to bat poses enormous danger to him is these other offices to you can't just say all the southern district of New York is out to get me. And the eastern district of New York is out to get in Virginia's out to get me at setter that that's a tough argument to make. But when you look at some of the documents that have been filed for example in the manna for Casey talk about the roadmap. You have to ask the question in the big picture why he's so much still were jacked. Why are they still not allowing the public to see so much related to the Russian investigation why isn't Michael Coen. Being allowed to testify in public about the Russian he's only to be talking about other investing right about ten other topics not related to Russian CP you have to ask yourself. If there's nothing else that's going to come out. Why are they would acting so why Ellen that was something curious 800 pages from Robert Mueller yesterday in the manna for sentencing memo yet nothing about. You know like things that he may have been lying about his meetings wait with the with various Russians. And they say the rate actions were for ongoing investigations. And uncharged individuals that does suggest Mordechai. Oh absolutely I have no doubt about that I think he's rude actions are clue. To what may be hinted at look also I think we are seeing now an effort to tamp down expectations. From the mullah report itself. I think we're being told don't expect smoking guns don't expect dynamite in the report the report is going to be. The beginning of some other investigations coming down the line so I think there's a combination don't expect too much from the mullah report itself. But the motor report may lead to. Greater investigations by a variety of other institutions. So this the Muller report is knocked in a marked the end of the investigation I think that's the message we're hearing. There's so much of the reporting animal report this case is unfounded museum but Robert Mueller isn't talking with there has been some rather aggressive. Background in going suggesting that the moral or will be. An anti climax. Yeah I'm in look and end the expectation game is critical when it comes to public perception. Whether it's a summary whether it's a detailed accounting. Don't forget we already have a lot of information I'm not talking just about what congressman ship was talking about a talking with the indictments that currently exist. It when people want to know what happens leading up to 2016 election. You have to start by reading the indictments have to start by reading the indictments of the Russians and then ask yourself okay. Was anyone else connected to them and that's what they're trying to piece together still. That's why when you have happened topless. A lying Flynn lying about rush you've got manna fort. Lying it's set her up you have to ask yourself. Why are all these people not telling the truth about and the answer may simply be you know look I wanted to distance myself from it I didn't want to get in trouble in connection with this thing. But there are still critical questions that are unanswered there's a ton of redacted material and you know I think we're gonna I think we're gonna see some answer. And we're still waiting for Robert Mueller let's remember though. Right let's remember that indictments are different then from there have been convictions and a lot of this. Is indictments and remember to a gonna see your rebuttal report. From the trump team so I think the American public should withhold final judgment until they see both reports them all report actually dispersed by the first time in the history. Of America where a defendant or someone is accused of something gets to write a response report. To what an indictment is every criminal defendant in America would love to be able to write their own report about what they say happened. But yes at the. This isn't your contradicting yourself how is this is not just a yes or no you're saying that special counsel have special obligations to release everything and if they have a special obligation to release everything. Then there's an obligation to allow our response and allow precisely finally it was just yes or no. Then you wouldn't need a response but if you get a long long narrative. Then fairness requires a response on -- simultaneous release of. Bode well simultaneous release of both to sit now so now basically a rat us look bad debt that's tests that's ridiculous the idea that you have to allow the other side and something like this the opportunity to file a long report in response to. Crossing you don't. You don't have to do that if you just limit yourself to indictment or not indictment if you go beyond it and you start telling a story the other side of the narrative has to be produced as well that's required by fairness and you'll right now loved not in the regulation can thank you both very much.

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams and Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz discuss Michael Cohen's upcoming testimony on Capitol Hill and the potential impact of the Mueller report.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"61272652","title":"If nothing else from Mueller coming, 'why are they redacting so much?': Dan Abrams","url":"/ThisWeek/video/alan-dershowitz-dan-abrams-latest-mueller-investigation-61272652"}